Skaftafell Surroundings - AF3

Explore the wonders of the South Coast from above

You will pass close over Öræfajökull Volcano that is known for its soaring, ice-capped peak. You don't want to miss this experience which tumbles over black basalt columns and the black sand beach to the south and west!

Duration: 15 min

Departure time: See booking engine

Available: All year

Difficulty: Easy

Minimum: 2 passengers

Tour Highlights:
  • Skaftafell National Park
  • Skeiðarársandur Black Beach
  • Skeiðarárjökull Glacier
  • Öræfajökull Glacier
  • Volcanoes

Where to meet:

The tour is operated from Skaftafell Terminal – Tour Center. The best way to get there is to drive on road nr. 1 and turn off the road to the opposite side of Skaftafell National Park. GPS coordinates: 64°00’10.7″N 16°56’29.4″W


Pilot guided fixed-wing tour, All passengers get a window seat with a full view.

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19 500 per adult

Youth (2-12): 14 625

Children (0-2): 0

Operated by a Trusted Partner

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Tour Description

This short 15-minute fixed-wing tour will take you on an enchanting tour over the spectacular scenery that surrounds the Skaftafell National Park, encompassing the jet-black sands of the volcanic Skeiðarársandur Beach – famed for its stunning glacial riverbeds and the iconic abstract patterns that populate its sands. Alongside the famous Skeiðarárjökull glacier and the mighty Öræfajökull volcanic glacier that is dominated by Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur – Iceland’s tallest peak. It is an unforgettable ‘flash’ sightseeing experience that everyone is sure to appreciate – allowing you to cram some of Iceland’s most famous sights into a short period of time.

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skaftafell nature reserve

Skaftafell Surroundings

skaftafell nature reserve

Skaftafell Surroundings 2

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Hidden Puddle

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Small Waterfalls

skaftafell nature reserve

Unforgettable sightseeing

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: If the weather forecast is not looking promising at the time of the tour we: A) Try to change the time on the same day (e.g. go in the afternoon instead of the morning). B) Offer you to go on a different date (e.g. the day before or the day after). C) Try to change the location of the flight (e.g. go from Bakki airport instead of Reykjavík). If we are fully booked and can not offer options A, B or C then we always give a full refund!

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