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Glacier Hiking Tours In Iceland

Glacier walks are one of the best ways to experience Icelandic nature

Extreme Iceland offers glacier hiking and ice caving tours all year round, all over Iceland. Choose whether to be picked up from your hotel, or drive to a meeting location. Check out our selection below.


About our glacier walk tours

Come glacier walking with us! We guarantee you will have an amazing experience exploring the ever-changing landscapes of Icelandic glaciers. We will supply you with crampons for your hiking shoes and all other relevant equipment needed for safe and enjoyable glacier walking. We offer day tours, multi-day combo tours or even private tours on glaciers.

The glaciers are a true natural phenomenon and it's an amazing experience to walk on the surface, ice that formed thousands of years ago. Glaciers are constantly in motion. The glacial ice gives in to gravity's forces and slowly flows and eforms over time. The locations where the glacier flows more rapidly and cracks, giant crevasses are form. These crevasses are very dangerous and are one of the reasons why it is dangerous to go on the glacier without a specialized, experienced tour guide.

Glacier Walk Iceland

Taking a glacier walk is truly a unique experience

Our guides are very experienced in glacier walking and mountaineering, ensuring you will have a safe and fun experience on our tours.

We offer glacier tours on several glaciers in Iceland.

Here are our recommended glacier walk tours:

Glacier walk tour on Svinafellsjokull
Glacier walk tour on Solheimajokull (from Reykjavik)