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Exciting Super Jeep Tours - Iceland

The extra-ordinary is offered in modified super jeeps


For enthusiastic adventurers who wish to get a little bit more than the common tour. It's going to be one of the most memorable days in your life. Carpe Diem! Seize the day!


No passenger minimum
The Famous Pearl Tour - Golden Circle with Snowmobiling

Golden Circle in a Super Jeep with Snowmobiling

Super truck tour and snowmobiling on Langjokull

The Golden Circle tour allows visitors to get in touch with some of Iceland’s natural phenomena. Then we kick the action into higher gear as we go for a snowmobiling tour on Langjokull Glacier.

Price: from 43 100 ISK  Operation: daily

The Northern Lights in a Super Jeep

The Northern Lights in a Super Jeep

Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Everyone is fascinated by the phenomenon of the northern lights and the people lucky enough to see a display will tell you why - they are completely mesmerizing when they swirl in the sky. Given clear skies and a little bit of luck, sightings can occur from autumn through to spring.

Price: 19 500 ISK    Operation: from Sept 15 - Apr 15

Deluxe Golden Circle Iceland

The Deluxe Golden Circle in a Super Jeep

Absolute classic Icelandic excursion

This is a must for any first time visitor to Iceland as it gives you the chance to see and experience some of Iceland's greatest natural phenomena. You will learn about Iceland's fascinating natural history as you make various stops along the Golden Circle route.

Price: 34 900 ISK    Operation: every Tue, Thu and Sat

Other day tours from Reykjavik
South Coast Iceland Super Jeep Puffins Bird watching

The South Coast of Iceland - Super Jeep

Visit some of Iceland's greatest sights

South Iceland is a lowland region with a diverse landscape of lush farmlands, glaciers, dramatic sandy coastline, striking waterfalls and rough lava fields. It is also an area of historical significance, being the setting of one of the best known sagas - Njals Saga.

Price: 35 900 ISK      Operation: every Wed, Fri and Sun

Thorsmork in a Super Jeep

Thorsmork in a Super Jeep

Classic Icelandic day tour

On this classic Iceland day tour, we drive along the distinctive south coast of Iceland until the beautiful waterfall of Seljalandsfoss comes into view. From there we will take the road into the valley of Thorsmork where we experience the fording of clear and glacial rivers.

Price: 35 900 ISK      Operation: Wed, Fri and Sun

Landmannalaugar and Mount Hekla

Landmannalaugar and Volcano Hekla

Bathe in a thermal pool and visit a volcano

This is not just a trip for those interested in geology - anyone with a love of nature and stunning landscapes should join us on this very special Extreme Iceland Super Jeep excursion to the highlands. On our way to the natural pearl of Landmannalauga we will head to Mount Hekla.

Price: 39 900 ISK      Operation: Jun 15th - Sep 15th

The Snaefellsnes peninsula

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula - Super Jeep Tour

Truly a Photographer's Paradise

On this superb Super Jeep excursion from Reykjavik we visit Snaefellsnes Peninsula in the north west of Iceland, an area which boasts a dramatic coastline and abundant volcanic features. Drive around the glacier of Snaefellsjokull and explore an enchanting area of lava fields and compelling scenery.

Price: 39 900 ISK      Operation: upon request

Borgarfjordur Langjokull glacier Hraunfossar Hraunfoss Barnafoss

Borgarfjordur and Langjokull Glacier - Super Jeep

Big hot springs and a glacier tour

Borgarfjordur with its fertile farmlands; the productive hot springs at Deildartunguhver, Europe's largest hot spring and the wonderful cascading falls, Hraunfossar, a picturesque,1 km wide waterfall, cascading into the Hvita River.

Price: 35 900 ISK      Operation: upon request

Jokulsarlon and the South Coast

Jokulsarlon and the South Coast - Super Jeep Tour

Glacier lagoon + South Coast of Iceland - Super Jeep

This is a truly magnificent day devoted to the wonders of Iceland's south shore, including the awesome glacial lagoon, Jokulsarlon, a surreal and breathtaking glacial lagoon - where you can sail amongst icebergs of all shapes and sizes and walk the black sand shores.

Price: 39 900 ISK      Operation: upon request

Reykjanes Superjeep Safari

Reykjanes Super Jeep Safari - Super Jeep

Unique half-a-day tour

We drive out of the city for only half an hour and you enter an amazing world of lava fields, volcanoes, hot springs, and craters of various kinds! See different types of hot springs and steep cliffs with ocean waves breaking ashore.

