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Caving in Iceland - Speleology in Lava Tube Caves

The underground treasures of Iceland's volcanoes


Leidarendi Cave

Volcanic Veins - Caving Tour

Go tubing in Iceland!

This speleological adventure takes you to unique locations in Iceland’s most spectacular lava tube caves and craters. These beautiful, natural phenomena were created when the surface lava solidified but magma continued to flow in tunnels.

Price: 9 000 ISK   Duration: max 4 hours

Icelandic cave exploration

Caving Tour with the Blue Lagoon

Volcanic Veins with options

With the options of either staying in the Blue Lagoon for a few hours, or being dropped off at KEF international airport, this tour is highly recommended for speleologists as well as amateurs in the field. Venture exploring a rare world of lava tubes. That's truly entering a volcano's interior.

Price: 12 900 ISK   Duration: 9 hours


Buri in the Leitahraun Lava Field

One of the most spectacular lava tube caves

Buri is the most prized of all the Icelandic lava tube caves. Bjorn Hroarsson, vulcano speleologist, discovered Buri on May 7, 2005, in one of the most remarkable discoveries in speleology in Iceland for the last 1000 years.

Price: 25 000 ISK   Operation: upon request

Thrihnukagigur magma chamber

Inside the Volcano - Magma Chamber

A strangely emotional experience

All you need is the willingness to do a moderate 45–50 minute hike (in order to get to the Thrihnukagigur crater) and the guts to descend 120 meters (400 feet) to the bottom of the volcano's magma chamber in an open cable lift. One of the most remarkable natural phenomenons on the planet.

Price: 37 000 ISK   Operation: May 15 - Sep 10

Cave Trip Seafood Dinner Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Cave Trip, Seafood Dinner and Auroras

Speleology tour to Arnarker Cave and northern lights

Trip to Arnarker cave. Easily accessible and a fantastic tube cave. One hour drive from Reykjavik, hike 2-3 hours, then drive some 30 min. from the cave to a nice seafood restaurant for a delicious dinner. In the late evening we go hunting for the Northern Lights.

Price: 27 500 ISK   Operation: winter, upon request

Panorama ATV Tour

Quads and Caves - ATV Tour

Venture into the bright and the dark side of Iceland

Quad & Caves is our most popular multi activity day tour from Reykjavik and it's great value for money. The lava tunnel exploration is a relatively mild caving experience. Begin the day speeding across the country side, ending up on a mountain top with panoramic view of Reykjavik. Dive into earth itself to explore an ancient lava tube.

Price: from 27 900 ISK        Duration: about 5 hours

Lofthellir cave tour North Iceland

Cave Exploration near Myvatn - Cave Lofthellir

Explore an underground world of ice wonders

In this tour you will visit the Lofthellir cave, located in north Iceland, and discover the natural ice wonders it hides. We make a short stop in the village of Reykjahlid by Lake Myvatn before returning to Akureyri.

Price: from 19 500 ISK   Operation: May 1 - Nov 15
Location: North Iceland


Longer Caving Tours - For Groups
Speleology cave tour Iceland

Raufarholshellir lava tube cave

Iceland's 3rd largest lava tube cave

The Raufarholshellir cave is in the Leitahraun lava field on the Reykjanes peninsula. The cave was formed in a lava flow around 5000 years ago. The Raufarholshellir lava tube cave is one of the better known lava caves in Iceland and it's easily reachable.

Price: contact us    Operation: upon request

Surtshellir cave iceland

Surtshellir, Stefanshellir and Vidgelmir

Three of Iceland's largest lava tube caves

Surtshellir is the largest and best known of all the caves in Iceland. Stories tell us that in earlier centuries a band of outlaws resided in the lava tube, from which they raided the countryside and stole livestock from neighboring farms.

Price: contact us    Operation: upon request

Vorduhellir cave Iceland

Vorduhellir in Thingvellir National Park

Longest lava tube in the Thingvellir National Park

The Vorduhellir lava tube is around 1100 meters long and is the longest of all known lava tubes in the Thingvellir National Park. Hiking through the lava tube is a fun experience but should not be considered an easy feat.

