Inside the Glacier - Ice Caving Tour - GG10

See inside Europe's largest glacier + short glacier hike

On this tour we will go on an awe inspiring glacial adventure: scaling the heights and exploring the depths of Falljokull glacier (the falling glacier). It is a magical combination of ice-caving and glacier hiking making it the perfect choice for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts alike.

Unfortunately this tour will not be operated again until next winter. If you are looking for an Ice cave tour we highly recommend our Katla Ice cave tour from Vík, please read more about it here:
Ice Cave Beneath The Volcano. Or If you're looking for a glacier tour in the area of Vatnajökull we recommand these tours:
Tours from Skaftafell

Duration: 3 hours

Group maximum: Max 12 per guide

Available: Nov - Mar

Age limit: 10 years old

Difficulty: Easy. Glacier hike requires reasonable physical shape.

Departures: Multiple departures every day, see booking engine.

Map (click here)

    Tour Highlights:
  • Vatnajokull - Largest glacier in Europe
  • Guided ice caving tour
  • Guided glacier hike

Meeting location: Skaftafell National Park. At the Glacier Guides booking office. Click here for a map.

Note: Driving in Iceland in the winter time can take much longer than during the summer. We recommend you to stay somewhere close to Skaftafell the night before the tour.

Included: Transfers (to the glacier and back), Certified glacier guide and all necessary glacier gear.

Bring with you: Warm clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, hiking boots, head-wear and gloves.
You can also rent the necessary clothing in the online booking process.

You must arrange your transportation to the meeting point of the tour (Skaftafell is 4 hours east of Reykjavik). The bus schedule during the winter is very limited so it is highly recommended to rent a car and to stay in the area either the night before or after your tour. Driving times can be greatly affected by winter conditions so please be sure to give yourself enough time depending on winter road conditions. Find out more about road and weather conditions. Bare in mind that you need to arrive no later than 30 min prior to your tour departure in order to not miss the tour.

For further information:

19 990 per adult

Children (10-15): 50% off

Meeting location: Skaftafell National Park. At the Glacier Guides booking office. Click here for a map.
Please show up at least 30 minutes before departure.


Tour Description

Ice caves are particularly special: they come about when the temperatures drop each winter and then disappear when it gets warm again in the summer, making them a once in a lifetime experience.

Your glacier hiking and ice cave adventure will start when we meet you at the Glacier Guides booking office in Skaftafell, (located at the parking lot in Skaftafell National Park). Please be sure to arrive at the booking office at least 30 minutes before your departure time: trust us you won’t want to miss a second of this incredible experience. Upon arrival to Falljökull, our friendly, certified guides will give you a safety talk and an introduction to all the equipment that we will be using. We will provide you with all the equipment that you need for Falljökull. Your safety is of course paramount and our friendly experts will ensure that you are always safe on the ice. Then, after a quick safety briefing, your magical glacier experience on Falljokull will begin.

inside the glacier day tour in iceland

Join us on a glacier hike and ice caving expedition

Falljökull (the falling glacier): is a stunning outlet glacier, which expands out of the Vatnajökull ice cap (the biggest glacier in Europe). As we make our way to the ice cave we will traverse the ever evolving glacial landscape of Falljökull, taking in the deep crevices and the incredible ice formations. Falljökull, is actually a giant frozen waterfall, meaning that it is slowly falling inch by inch in front of your very eyes! The dramatic landscape of Falljökull, has been carved over millions of years making it a truly sensational modern yet ancient experience.

ice cave in vatnajökull glacier south iceland

Experience the inside of a natural ice cave

Then we will reach the ice cave: an experience which will stay with you for the rest of your life. They are temporary structures, which tend to occur in winter, when the temperature suddenly drops well below freezing: making them truly unique. You’ll be standing under a river: temporarily suspended in time. They are also incredibly beautiful and words really can’t describe just how incredible it is to see them in the flesh. We will spend around 15-20 minutes exploring all the magic they have to offer: giving you ample opportunity to snap a few photos of this awe inspiring natural phenomenon. Each year a new cave is formed at a new location: so it is impossible to say exactly what you will see, but it is only safe to see them during the winter. We will select the best one, using safety, aesthetics and local knowledge to make our decision. Then we will hike back over the remarkable Falljökull glacier: the perfect end to the perfect day. This tour really is a once in a lifetime experience and the perfect choice for winter visitors to Iceland: so book today, you most definitely won’t regret it.

entrance to vatnajokull ice cave

Step into the world of ice!

Disclaimer: Glacier trips are undertaken at the responsibility of the participants. Extreme Iceland does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers.
The order of the itinerary can vary whereas, the visit to the ice cave might not be at the start of the adventure due to weather conditions and other related factors as well as to ensure a small group ice cave experience.

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