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Holuhraun Eruption Site - Myvatn and Askja - Sightseeing Flight

Fly over the eruption area and discover amazing scenery!

The best way to see a lava field is of course, from the air! Departing from Mývatn, this tour takes you to the volcanic site of Holuhraun eruption, associated with Volcano Bardarbunga. The views of the new lava field resulting from the eruption that ended in February 2015 are just spectacular. The new land has received the name Nornahraun. This flight is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Departure time: Daily, upon request

Available: Mid May - mid Sep

Minimum: 2 persons


The flight departs from Reykjahlid airport in the area of Lake Mývatn, in North Iceland

Bring with you:

Dark clothes and gloves that won't reflect on the windows and spoil your pictures.

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Tour Description

Flight Overview

After viewing the surroundings of Lake Myvatn from the air you will fly to the South, over the largest continous lava field in Iceland, towards Askja, which is a stratovolcano in the central highlands, 1510 m high (4954 ft.).

After passing Askja we will take you over the newly formed lava field at Holuhraun. There you will see the aftermath of a 6 month volcanic eruption creating the largest lava field in Iceland since 1783. The size is approx. 85 km2 (33 sq mi) and the crater is around 700 m long and 80 m high.

Airplane sightseeing flight Askja volcano

Enjoying the flight

Seen from the air you will get a more profound understanding of its unique geology and impressive molding of land.

While returning we fly by Mt. Herðubreið, often called the Queen of Icelandic mountains.

From there we fly back to Lake Mývatn, over Hverfjall, Námafjall with the tour normally ending over Krafla before returning to Reykjahlid airfield.

Airplane sightseeing flight Holuhraun Bardarbunga volcano Iceland

The beautiful surroundings of Lake Myvatn with the crater of Hverfell in the background

Holuhraun Eruption 2014-2015

Until 2014, the surface of this area was that of an older lava flow, which had erupted from a vent related to Askja, in 1797.

The 29 August 2014, a small fissure eruption occurred in Holuhraun Lava Field at the northern end of a magma intrusion which had moved progressively from the Bárðarbunga volcano, accompanied by an earthquake swarm.

The active fissure was about 600 m (660 yd) in length. Another fissure eruption started in Holu­hraun in the morning of 31 August 2014, in the same rift as the eruption which had occurred two days earlier.

Airplane sightseeing flight Holuhraun Bardarbunga volcano Iceland

The lava field of Leirhnjúkshraun dates from 1984 and reminds us a lot of Holuhraun


• Was this volcano Bárðarbunga or not?
- No, it was not. Subglacial volcano Bárðarbunga itself has NOT erupted recently. What we had here was a harmless and touristic Hawaiian-type fissure eruption. However, the Holuhraun eruption belongs to the Bárðarbunga volcanic system.

• What time does the flight begin?
- You may choose your departure time, until 18:00, from the Mývatn Airport (North Iceland). Departures from Akureyri can be arranged but would be more costly.

Airplane sightseeing flight Holuhraun Bardarbunga volcano Iceland

The hot springs of Námaskarð seen from the air