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Local Food Tasting Tours in Iceland

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Taste the delicious local food in Iceland on these day tours in Reykjavik or in the countryside. We visit restaurants, farms, bars, breweries, hot springs and much more. A great experience for all food lovers traveling in Iceland.

Iceland has a surprisingly rich and varied culinary history. From piping hot bowls of lamb soup to fresh seafood — you name it, Iceland has it. Join our knowledgeable local guides for an authentic taste of Icelandic cuisine and discover just how delicious Icelandic food can be!

Food Tasting Tours in Iceland

Try the local food in Iceland on these day tours, available in Reykjavik or tasting on-the-go as you travel the country. Learn about the history and culture through food, with knowledgeable guides who also happen to be food lovers. The perfect experience for all foodies who are looking to explore the local cuisine and culture. View our selection below.

What food is Iceland famous for?

Scandinavian cuisine is very trendy these days. In fact, a number of Nordic restaurants are considered among the Top 10 restaurants in the world. Iceland’s top restaurants aren’t quite that well-known (yet!) -- but rest assured Iceland’s culinary traditions are rich and varied. 

Icelandic Fish

Delicious Icelandic Salmon

The country is home to a surprising selection of delicacies, especially when you consider Iceland’s small size and difficult weather conditions. Here are the dishes you just have to try during your time in Iceland: 

  • Slow Roasted Lamb. Lamb is an Icelandic staple and often served at celebratory dinners. Iceland’s sheep graze throughout the year and are not given drugs or growth hormones, making sheep products totally organic. If you visit an Icelandic restaurant or go on one of our food tasting tours, lamb is an absolutely must-try.
  • Kjötsúpa – Icelandic Lamb Soup. If you visit Iceland in the winter, you'll be sure to love the warming power of traditional lamb soup. This hearty dish is cooked with lamb shoulder and a variety of vegetables. Icelandic families usually have their own secret recipes that they pass down from generation to generation.
  • Harðfiskur - Dried Fish. Icelanders have a strong connection to the sea and many of Iceland’s most popular dishes are fish-based. Harðfiskur is typically made using cod or haddock and munched on while watching films or TV.
  • Hákarl - Fermented Shark. Farming in Iceland is difficult, so Icelanders of yesteryear couldn’t afford to be fussy eaters. Hákarl is a simple type of food that can be preserved and eaten during the long winter. This delicacy is made by fermenting shark for around five months. As you might expect, the smell is pretty gruesome. This Scandinavian specialty should be sampled by intrepid foodies who really want to push their taste buds.
  • Ice Cream. Icelanders are massive ice cream fans. Ice cream shops stay open throughout the year and offer a variety of different flavors, like popcorn or carrot cake ice cream. 
  • Pylsa – Hot Dog. Who can forget the original Icelandic fast food? Hot dogs here are legendary, a quick and cheap bite in the capital and on road. Unlike most hot dogs in the world, they are mostly made from local lamb. They’re typically served on a warm bun with crispy fried onions, brown mustard, ketchup, and remoulade. Look for a hot dog stand in the city or a pit stop on the Ring Road. 

What food tours do we offer?

We offer a growing selection of fabulous food tours. Each tour will show you a different side of Icelandic cuisine.  

Omnom Chocolate Factory Tour – This mouth-watering Reykjavik tour brings you to a small artisan chocolate factory. You’ll meet two of Iceland’s finest chocolatiers and learn about the chocolate-making process! You’ll also get to try some of the finest chocolate in the entire country! This half-day chocolate tour is ideal for foodies, families and chocolate lovers. 

Reykjavik Food Tour – If you're a foodie or simply love food, then our Reykjavik Food Tour is an absolute must. Our knowledgeable local guides will give you an authentic taste of Icelandic cuisine. They’ll introduce you to quaint, family-run establishments and some of Reykjavik's best fine-dining restaurants. The tour focuses on what Icelanders eat today, forgoing eye-catching delicacies like fermented shark and lamb's head for simple, well-cooked meals. Try piping hot lamb soup, velvety homemade ice cream, a delicious selection of Icelandic cheese and an Icelandic hot dog. 


When do food tours take place?

Our food tours occur throughout the year. Simply book f a slot and come with an empty stomach. We’ll sort out the rest!

Where do food tours take place?

We currently only run food tours in Iceland’s culinary capital, Reykjavik. If you’re looking for something further afield, why not check out our beer tasting and brewery tours?

What if I have food allergies or different food preferences?

We should be able to adapt the tour to your culinary needs. Please contact our team to inform us of your requirements.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. Simply bring yourself, an open mind and an empty stomach. Our Reykjavik food tasting tour may require some walking, so please dress according to the season.

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