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Caving day tour in Iceland from Reykjavik

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This lava cave tour takes you to the depths of Iceland’s volcanic terrain, where spectacular lava tube tunnels and craters are found. These beautiful and natural wonders are created by flowing lava under the earth after a volcanic eruption. While you are exploring the cave, our certified guide will explain everything about the formation and history of the lava caves, volcanoes and much more.

Our Best-Selling Caving Day Tour

Expert Caving Guide

Duration: ~1-3 hours

Available: All year

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy

Guide Ratio 1:15

Tour Highlights:
  • The colorful Raufarhólshellir lava tube cave
  • A Scenic drive through a lava field


If you select pick up from Reykjavik, departure begins at 08:00 a.m. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for us to arrive.

Meeting Point:

If you don't need a pick up you can meet us at Raufarhólshellir, 30 minutes from Reykjavik. Please be advised to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the tour, which starts at 9:30 am. 


The total tour duration is around 3 hours, and we spend around 1 hour in the cave and if you meet us on location.


Pick-up & drop-off in Reykjavik, guided caving tour and helmet with headlamp

Bring with you:

Warm clothing, waterproof outer layers, headwear, gloves, and good hiking shoes are recommended (can also be rented on booking). We recommend bringing a packed lunch in case you get hungry. 

6 990 per adult

Children (6-12): 25% discount

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Review on TripAdvisor

"We went on the Volcanic Veins caving tour and we loved it. Such a cool experience! The caves were amazing, it was kind of surreal being in there and seeing the colour of the walls and different shapes that have formed in there. The caves are in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by beautiful landscape. It was just me, my two friends and a cute older German couple (probably late 60’s, early 70’s) who were on the tour. The guide did a great job at making sure everyone was comfortable while going through the caves. Booking with Extreme Iceland was straight forward and they had good communication and a variety of options to be picked up from. The guide was so friendly, knowledgeable and funny! She was great and really added to the already amazing experience!"

Raufarhólshellir is one of the longest lava tubes in Iceland. Join us for a fantastic hike along a volcanic path of an eruption before our time. 

Around 5200 years ago, the Leitahraun eruption carved fascinating lava tubes and caves under Iceland's lava fields. On this tour, we’ll descend into one of the most famous lava caves in Iceland and discover stunning stalactites and unusual rock formations, making this an unforgettable experience. 

The tunnel stretches about 4500 ft (1360 m), with a headroom of up to 10 m high. Every winter, you'll be greeted with hanging icicles of all shapes and forms at the entrance of the cave.

The volcanic tunnel tour is suitable for adventurers of all ages, so families with kids are welcome! Join us and step outside of your comfort zone. Go on an adventure exploring Iceland's underworld!

During the tour, our certified caving guides will provide you with all the necessary safety equipment so you don't need to worry about a thing! They will also share some interesting facts about caves in Iceland, their formation and history.



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Volcanic Veins - Rated 4.8/5 based on 36 customer reviews

UnderWorld Adventure Tour

5 by Samantha W April 5, 2019
Our tour guide, Bjerk (?), was very knowledgable and funny and made this tour wonderful! The drive to the site was great as we got to see much of the Icelandic landscape. We would definitely book with Extreme Iceland again!

Great Tour!!

4 by Cody Padlo March 19, 2019
Awesome tour! The lava tunnels were great and the guide was very informative.

Awesome experience!

5 by Christina T. March 8, 2019
Our trip to the Lava Cave was very exciting. Perfect organization and our guide Johann was really friendly and answered all our questions. Really recommend the tour!

Lava tube: if you want to conquer your fears...

5 by Alejandro Katz March 2, 2019
"The degree of difficulty is based on the fear you have of tight spaces. I went with my wife who was concerned about been underground, but ultimately we enjoy the experience and we highly recommended. The rock formations, the stalactites-stalagmites you will found in the cave, were amazing, nowhere else to be found."

