The Ice Cave Beneath the Volcano - From Vik - AA33

Amazing Katla Ice Cave Tour & Super Jeep Ride

Step off the usual tourist trail and do something totally different. You enter Katla´s glacier, Kötlujökull, through a truly magical ‘gateway’ as blue & black ice-walls stand like sentinels on either side of you. Inside this ice-dome you will feel you are in a magical Hollywood scene.

Duration: ~3 hours

Departure time: 10:00, 11:30, 13:45 & 15:00

Available: All year

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Scenic Super Jeep Ride
  • View over Myrdalsjokull Glacier
  • Visit to a Natural Ice Cave
  • Epic Landscapes & Scenery
  • Expert info on the ice cave


  • Super Jeep ride to the glacier
  • Visit a natural ice cave in Kötlujökull glacier
  • A specialist glacier/ice cave guide
  • Crampons for walking on the ice

Meeting Location The meeting point is at the parking lot behind the Icewear Magasin building in Vik. The guide will be standing in the parking lot in front of the Ice Cave Restaurant with an Arctic Adventures sign by a Super Jeep with an Arctic Adventures sign in the window.

From Reykjavik: If you need a pick-up from Reykjavik please see our other tour:
The Ice Cave under the Volcano from Reykjavík

19 990 per adult

Children (10-15): 14 990

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Tour Description

Step off the usual tourist trail and do something totally different. You enter Katla´s glacier, Kötlujökull, through a truly magical ‘gateway’ of blue/black ice-walls.

katla volcano ice cave tour

On the way to the cave

Kötlujökull, the outlet glacier which is home to this unbelievably stunning ice cave, is part of the majestic and very famous Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The name, Kötlujökull, serves to remind us that the capricious volcano, Katla, has its home beneath this icecap. The twin elements of Mýrdalsjökulls ice and Katla´s infernal fire have certainly combined to create a stupendous wonder of nature. On this really exciting Super Jeep tour we take you to the biggest and the best Katla Ice Cave. Many people are calling this ‘Katla´s Ice Cave Dome’, stepping in through the glorious but totally natural entrance you will understand why.   

Your tour starts at Vík (about 2.5 hours driving time from Reykjavík) where you will meet everyone onboard the tough Super Jeep. To begin with we travel in an easterly direction, however, before long we turn off Highway 1 for the incredibly exciting journey to Kötlujökull. Leaving signs of habitation far behind us we traverse the roughest tracks, always heading for the root of the magnificent Kötlujökull glacier - this outback journey through mountain scenery is an exhilarating adventure in itself!

Katla volcano ice cave tour

Outside the Cave in the Winter Sun

The kind of sights that will greet you when we stop at the base of Kötlujökull glacier are not so easy to portray in words. Your first impression will be of stripe upon stripe of differently colored ice forming stunning layers in the glacial ice. You gaze is then likely to fall upon an opening in the glacier, rather like the entrance to a magical fairytale world. This is a totally stunning and unearthly place. Visiting the Katla Ice Cave is a totally mesmerizing, and also an educational experience. Your guide will share the fascinating history of the ice cave with you, together with some interesting facts about the glacier and the surrounding area.

When we step out of the cave we will take a look around and see if there are any accessible little ice caves. The drive back to Vík will give you a whole new vantage point on some incredible vistas, in winter the sun will sink behind the mountains giving a wonderful sunset. On this tour you should keep your camera to hand!  

Video from our tour - Note that the ice caves are an ever-changing phenomenon and might not look like the video - They're still always amazing!

katla ice cave iceland

Inside the world of ice!

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The Ice Cave Beneath the Volcano - From Vik - Rated 4.8/5 based on 12 customer reviews

Simply perfect !

5 by Mel 2018-03-24
Our tour (Crystal Ice Cave) was cancelled due to a flooding so we were moved to another tour (The Ice Cave under the Volcano) which was just amazing ! The tour was not crowded, guides were very friendly. We are very happy to have been able to make this tour.

