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Hot Spring Dive Tour - Hydrothermal Vents

Discover the underwater hot springs of Kleifarvatn Lake

This tour to the underwater hot springs in Lake Kleifarvatn is a truly amazing and unique experience for scuba divers. Experience geothermal diving in Iceland. Available upon request.

Known as disappearing lake, the mysterious Kleifarvatn lies in the area of Krysuvik close to Reykjavik.

Duration: Flexible

Available: Apr - Oct

Age limit: 18 years

Difficulty: Demanding


For divers - Scuba Dive Certification (PADI Open Water or equivalent). For snorkelers - no prerequisites.

Please read our Diving Handbook for more information about the tour!


Pickup and drop-off in the Reykjavik area, guided dive at the underwater hot springs of Kleifarvatn, all necessary equipment, light snacks, visit to the geothermal hot spring at Krysuvik.

Bring with you:

Long underwear and thick socks.

Available upon request
Contact us for an offer

Tour Description

lake kleifarvatn diving

Diving in a geothermally active environment

The landscape is stunning, only 30 minutes out of Reykjavik and one can experience complete silence in the most beautiful surroundings. In order to get to the dive site we will have to take our 4x4 dive bus, since rough and rugged tracks are the only route to this site in the middle of nowhere.

We park the dive bus close to the beach and walk down to the water to give you a briefing on this geologically unique dive site. If the wind direction is right, we will already be able to smell the hot springs.

crater volcanic diving

See the gas bubbles come up in between sulphur deposits on the lake floor

We put on our gear and walk to the entry point. When walking into the water to put on fins and mask one can already see the white and yellow sulphur deposits on the bottom of the lake and the gas bubbles coming up in between.

In the central area of the hot springs there is a hole in the lake floor where a lot of water and gases flow up. When diving into this hole, one has the feeling of diving into an earthquake because the air bubbles coming out of the ground create pressure which makes the rocks vibrate. Divers can feel these vibrations deep into their bones. A very special experience!

lake kleifarvatn

Lake Kleifarvatn at a distance

After the dive we will pack our gear together and drive down the rough and rugged tracks to Krysuvík, a geothermal hot spring area nearby. In Krysuvík we will marvel at the mud pots and hot springs and the colourful sulphur deposits before we make our way back to Reykjavik.

disappearing lake iceland

Sometimes known as the disappearing lake

If you wish you could bring your swimsuit and we could drop you off at one of Reykjavik's wonderful geothermal pools. Hang out in the hot tubs with the locals and end your day in a geothermal way!

Disclaimer: All dive trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Extreme Iceland does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherit risk.