Price: 26 900 ISK      Operation: upon request

The Volcano Tour

The Volcano Tour - Super Jeep

Geothermal Power and Exotic Bathing

This tailor-made tour takes you close to Hengill central volcano. Ride in a Super Jeep and experience bathing in a natural geothermal pool. Learn about energy on a special energy tour, visit a geothermal power plant, cross the volcanic active rift zone and cross rivers in a Super Jeep.

Price: 20 000 ISK      Operation: upon request

Hiking on Langjokull

Affordable Super Jeep Tour on Glacier Langjokull

Unbelievable ride to the 4th largest glacier in the world

How about a real extreme adventure tour to a glacier such as Langjokull, about 900 square kilometres in size with its highest peak at 1355 metres? Let the Super Jeep take you into the ultimate conditions it was designed for and experience this on just a one day tour!

Price: 32 500 ISK     Operation: upon request

Overnight tours from Reykjavik
Landmannalaugar jeep and snowmobile

Landmannalaugar in Time of Northern Lights

Hot pool in stunning landscape - Three Day Tour

Travel to the nature wonder world of Landmannalaugar with a professional driver guide. Travel in a modified 4x4 Super Jeep on bigger tyres to the central highlands of South Iceland when they are covered in snow. It is magical to see steam from the hot pool merging into the crisp cold air.

Price: 120 000 ISK    Operation: Sep - Apr

Geothermal pool nature Iceland

Thermal Pool Strutslaug - Super Jeep Glacier Tour

A rare opportunity to approach the unspoiled nature - 3 days / 2 nights

Pristine nature is a characteristic of Iceland. Some places are less known than others, but nonetheless truly stunning gems in the landscape. We drive in a Super Jeep along the south coast to Myrdalsjokull Glacier, drive up onto the glacier and arrive the cozy Strutur Mountain Cabin.

Price: 120 000 ISK      Operation: see article

Northern Lights over Thingvellir

Northern Lights in Hveravellir

Wonders of the Central Highland - Three day Tour

Take a tour to Thingvellir, Gullfoss and Geysir. They are even more beautiful in winter. Then you head into the highlands to Hveravellir the land of the outlaws in the Sagas. Take a bath in the hot natural pool and look out for the northern lights.

Price: contact us   Operation: Oct - Mar

icelandic super jeep

New Year's Eve Among Hot Springs and Aurora Borealis 

Number one in the bucket list!

This is a unique 6 day tour with skilled drivers in Super Jeeps. You stay in mountain huts, bathe in the natural hot pool at the cabin's corner and watch the moon, stars and the northern lights.

Price: contact us      Operation: upon request

Mountain trucks

Grimsvotn Extreme Super Jeep Tour - The Tour of All Tours -

Mountain truck adventure on Europe's largest ice cap

Extreme Super Jeep tour onto Europe's largest glacier, Vatnajokull. This tour is considered to be the tour of all tours. Several volcanic systems are hidden beneath the ice cap. Accommodation is in a splendid mountain cabin equipped with sauna, located south of the Grimsvotn volcanic system.

Price: 300 000 ISK      Operation: upon request

Super Jeep Tours in North Iceland

Waterfall Dettifoss - Super Jeep Tour

Off-season tour from Akureyri or from Myvatn

The power of nature can be seen in all its glory at the mighty Dettifoss, one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls. With the greatest volume of any waterfall in Europe, this truly is nature at its most spectacular. We travel by super jeep.

Price: from 23 000 ISK     Operation: Oct 1 - Jun 15
Location: North Iceland

Aksja super jeep tour north Iceland

Askja Super Jeep Tour - Crater Duet

The lunar landscape of the highlands

Askja is one of the most desolate places on the planet. It is a stratovolcano located in moon-like lava desert landscape of nothing but lava rocks. There is a lake inside the huge crater where the temperature is suitable for swimming. This really is a wonderful and unique place to enjoy a swim.

Price: from 38 000 ISK     Operation: Jun 15 - Oct 31
Location: North Iceland

Great Icelandic Waterfalls

Great Icelandic Waterfalls

Discover seven amazing waterfalls in North Iceland

A Super Jeep tour in North Iceland taking you to see to seven of the most amazing waterfalls of Iceland: Godafoss, Aldeyjarfoss, Hrafnabjargafossar, Ullarfoss, Hafragilsfoss, Selfoss and Dettifoss. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy being out in Icelandic nature.

Price: from 46 000 ISK     Operation: May 15 - Oct 31
Location: North Iceland

Custom Super Jeep Tours
Super Jeep Tours Iceland

Deluxe Super Jeep Tour - Customized Adventures

Exclusive tours for Iceland's extreme nature

If you’re looking for an outstanding discovery of what Iceland really has to offer, this might be the tour for you. A personal super jeep tour grants you exclusive access to the off road destinations deep in the core of Iceland’s magnificent landscapes.

Operation: all year

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