Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice Cave Tour - From Reykjavik - AA15

Snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier and exploring a natural ice cave

On this tour you will get the opportunity to ride a snowmobile across Europe’s second largest glacier: the gigantic and incredibly beautiful Langjökull Glacier (the long glacier). Then we will take you down into the depths of a magnificent ice cave, where you can marvel at the unique ice formations and learn more about some incredible natural phenomena.

Ride a snowmobile through an icy desert!

Small Group Experience - Minibus & Super Jeep Only

Duration: ~8 hours

Group maximum: 1 guide per 6 sleds

Available: Oct - Jun

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Small group experience
  • Snowmobiling
  • Langjökull Glacier
  • Super Truck experience
  • Ice Caving Tour

Note: A standard booking is for 2 people sharing 1 snowmobile. A single rider costs extra.


  • Pick up from Reykjavík
  • Snowmobile ride
  • Visit to a natural ice cave
  • All necessary snowmobiling gear
  • Super Jeep Tour

Bring with you: Valid driving licence (for drivers), warm and waterproof clothing, good winter shoes.

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34 990 per adult

* Sharing a snowmobile

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"We went on the snowmobile and ice cave experience. Started off with a fun ride up to the glacier in their large truck. Then after being kitted our we drove out on snowmobiles to an ice cave. The ice cave was fascinating. Highly recommended."

Tour Description

We will start our journey bright and early when we collect you from your accommodation in Reykjavik (please note that collection can take up to 30 minutes depending on your location). We will then take the scenic cross-country journey to our base camp on Langjökull Glacier, where we will give you all the equipment you need to get started. Then, after a quick safety briefing from one of our certified glacier guides, you’ll be ready to get out onto the ice and see the magic of the glacier up close and personal.

Langjökull is the second biggest glacier in Iceland and is surrounded by some of Iceland’s most incredible sights: including Eiríksjökull glacier, a giant table mountain formed during the last ice age; Hofsjökull glacier (temple glacier) and its famous domed peak; and the multi-colored Kerlingarfjöll Mountains.

ice cave langjokull glacier iceland

Step into the amazing world of ice!

blue ice cave langjokull glacier

A breathtaking experience...

There is nothing quite like snowmobiling in such a vast natural wonder and the combination of adrenaline and nature is genuinely unique. Then, midway through your adventure, our friendly guide will take you into a majestic natural ice cave: formed over thousands of years. This will allow you to get a whole new perspective on glaciers and is of course the perfect opportunity to snap a couple of photos. We will spend around 15 minutes exploring the incredible ice cave and then get back out on to the snow, for some more adrenaline filled fun. Once we return to our base camp, we will take the scenic drive back to Reykjavik: the perfect end to the perfect day. This tour is perfect for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike, and will provide memories that will last you a lifetime: so book our snowmobiling and ice cave adventure, we promise that you won’t regret it.

guided snowmobile tour

Follow the leader...

 Please note:
- A normal booking assumes that 2 people will share one snowmobile - If you wish to have your own snowmobile (or your group has an odd number of people), then please select the number of individual snowmobiles required when making your booking. - You must have a valid driver’s license to operate a snowmobile - We will collect you from all major hotels in the downtown Reykjavik area.

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Ice caving & snowmobiling - From Reykjavik - Rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews


5 by Katie 2018-04-07
We had a fantastic time. Our tour guide was super friendly and really helpful. Snowmobiling was incredible, so much fun. Would strongly recommend

Snowmobiling and ice caves

5 by Sacha 2018-03-08
The trip from start to finish was amazing .. the truck that transported us was the best in the business and could continue to drive while the tyres deflated to give extra grip on the extreme conditions . Everything was provided so no need to take addition clothes or footwear . They even gave me covers to protect my boots . On the way we stoped to see the beautiful waterfalls and on the return we stopped to view the hot springs so much more given than previously paid for . We were even given hot drinks , cakes and biscuits at the end to warm us up .A professional company which made me feel secure and safe .

Wow -- breathtaking

5 by Jim 2018-03-13
We did a lot on this trip, but this was by far my very favorite activity on the trip. The staff was very helpful and excited with us, moved us along nicely and helped us get ready. The guides took us out on an amazingly fast trip (we went faster cause we wanted to rather than a slow horse riding type event), and just was an incredible experience. We went down into an ice cave for some great pictures, pulled water from an ice candle inside the cave and it was amazing to taste such fresh and clean water. Over all, the ride was great, the tour guides were a lot of fun and down to Earth and the scenery - - oh my - - the scenery. Highly recommend it.

Amazing tour!!

5 by Jackie 2018-03-05
Snowmobile and ice cave tour from Reykjavík was such a great day, our tour guide was friendly and very funny, the 4x4 drive was fun way to get there, the snowmobiling was great fun with amazing staf/guides to assist, the ice cave was so nice but would have liked a little more time in it. My sister an I had an amazing Icelandic experience so thank you guys!!

An incredible adventure!

5 by Konrad 2018-03-14
There's nothing like gliding across a glacier on a snowmobile in Iceland! Our guide, Arni, picked us on Reykjavik and drove to Gullfoss where we swapped the van for a superjeep and drove off-road to get to the glacier. We geared up and rode our snowmobiles across the vast glacier and stopped at an amazing ice cave. The views were incredible and the experience was unforgettable!

