Caving in Iceland | Lava Tube Caving Iceland | Speleology

Caving in Iceland - Speleology in Lava Tube Caves

The underground treasures of Iceland's volcanoes

  • Earth and Sky

    Caving and Northern Lights by Super Jeep

    From the centre of the earth to the sky. Experience the natural wonders in Iceland. First we go caving and then we search for the northern lights. Operated in a Super Jeep, small groups for a better experience.

    ~6 hours
  • King of Caves

    Cave Raufarholshellir - Iceland's 3rd largest lava tube cave

    Activity tour. Raufarholshellir lava tube cave is one of the better known lava caves in Iceland and it is easily accessible.

    ~7 hours
    All year
  • Cave Buri in Leitahraun Lava Field

    One of Earth's most spectacular lava tube caves

    Activity tour. Explore inside a unique underground world with ice sculptures, lava tunnels and a 17 metres high vertical pit made from a lava fall.

    This cave is closed until further notice

    8 hours
  • Caving Tour and the Blue Lagoon

    Volcanic Veins with options - Cave Leidarendi

    With the options of either staying in the Blue Lagoon for a few hours, or being dropped off at KEF international airport, this tour is highly recommended for speleologists as well as amateurs in the field. Adventure exploring a rare world of lava tubes. That is truly entering into a volcano's interior.

    All year
  • Volcanic Veins - Caving tour

    Minibus tour from Reykjavik

    Available throughout the year, this speleology tour takes you to unique locations in Iceland’s most spectacular lava tube caves and craters. One of our top sellers.

    ~3.5 hours
    All year
  • Volcanic Veins and Golden Circle

    A full day tour with stunning natural features

    Lava tube caving might be a completely new experience for you. But that's what Iceland is all about! In cave Leidarendi you get to explore the geological history of the island, from within! In the afternoon you join the Golden Circle express tour where you'll see the main attractions of Iceland.

    10 hours
    All year
  • Explore Lofthellir Lava Cave

    Explore an underground world of ice wonders

    In this tour you will visit the Lofthellir cave, located in north Iceland, and discover the natural ice wonders it hides. We make a short stop in the village of Reykjahlid by Lake Myvatn before returning to Akureyri.

    4-8 hours
    May - Oct
  • Cave Leiðarendi Dark and Bright

    Evening tour near Reykjavik

    Summer nights are long and beautiful. Join us in this evening tour and return to your hotel after midnight. We will explore the darkness of a magnificent lava tube cave, and then we enjoy the sunset from a high stand point in the stunning surroundings of Bláfjöll, the Blue Mountains.

    ~4 hours
    June - Aug
  • Hot springs, 3 lava tube caves, big waves

    Optional Blue Lagoon or a restaurant in a fishing village

    Hvammahraun is the lava field that originated in the volcanic crater of Eldborg in Brennisteinsfjoll. It covers over 36 sq. km and it has passages to the lowlands in the south and in the west of the mountain.

    On request
  • Inside the Volcano

    Thrihnukagigur a most remarkable Magma Chamber

    All you need is the willingness to do a moderate 45–50 minute hike (in order to get to the Thrihnukagigur crater) and the guts to descend 120 meters (400 feet) to the bottom of the volcano's magma chamber in an open cable lift. One of the most remarkable natural phenomenons on the planet.

    5-6 hours
    Mid May-Sep
  • "The Cave Explorer on Steroids"

    Speleology in Iceland at its best

    This is a unique opportunity to discover the hidden world underneath us by visiting amazing caves in Iceland, as well as many other gems of nature all around the island. On our menu: lava fields, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, deserts, volcanoes, icebergs, rivers, and of course, lava tube caves.

    15 days
    Jun 15 - Sep 15
  • Volcanic Veins and Whale Watching

    The discovery of wild nature near Reykjavik

    Activity tour. Lava tube caving and whale watching combines volcanoes with wildlife. Cave Leidarendi reveals the hidden mysteries of our island's recent geological past. In the afternoon you join a whale watching tour from the Reykjavik marina.

    ~7 hours
    All year