Cave with Ice

4 by Pete Mulholland February 25, 2019
"For experienced cavers, this is a tour probably best missed, but for anyone new to caving and particularly in the winter the presence of ice stalactites within the cave and what was a knowledgeable guide. Monica, I would recommend it. If you are a cave photographer best to find the caves in the region of which there are several and take your time to get the shots you want"


5 by Nathan February 20, 2019
"The Lava Cave was amazing and the guide gave us a lot of knowledge. Also, our driver and tour guide was amazing and so nice just like the day before and gave us great information while traveling to and from the caves. Would recommend this tour for a half day trip. Thanks"

Excellent Experience

5 by Karley & Jeff January 27, 2019
This was our first tour during our time in Iceland and it was an excellent experience. The guide was knowledgeable and kept us engaged throughout the tour. We were also given an option to do a bit more of an adventurous route on our way out of the cave which we loved. Thank you!

Good lava cave tour

4 by Shreerang A Godbole January 22, 2019
The tour was good. However, the pickup car bore the name 'Arctic Adventures'. We missed the car because it did not carry the name 'Extreme Iceland'. Your voucher does not mention 'Arctic Adventures'. The lady at our hotel reception was kind enough to tell us that the two are the same. You need to mention this fact in your voucher or communications. We got the car finally but had to wait at the bus stop for 40 minutes.

Great day underground

5 by Rambling Rose January 20, 2019
The underground day was fun, well organized and the staff was highly professional.

Underworld tour with Albert

5 by Amanda January 19, 2019
My partner and I had an amazing time on the tour of the lava caves. Our tour guide Albert was brilliant fun and very informative. The small group made the experience more personal. When we came up the sun was just rising and it started snowing with views around to the mountains surrounding us. Wish we'd found your company before the last day so we could have booked another tour with you guys. Thanks!


5 by Sonia Sousa December 31, 2018
"It was a fantastic experience, our guide was phenomenal, highly recommend."

Well Done & Very Happy!

5 by Sharmaine December 12, 2018
My boyfriend and I booked our whole trip for four days with Extreme Island and it was flawless. I love everything about the trip and tour guide

Leidarendi cave

5 by Terry Stratford December 6, 2018
Leidarendi cave has so much to offer, and Arctic Adventures did a great job sharing the full experience with us. The cave is very close to Reykjavik, so it doesn't use up your whole day to go and see it. Our guide, Hofstead, was excellent - taking lots of time to show us all the fascinating aspects of the cave and answering all of our questions. Highly recommended!

A Great Afternoon

5 by Karen Lawson December 2, 2018
Fantastic experience in the Lava Caves - fun, informative and a new experience for us all. We loved this trip - thank you

Great snorkeling with great guides

5 by Pamela November 19, 2018
"I really liked the experience, for me, it was very complicated because of the temperature and at some point, I did not feel well. But I had the best guide named Kevin, which was making me feel safe and calm at all times, and made sure I was fine. In the end, I was very happy that I did it all the way through! It is amazing!!"


5 by Josh November 4, 2018
Great experience, I would recommend!

Great tour

5 by Bettina October 28, 2018
We got a lot of information about volcanos and lava. Some days after the experience I passed another lava field and watched it with other eyes than before. Thank you for this!

Underworld Lava tubes

5 by Jane C October 7, 2018
Brilliant tour, guides were very informative and helpful especially to those less able. Was very atmospheric with a small group especially when the lights went out.

Despite the crazy Iceland weather - tour guides are awesome

5 by Hannah October 6, 2018
It was a rainy, windy day Icelandic day but Biggi was awesome! If you get him as your guide you will have a good time hands down. Would definitely book with you all again.

Awesome experience

5 by Debbie Snelgrove September 29, 2018
We had a wonderful time on the Black and Blue Tour. Booked this high octane tour for the day we arrived which worked out fantastic. Drove right from the airport to the hotel and got picked up there. The guides are all terrific but Taz from North England was especially great! So fun and informative. Definitely keen on the safety of her clients and making sure we had a great experience! All in all a great time. There was a big oo much time waiting between the cave tour and the Silfra snorkel. They could have scheduled those things closer together. But overall a fantastic time :)

Just average

3 by Mateusz September 20, 2018
The cave itself was interesting. The guides, however, were joking a lot but didn't give us too much information and facts on the cave.


5 by Gary S. Wasserman September 13, 2018
If you are agile enough to crawl on all 4s on sharp gravel, I recommend this tour very highly. It is so much fun, that I will remember this tour for rest of my life!

Great tour, passionate guide

5 by Jim September 9, 2018
We had a great time with our guide Yanis. He was friendly, gave us just enough info while still letting our group set the pace. Super fun.

