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Mountain Safari - Quad Tour -SQ05

Escape the city to the mountain tops of Reykjavík!

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Head out in the wilderness

Mountain Safari is a great quad bike/ATV tour in the vicinity of Reykjavik. Explore the peaceful scenic outback of the capital city of Iceland on quad bikes. An enjoyable adventure tour only 15 minutes from most hotels in Reykjavik, fun for the whole family.

14 400 ISK per double rider

18 400 ISK per solo rider

Children (6-12): 50% off

Total duration: ~2.5 hours

Quad tour: ~1 hour

Pick up: On request

Available: All year

Footage of the quad bikes in action

Note: Pick up is available on request for an extra cost, see booking system below.

• 1 full hour out on the ATV trails
• Sightseeing over Reykjavík with stunning views
• Hafrafell Mountain summit, Hafravatn Lake
• Gear: overalls, rain gear, helmets, balaclavas, gloves

Bring with you: Good outdoors shoes, outdoor clothes suitable to the weather conditions & adventerous spirit!

For further information:
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Important information!

- Drivers must be 17 years old or older
- Passengers must be 6 years old or older
- Drivers have to bring a valid drivers license


quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Corssing rivers on an ATV is always fun

Discover astounding natural beauty as you hit the off road trails located on the local mountains just outside of Reykjavík (only 15 minutes from downtown)! The 1 Hour Mountain Safari ATV Tour will call out your inner Viking as you charge to the top of Hafrafell Mountain. You’ll have to overcome rocky lava terrain as you push towards the summit! Your bravery will be rewarded with a stunning panoramic view over Reykjavík city, the harbour leading out to the North Atlantic Ocean and the iconic Esja Mountain towering in the distance. We'll take a few moments along the way to stop and appreciate the view. Remember to pack your camera! Another highlight will take place at Hafravatn Lake which is tucked between the mountains and a perfect place to witness just how pristine Icelandic nature is.

All experience levels are welcome and our professional and occasionally funny guides are happy to help you feel comfortable on the bikes. You’re welcome to take your children with you as a passenger as long as they’re over the age of six!

After 1 full hour on the trails, there’s a good chance your urge to ride will desire even more trail time. Check out our 2 Hour Twin Peaks ATV Tour option for a second mountain summit and a longer thrill!

Note: Tracks are dependent on weather and trail conditions

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Head out in the wilderness

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Corssing rivers on an ATV is always fun

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Enjoy unique views on mountains

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

Climb mountains with your four-wheeler

quad ATV Four-wheelers iceland

You can even go on ice !

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You must use the 'Single rider extra' to indicate how many will be riding solo on a bike (if any).

If you are staying downtown Reykjavik please read this information about pickup.