Snowmobile and Ice Caves Tour

5 by Nico 2018-04-03
This tour was a great one! Felt like we were in a James Bond movie snowmobiling on the glacier with just white all around us. Going down through the snow into the ice cave was exciting and the ice cave was stunning with the natural ice formations. Highly recommend!

Awesome excursion

5 by Greg 2018-04-17
We spent over two weeks in Iceland and so we got to see nearly everything you can see during the snowy months including a total of three ice caves on three different glaciers. Of all the ice caves we got to see, the one we saw with extreme Iceland was the best! And getting to it by snowmobile was a blast!


5 by Andrew 2018-11-08
"An excellent day out on a very well organised excursion. The pick up was on time the experience of the bus on steroids was great fun. Our guide was brilliant and the fun on the snowmobiles was amazing. I thoroughly recommend doing this. We had a great time. Thanks."

Excellent tour, highly recommend

5 by Laura 2018-11-22
We loved this tour from start to finish. It was quite a long journey to get to the glacier but I guess that can’t be helped. We stopped at Gullfoss waterfall on the way and had a look at that but I don’t think that was an official part of the tour. Perhaps they should build it in. We got lots of time on the snow mobiles which were easy to operate and pretty powerful. The ice cave was great and the guide was very knowledgeable.

Superb experience from start to finish

5 by Paul 2018-11-25
My wife and I were in Iceland for the Airwaves music festival to celebrate her birthday. We wanted to do something to make the trip even more memorable and so we decided on a trip with Extreme Iceland to skidoo on the glacier. The experience was utterly unforgettable. The service from the moment we left Reykjavik was professional, informative and inspiring. The trip is expensive but you really do get what you pay for, the equipment from the overalls and helmets through to the skidoos and minibuses used to transport people up to the glacier are immaculate. If you're thinking of booking this trip then don't hesitate. You'll remember it from many years to come.

Outstanding experience of Glacier Snowmobiling & Ice cave tour

5 by Sid 2018-12-03
This tour of Glacier Snowmobiling on Landgjökull & Ice cave from Reykjavik was perfect. It was safe, coordinated, comfortable and of very good value. It was provided by Arctic Adventures at the end of November 2018 with an outstanding pair of tour guides - Ron & Aimar. Our day started at 7:15am for a pickup from the hotel in Reykjavik, with Aimar driving a 19 seater Mercedes minibus. After making a few more pickups in town, he began around 8am the 1.5 hour drive eastward into the countryside. Aimar drove very well, told us the plan ahead. Then we arrived at a stop in the Gullfoss area, for a bathroom break and this is where we switched to massive offroad vehicles - one driven by Aimar and another one driven by Ron. The vehicle me and my family boarded was driven by Ron. He explained that the vehicle we were in was a modified Mercedes Sprinter on top of a Ford F350 pickup truck body with monster truck tires. Ron drove us on a dirt road towards the glacier. He was quite entertaining with Icelandic stories/legends. Ron had to stop the truck a few times to deflate the tires for improved traction on the uphill dirt road. Then we arrived at the Basecamp. I could see the 15 snowmobiles lined up waiting for us, and could see the glacier ahead. Ron said it is very could on the glacier. We exited the truck and entered into a small structure that looked like a house. There we were outfitted with orange overall suits, balaclava, goggle, gloves. The staff helped us get ready and inspected everybody. If people wanted to rent shoes, they could. Then all dressed up, we proceeded to the snowmobiles and received a good orientation on driving a snowmobile. Then we were off! Truly amazing - cruising on top of a glacier - which was like packed ice. I felt very safe because we were asked to drive in a single file - with one guide on his snowmobile in the lead, one at the very back, and a third one in the middle on the side driving up and down monitoring/helping people who needed help. Then we arrived at an ice cave, climbed inside, saw it, came out, drove again on our snowmobiles quite far and I chose to drive at a high speed at times when possible. Then reached basecamp. Got rid of gear. They had hot coffee and hot chocolate with cookies waiting for us. Then back on 4x4 truck van. Then minibus to hotel. It was a long day returning by 5pm. Extremely satisfied. Thank you Aimar & Ron!

Experience of a lifetime

5 by Cara 2018-12-13
"My partner and I bit bullet and splashed out on the expensive snowmobiling and ice cave tour, to have absolutely no regrets. It’s the best decision we ever made and now have memories that will last us a life time. There aren’t words to describe the sensation of soaring across an endless sea of ice and snow with unimaginable views you’d only ever see in a movie! The clothing and equipment provided kept us incredibly warm and sheltered from the unforgiving arctic weather, I was very impressed. The whole tour was organised incredibly well, from pick up, to base camp, the ice cave and back. All of the staff were super friendly and our tour guide Arni in particular deserves a special mention. He shared so much interesting knowledge about Iceland culture, traditions and folklore. And as a bonus he has a killer taste in music, my partner and I were singing along the entire drive to Gullfoss. His passion for his country and for the environment was so refreshing, he really made our trip perfect. Even when he took us on the ‘fun road’ back to Gullfoss! All the staff did a fantastic job at making us feel safe and looked after. The safety briefing was great and put me at ease and their presence during the snowmobiling was excellent. 3 snowmobiles toppled over at one point where there was slightly deeper snow on an incline and the staff were there within seconds to help the guys back on their feet, laughing and smiling all the while. I 100% recommend this trip, it is absolutely worth the money!"
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