Amazing tour!

5 by Lisa September 4, 2018
Really cool tour in the lava tube. Pedro was fun and knowledgeable. There are only a few claustrophobic areas which you pass quickly.

Fantastic tour " Underworld"

5 by Caradec Anne August 27, 2018
This tour was a very great experience. It was really impressive and interesting. Our guide was so friendly. I recommend this tour for my friends too. Feel free to call on Extrême Iceland for all of your trips.

Great lava tube tour

5 by Tina July 31, 2018
This was the real deal, crawling through a lava tube. Exceptional tour guides. We were quite impressed!

Interesting visit

4 by Jesper July 20, 2018
Good excursion, Lots of interesting facts about lava and eruptions. Knowledgeable guide (Pedro) was conscious about security and making everybody feel comfortable

Awesome tour

5 by Deborah Erbs July 18, 2018
"The lava cave tour was awesome. My only wish is that there was more of the cave to explore. Our guide revealed that there was a section of the cave that could be explored but that it was more challenging. This statement worried a few people; I could tell that many were contemplating exploring as I was. The guide pushed us as he reassured us that we would all be fine. We were - the “other portion” was not challenging except for the “pose” you had to take in order to get through some areas. I am claustrophobic and this challenging portion was nothing. I think the guide only needed to explain some of the “poses” we would have to take and no one would have thought twice about the unknown journey. I am glad that our guide pushed and encouraged us to explore so that we didn’t miss it because in hindsight I would’ve been upset about missing that portion of the cave. Some people may not be able to do the more “challenging section” but I don’t think that person would be able to do any of the cave explorations."

Fun in the Caves

5 by Michelle July 1, 2018
My two friends and I really enjoyed the caving tour. The guides were informative and hilarious the whole time, and were attentive to everyone's needs. Definitely one of the cooler things we did on our trip.

Emily was the BEST

5 by Juli Greenberg June 26, 2018
We loved our tour, and it was all because of Emily. She was fun, upbeat, engaging, knowledgeable and extremely passionate. My little daughter, aged seven, truly enjoyed the tour because Emily was so great with her! One of our best experiences in Iceland! Thank you!

Just 3 on the tour

5 by Tom Lynton June 20, 2018
We got to go into some difficult parts of the lava tube because we were just 3 on the tour. I understood that with bigger numbers the tour is simplified. As we enjoyed it so much perhaps think about offering smaller and larger group tours that can do more or less depending on ability

A perfect tour to explore the unexplored

5 by Anik Shah June 20, 2018
We selected this cave tour being unexplored and less crowded by the tourist. When we entered there was no one except us so we could spend quality time and made this tour so much informative. Also we were very small group of 5 people which was like icing on the cake. Our guide was very good and friendly. The perfect place and operator to visit lava caves. Trust me you should experience this cave only. All other caves across Iceland are visited by plenty of tourist. This will definitely leave behind a memorable experience. Thanks extreme Iceland for this wonderful tour.

Awesome Adventure!

5 by Stacey Reid June 8, 2018
What an incredible experience!! I was so happy to take my husband and three teenage boys spelunking in this lava tube!! This trek is not for the faint-hearted, no 'Vickies' allowed;)- The 'cave' is only 35 minutes outside of Reykjavik and we continued on through the lava fields, past lake Kleifarvatn and some sulfur springs, had lunch in Grindavik then spent the rest of the day at the Blue Lagoon! It was a fantastic day trip and would recommend Extreme Iceland excursions all day long:)

Loved the underworld tour of volcano caves

5 by BP March 31, 2018
The guide was knowledgeable and passionate about the caves and the geology of the area. The caves were amazing. Had to crawl through certain locations of the caves where they became very narrow. Amazing experience.

UnderWorld tour

3 by Gareth Whale February 27, 2018
Good tour but far more extreme than I was led to believe from the website which said moderate suitable for 6 years up and done crawling. Whether ur was because we went in winter I don't know but certainly, it was more like potholing. Very few places where you can stand upright and the whole first tunnel was spent bent over or scrambling on hands and feet to pass through gaps. I did not do the final two tunnels.

All guides where the bomb!

5 by Clinton Fuller February 22, 2018
Our driver was the coolest girl I have ever met! All of the guys were great and couldn't have been better at what they do! If you want best this is the way to go!
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