Ultimate Skaftafell - AF7

View some of Iceland's most iconic sites from above

From the eruption area all the way over to glaciers views. This combination tour will show you historic sites of Iceland from the sky, nothing more magical than viewing the glaciers, mountains, hot springs and landscape in a different sight.

Duration: 75 - 160 min

Available: All year

Difficulty: Easy

Minimum: 2 passengers

Tour Highlights:
  • Landmannalaugar Geothermal valley
  • Grímsvötn Eruption Site
  • Skaftafell National Park
  • Vatnajökull ice cap
  • Lakigigar volcanoes
  • Skeidararsandur plain
  • Eldgjá canyon

Where to meet:

The tour is operated from Skaftafell Terminal – Tour Center. The best way to get there is to drive on road nr. 1 and turn off the road to the opposite side of Skaftafell National Park. GPS coordinates: 64°00’10.7″N 16°56’29.4″W


This tour is offered either

  • as a helicopter tour or as
  • a helicopter tour with two landings

The two versions have different prices. Please specify which option you prefer in checkout to see the correct price of the tour.

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54 100 per adult

Youth (2-12): 40 575

Children (0-2): 0

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Tour Description

This incredible combination tour blends two of our most popular activities into one perfect package, encompassing a plethora of amazing sights that epitomize the land of fire and ice.

It begins with Flying past Skaftafell National Park and Morsárdalur glacier canyon towards the Vatnajökull Ice Cap. We'll fly over the iconic Grímsvötn eruption site – an alien landscape that is profoundly beautiful. It is situated on the southwestern side of the Vatnajökull Glacier, Europe’s largest, and erupts more frequently than any other volcano in Iceland. The majority of the volcano is hidden beneath the vast ice cap, making it the perfect marriage of fire and ice.

Next, we'll head to the gorgeous yet tragic Lakagígar area – a vast volcanic crater that was carved into the earth by one of the most vicious volcanic eruptions in recorded history. It occurred in 1783 – leaving in its wake a massive 27-kilometer fissure which is now decorated by rich vegetation and a horrific famine that killed around a quarter of Iceland’s population, making it the perfect example of the powerful geothermal activities that affect Iceland to this day.

From Lakagígar we fly over the stunning geothermal area Landmannalaugar, renowned for its multi-colored rhyolite mountains and black lava fields that gleam in the sun and its many bubbling hot spring valleys.

On our way back to Skaftafell we fly over Eldgjá, the largest canyon in the world, approx. 40 km long, 270 m deep and 600 m wide at its greatest. The canyon is thought to have formed during a massive eruption in 934 that lasted for a couple of months.

We'll also some of the mesmerizing river patterns of the vast and pitch-black Skeidararsandur plain.

In good visibility, you might also get to see Langisjór, a 20 km long lake up in highlands; Skeiðarárjökull glacier, Síðujökull glacier along with many beautiful spots west of Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Beautiful Landmannalaugar

Beautiful Landmannalaugar

Disclaimer: If the weather forecast is not looking promising at the time of the tour we: A) Try to change the time on the same day (e.g. go in the afternoon instead of the morning). B) Offer you to go on a different date (e.g. the day before or the day after). C) Try to change the location of the flight (e.g. go from Bakki airport instead of Reykjavík). If we are fully booked and can not offer options A, B or C then we always give a full refund!

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