Ice Caves & Tunnels in Iceland - Ice Caving in Icelandic glaciers

Ice Caves & Tunnels in Iceland

Scheduled tours to glacier ice caves and ice tunnels

Sometimes called Crystal Caves, the ice caves in Icelandic glaciers are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature. We offer ice caving tours at two glaciers in Iceland: Vatnajokull in South East Iceland, and Langjokull in South West Iceland.
  • Glacier Wonderland - Into the Glacier

    See the majestic world inside a glacier - Ice Tunnels

    Welcome to the glacier wonderland. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the majestic world inside the heart of Langjokull Glacier with your own eyes. This tour allows you to understand the meaning behind the name ICE-land, as you get to go inside of a glacier and witness 2500 years of ice sculpted by the hand of nature.

    ~11 hours
    Apr - Sept
  • Jokulsarlon and Ice Caving - South Coast

    Overnight tour from Reykjavik - 2 days / 1 night

    All-in-one two day package tour from Reykjavik, where we will be chasing blue ice. First, the ice caves, and then the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon. We will search for the northern lights when conditions are favorable. Accommodation in a country hotel.

    2 days
    Nov - Mar
  • Glacier Wonderland & Northern Lights

    Enter the famous ice tunnels & look for the dancing lights

    This adventure you shouldn't miss – explore another world, inside Langjokull glacier. Transported by monster truck up to the tunnel‘s entrance at 1200 m, you may start to feel a little like 007. On the way, we visit interesting locations, including historical and geothermal areas.

    ~12 hours
    Oct - Apr
  • Jokulsarlon, Golden Circle and Ice Caving

    South Coast, glacier hiking and ice caving + northern lights tour

    3 days and 2 nights of breathtaking landscapes, hiking on ice-blue glaciers, visiting a crystal ice cave, the Golden Circle and the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. We will search for the northern lights on the first and second evening.

    3 days
    Nov - Mar
  • The Ice Queen - Winter Ice Caving Tour

    The fantastic realm of glacial blue ice

    Your tour guide is a highly qualified mountain guide expert, and ice cave expert. It's in his hands to decide each time which cave is best to visit depending on weather conditions and other issues. New caves are searched for and discovered each autumn, to be visited in the winter. This tour starts from the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón, and is best suited to those staying in the surrounding area.

    2-2.5 hours
  • The Ice Age Tour - Into the Glacier - Meet on Location

    Drive to location and start the tour from Base Camp

    Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful glacial-ice at the heart of a glacier. Here you may join a tour to the Ice Tunnel in Glacier Langjökull if you have a car and can meet at Base Camp. The drive is about 3 hours. Remember to check on road conditions before you head out.

    2-4 hours
    All year
  • Ice Age Skyline - Helicopter Tour to the Ice Tunnel

    The experience of a lifetime

    Depart from Reykjavik on a sightseeing flight over some of Iceland's most remarkable landmarks. You will then enjoy a guided tour inside the man-made ice tunnel inside Glacier Langjökull. Then you have a sightseeing return by tour bus.

    6.5 hours
    All year
  • Northern Lights' Photo Workshop - South Iceland

    Aurora photography with Iurie Belegurschi

    Join nature and landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi on a Winter Landscape – Photo Workshop as we take you on the hunt for the perfect light and amazing landscapes at the most beautiful arctic paradise, Iceland. The focus of this educational experience will be ice and night photography.

    8 days
    Oct - March
  • Extreme Iceland Photo Workshop - Icelandic Highlands

    Highland photography with Iurie Belegurschi

    Join award-winning landscape photographers from Iceland, Iurie Belegurschi and Orvar Atli on this 13-day Extreme Iceland Highlands Photography Workshop that covers the south coast, Highlands and north of Iceland. This ultimate itinerary combines both the favourite playgrounds of landscape photographers.

    13 days
  • Ice Cave Tour - Inside Vatnajökull Glacier

    See inside Europe's largest glacier

    This exciting tour offers you the opportunity to walk inside a truly mighty chunk of ice. Vatnajökull Glacier was formed thousands of years ago, and is by far the largest glacier in Iceland. It covers an area of roughly 8,000 sq. km (5,500 sq. miles) and is almost 1000m thick at its deepest point, making it the largest glacier mass in Europe. Trump that for an ice cube.

    2-5 hours
  • Ice Ice Baby

    Ice cave & Snowmobile combo

    Try snowmobiling on one of the largest glaciers in Europe and then enter inside a naturally formed ice cave that almost glows.

    ~3 hours
    Jan - Mar
  • Short Ice Cave Tour

    Enter the Vatnajokull glacier

    Do you want to go inside the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull? Actually the largest glacier in Europe, by volume. Then this is your ideal meet on location tour. Glacier Journey is truly a unique experience.

    ~2.5 hours
    Nov - Mar