5 by Saara and Stuart 2018-04-08
Our Into The Glacier Tour was cancelled due to high winds on the glacier, so we ended up getting into Ice Caves in a Volcano in Vik. Smorey (not his Icelandic name, and probably not even close to the actual spelling of his name) was an amazingly, hilarious tour guide. He was friendly, joked with all of us, very knowledgeable about the Volcano and Iceland in general. He truly made the tour the best. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves. Thanks for all the laughs man! Saara & Stuart

Great tour!

5 by Canadians 2018-04-02
This was very exciting and we saw so many amazing things. Would highly recommend this tour. Our guide was knowledgeable had a great sense of humor and kept us all on our toes! It definitely was one of our highlights of our 10-day trip to Iceland.

Katla Ice Cave Tour

5 by Matej Glavac 2018-03-29
You can’t control the weather in Iceland (or anywhere, for that matter), but you can control the experience and the team provided a great tour! Obviously, the cave was amazing, but nature did all the work there. Our driver from Reykjavik to the meeting point in Vik (Ivar) was great, giving us some cool Iceland facts (not just the “normal” stuff) and Helgi (I hope I spelled it correctly) gave us a fun drive out to the glacier and walk to the cave. The ride back to Reykjavik was a big highlight as well, as I got to ride up front with Ivar and talk about all things Icelandic (people, politics, culture, etc.) with a local and get a real look into the land of “fire and ice”. Excellent tour by Extremely Iceland!

5 by Al Castillo 2018-03-22
One of the most memorable excursions I’ve been on. The drive up to the cave was intense, helping pull other vehicles out of the snow and almost getting stuck ourselves, our driver was amazing though and was always able to find his way. The cave itself was an unforgettable experience, tour guides were very knowledgeable, very informative and also added good humor throughout the tour. Will absolutely recommend Extreme Iceland to others who visit. Thank you for an amazing experience

Great experience

5 by David 2018-04-18
Planned this trip last minute and was worried the ride was too far from the city but it was worth the trip. Interesting and fun trip that was well organized. Not over crowded either.

Great Tour of a Beautiful Location

4 by Marium 2018-11-26
I am so happy I booked this ice cave tour! It was an opportunity to see something in Iceland we would have never been able to drive or hike to on our own. The landscape was absolutely stunning and the ice cave was so pretty. The tour gives you clamp ons and lights so that is helpful. The only complaint was that it was hard to hear the tour guide at times. Our group was a bit large so a mic or something in the van would have been helpful. At first I thought the tour was a bit pricey, but compared to all the other tours and also for what we saw it was 100% worth it!

Great Tour

5 by Johndinca 2018-11-27
The drive from the meeting spot to the cave was worth it alone. Incredible landscape you won't see from the main roads. Very glad I did it!

The Archetypal Iceland Tour

5 by T Austin 2018-12-06
This tour gave us photo memories of Iceland that we will cherish for many years.

Great trip, even if the Ice Cave itself was a little small

4 by Jon 2018-12-17
"The trip in the super-jeep (don't refer to it as a bus!) was great fun, with some minor off-roading. The drive out to the ice cave was about 25 minutes and good fun with great scenery. Helped by the fact i got the front seat. I found the guide good fun to talk to with his dry Icelandic humour. The tour itself was well run and organised. I hadn't appreciated how DIRTY the glacier / ice-cave would be. There hadn't been any rain for a few days so everything was covered in this fine dust which actually made it hard to differentiate the mountains from the glacier. Also, the dust is REALLY fine and can blow in your eyes (i wouldn't recommend wearing contact lenses for this trip). Whilst it was cool to be in a cave of ice, especially where the walls are thinner and you can see light shining through, however, the cave was actually more of a tunnel (with an opening both ends) and not that big. Overall, a worthwhile trip and glad I did it."

Ice Cave

5 by Clive 2018-12-17
The tour under the glacier was great .However be prepared to be in very tight spaces could have done with the use of knee pads . The guide and driver was very friendly .

Awesome tour, great guide!

5 by Cait 2018-12-17
We loved this tour - our guide was great, and the experience was amazing! The drive out to the cave was exciting, and then the hike to the cave, and the nearby waterfall, were our favorite experience of our trip to Iceland.
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Disclaimer: Ice caves are an ever-changing phenomenon and highly dependent on weather conditions. Therefore, we reserve the right to alter or cancel the tour if conditions are not safe.