The Ice Age Tour | Driving Directions to Ice Tunnel in Langjökull

The Ice Age Tour - Into the Glacier - Meet on Location - IC01

Drive to location and start the tour from Base Camp

Langjökull Ice Cave crevasse

A journey into the ice awaits

Step in to the Ice Age inside a man-made ice cave in Glacier Langjokull. It is a journey that starts at the roots of Europe’s second largest glacier, and takes you on a guided tour in monster trucks to the entrance of the ice cave, 1200 meters above sea level.

Note! check on Road Conditions before you head out.

19 500 ISK per adult

Children (12-15): 50% off

Children (0-11): Free

Available: All year

Total duration: ~3 hours (summer)
~4 hours (winter)

Directions - click here

Winter Season: Travellers will be picked up in Húsafell, an hour before departure.

Included: Glacier ride by Monster Truck, and guided tour in the Ice Cave.

Bring with you: Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

For further information:
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Tunnel in the Ice Cap

This tour booking is for those who have a rental car, preferably a 4x4, though the roads marked on the map are allowed for 2WD. See FAQs. The drive from Reykjavik should take about 3 hours, and there's a road toll after the subaquatic tunnel of Hvalfjorður Fjord.

In the summertime you should arrive at Base Camp at least 20 minutes prior to tour departure. Then we board the 8-wheel-drive monster truck and drive for about half an hour on the ice cap, until we reach the entrance to the ice tunnel.

If you are arriving in winter, the meeting point is at Husafell (Marked C on this map) an hour before departure.

Your carriage awaits...

Your carriage awaits...

We will spend about 50 minutes exploring the tunnels, the crevasses, moulins (glacier mills), running water, ice layers and space between them, different types of snow and ice, and how the glacier evolves.

We will have the rare oportunity to see normal snow turn into a different type: crust of snow, and then we see that type become glacier ice. On any other location there's but pure ice.

- See the beautiful ice in the heart of the glacier.

- Experience the awesome ice cap glacial environment.

- Ride in a Monster 8-Wheel-Drive Glacier Truck.

While there are a few man-made ice tunnels and caves in various places around the world, there is nothing quite like Ice Cave Iceland, either high up in a remote area of a glacier, or on such a scale.

ice tunnel langjokull marry in Iceland

It is possible to get married in the "Ice Age"

Never before has anyone been able to see the beautiful glacial-ice at the heart of a glacier. It is not quite a Jules Verne journey to the centre of the earth, or even to the absolute centre of the glacier, but it feels like an exciting and magical journey, deep within the glacier, and it is deep enough to reach another world, a world of magnificent, stunning glacial-ice.

Getting Married Inside the Cave

Marriage ceremonies may take place inside an Icelandic glacier. There are nonconfessional premises inside this ice cave which may be booked for a wedding. The premises are quite large, equipped with wooden benches.

Langjökull Ice Cave crevasse

A journey into the ice

Your carriage awaits...

Your carriage awaits...

Great selfie territory

Great selfie territory

Unique shapes in the ice

Unique shapes in the ice

The tour progresses underground

The tour progresses underground

ice tunnel langjokull marry in Iceland

It is possible to get married in the "Ice Age"


Can I drive there on a normal 2WD?

The last section of your drive are roads 550 and 551 which lead to Base Camp (see map), and are gravel roads. They are listed simply as a Secondary Roads, so car rental contracts are valid while driving there (but no 2WD may drive more of the 550 road than shown on the map).

Note that many of the small cars have low clearance, and damage to the undercarriage is not covered by any car insurance.

How do we get married in that ice cave?

Here you can read some of the basic requirements in order to get married in Iceland. Contact us if you want us to take care of the preparations.

GPS to Húsafell: 64.699469, -20.868447

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