Buggy Tours | Having Fun in Iceland

Buggy Tours - Fun in Iceland

Off-Road adventures

For those who enjoy outdoor activities and do not fear bumpy, dusty, and dirty driving trails. Let's buggy in Iceland!
  • Buggy Original - Off-Road Adventure - Near Reykjavik

    1 hour buggy tour for outdoorsy people

    Get a chance to see the fabulous Icelandic landscape from a different perspective, while having a lot of fun just like kids. This is not your typical Iceland tour, so get ready to have a crazy fun time - let's buggy!

    ~3 hours
    All year
  • Buggy Special - F Roads in the Highlands - Meet near Geysir

    Meet at the buggy Base Camp by the geyser area

    Are you renting a normal car but would like to experience the dramatic landscapes of the highlands on F-roads? Then join this adventure tour on a buggy with a meeting point in the Golden Circle area. There's two peoplee per buggy, and both get to drive. Let's buggy in Iceland !!

    ~3 hours
  • Let's Buggy the Golden Circle - Sightseeing and Adventure

    F roads and the classic attractions of Iceland in a long day tour

    Looking for a long day tour, full of action and want also to see the geysers, Gullfoss Falls, and the National Park of Thingvellir? Then let's go to the highlands for a while on the buggy! There's two people per vehicle, and both get to drive (those who have a driving permit).

    ~10 hours
    All year
  • Buggy Safari

    The hottest new way to enjoy Iceland

    A buggy tour is quite a thrill. You and your buggy buddy will feel the wonder of the pure air and spectacular views that make Iceland special – and all only a short trip from Reykjavik. It’s safe, spectacular and about the most fun you can have with another person.

    ~2.5 hours
    All year
  • Buggy Mountains

    The sky's the limit

    This buggy tour takes you all the way to the top. Twice. That’s two mountains, with all the trails, thrills and amazing views you can handle. Along the way you’ll tackle gravel paths, rocky trails and steep slopes in these amazingly fun ATVs.

    ~3.5 hours
    All year
  • Buggy Extreme

    Step out of your comfort zone

    We offer a range of buggy tour options. Buggy Extreme is what it sounds like – an intense 3-hour tour with extra oomph! That means gravel roads, muddy trails, old bridges and river crossings. In other words, about the most fun you can have on an ATV. Adrenaline guaranteed.

    ~3.5 hours