ATV Tours in Iceland | Quad Biking in Iceland

ATV - Quad Biking Tours in Iceland

Four-Wheeler Sport in Iceland

Experience the excitement of riding our powerful All-Terrain Vehicles in stunning lava fields and mountain valleys. Quad biking is available all year round. Tailor-made trips are also available.
  • Rafting and ATV combo tour

    Pick up in Reykjavik

    This tour is perfect for people who like action: combining wheels and rapids, whilst being surrounded by some areas of stunning natural beauty. We will take you biking up to the summit of Hafrafell Mountain, which provides a spectacular view of Reykjavik and then do some rafting on the Hvita River.

    ~10 hours
    May - Sep
  • Quads and Caves - ATV Tour

    Venture into the bright and the dark side of Iceland

    Quad & Caves is our most popular multi activity day tour from Reykjavik and it's great value for money. The lava tunnel exploration is a relatively mild caving experience. Begin the day speeding across the country side, ending up on a mountain top with panoramic view of Reykjavik. Dive into earth itself to explore an ancient lava tube.

    ~7-8 hours
    All year
  • Mountain Safari - Quad Tour

    Escape the city to the mountain tops of Reykjavík!

    Explore the peaceful scenic outback of the capital city of Iceland on quad bikes. An enjoyable adventure tour only 15 minutes from most hotels in Reykjavik, fun for the whole family. The quad bikes/ATV’s are fully automatic and easy to operate, just press and play.

    ~2.5 hours
    All year
  • Quadventure of a Lifetime

    Full Day ATV Adventure Tour

    Iceland is for the adventurous, so join us on this exciting day tour, full of adventure and adrenaline pumping action! This tour is all about having fun and exploring Iceland, and its interesting nature & geology. We‘ll take you on a action-filled scenic tour of the lavascapes surrounding Reykjavik.

    7 hours on ATV
    All year
  • Twin Peaks - Quad Biking Near Reykjavik

    Throw down the throttle, mountain top views await!

    Twin Peaks is a bit more technical quad tour. This is definitely a more complete ATV experience, combining gravel roads, mountain tracks, rocky paths and steep ascent. Take a ride in the scenic outback area and experience the “million dollar view” over Reykjavik.

    ~3.5 hours
    All year
  • Midnight Sun - ATV Tour

    Experience the sunset surrounded by raw nature

    As the sun slips just beyond the horizon, the sky illuminates at midnight for a few magic moments before the sun rises again. Our Midnight Sun ATV Tour takes to you the highest mountain peaks of Reykjavík to watch this enchanting display first hand.

    June - July
  • Quad Mad - ATV Tour

    For those who think they've done everything!

    Want more? Take our Quad Mad tour and get your adrenaline pumping! Harness the power of your ATV while you watch the countryside change into wilderness, conquering mountain tops and crossing rivers on the way. Drive on gravel roads, rocky terrain, cross rivers and old bridges down the beautiful back-country of Reykjavik.

    ~4.5 hours
    All year