Price: contact us.    Operation: upon request

Caving tours in Iceland

Tvigigahellir, Geirdal and Kubbur

Beautiful lava tube caves near the Blue Lagoon

In this tour we take notes on the exterior and interior aspects of the lava fields and guests are guided through the origin of lava fields, the lava tube caves and Reykjanes' volcanic activity.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

Arnarker cave

Lava Cave Arnarker - Private Tour

Easily reachable and fantastic lava tube

Some of Earth's most precious natural wonders are hidden in caves. Having a very diverse array of lava textures, these amazing gems of nature make one feel as if inside a science fiction movie. An added beauty in the winter season are the icicle formations.

Price: contact us      Operation: upon request


Floki lava tube cave near Hafnarfjörður

One of Iceland's longest lava tubes

Floki is the 10th longest lava tube in Iceland at 1096 meters long. It forks in several directions and can be difficult to navigate. Preparations should be made before entering the cave and people should be well equipped with flashlights.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request


Cave Trio - Speleology in Iceland

Lava fields and a cave tour close to Reykjavik

In the Tvibollahraun lava field you can discover a large number of beautiful and exciting lava caves. You're able to take a stroll through the lava field's passage, enjoying both the scenery of the capitol and also the entombed lava formations of the ancient lava field.

Price: contact us.   Operation: upon request

Brennisteinsfjoll mountains Iceland

Brennisteinsfjoll south of Reykjavik

Volcanoes, lava fields and lava tubes - nature at its best

Brennisteinsfjoll is a synonym for extraordinary natural splendor. Just south of Reykjavik, this area is covered with hardened lava from 3 distinctive volcanoes nearby.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

Caving in Iceland Natthagi cave

Hot springs, 3 lava tube caves, big waves

Optional Blue Lagoon or a restaurant in a fishing village

Hvammahraun is the lava field that originated in the volcanic crater of Eldborg in Brennisteinsfjoll. It covers over 36 sq. km and it has passages to the lowlands in the south and in the west of the mountain.

Price: contact us    Operation: upon request

Djupihellir cave iceland

Djupihellir, Langihellir, Tanngardshellir and ...

Wonder world both above and below surface

The main ski resort for the inhabitants of the capitol Reykjavik is the nearby Blafjoll mountain range. This area offers every kind of outdoor activity, hiking and exploring caves whether it's summer or winter.

Price: contact us.    Operation: upon request

Tours to Icelandic Caves

Gjabakkahellir in Thingvellir National Park

Lava tube near the oldest parliament in the world

Thingvellir is a rift valley created by continental drift between the North American and Eurasian Plates. The Þingvellir area has a high concentration of volcanic activity and newly formed lava fields are seen all over.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

Caving tours in Iceland

Tvibotni in Thingvellir National Park

Ancient two storied lava tube

The Tvibotni lava tube has a great amount of beautiful lava formations. The second half of the upper floor is an unusually large cave at 10 meters wide and 10 meters high.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request


Gullborgarhellir and Vegghellir - Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Hiker's world in Hnappadalur Valley

In Hnappadalur Valley in the eastern part of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, an eruption early in historic time created the Gullborg crater and the Gullborgarhraun lava field which covers around 15 sq km. The magma flowed in several very large subterranean passages. There are some nice warm springs in the area where we can bathe.

Price: contact us    Operation: upon request


Lava tube caves at Snaefellsnes

Lava tubes in the national park

The Ishellir lava tube is the largest of the 5 lava tubes in the Purkholahraun lava field. It's 282 meters long and it's spacious. This lava tube lies deep within the lava field and because of its position there are a lot of ice formations in and around the cave.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

Idrafossar waterfalls Iceland

Ufsi Cave and Laufbalavatnshellar - in Eldhraun

One of the most magnificent lava tube systems

Almost 200 lava tubes have been found in the Laki lava field, north-east of Lake Laufbalavatn. Over 5 kilometers of lava tubes have been discovered and cataloged in only 0,5 sq. kilometers of lava field.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

searching for lava tube caves

Lava tube cave searching tours

Become an explorer of unknown territories

At Extreme Iceland, we plan lava tube cave searching and exploring tours for groups of all sizes. Large portions of the Icelandic lava fields have not been thoroughly explored by speleologists so you may discover a brand new lava tube of your own.

Price: contact us   Operation: upon request

Team building cave activities

Team building

Incentive tours through Icelandic caves

Extreme Iceland offers an extensive array of incentive and team building programs ranging from simple fun and games to exotic visits to underground caves or customized activities, made to optimize your staffs cooperation and sense of belonging.

Price: contact us     Operation: upon request

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