Glacier Lagoons Explorer - AF9

Unique helicopter experience over glacier lagoons

There is nothing more like this helicopter tour, you will catch an eye on Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Fjallsárlón Lagoon than you will make a landing on Grænalón Lagoon where you can walk and explore the surroundings. Definitely, a dreamcatcher tour that you don't want to miss out on!

Duration: 80-90 min (Incl. 50-60 flight time and one landing)

Departure time: 13:00

Available: All year

Difficulty: Easy

Minimum: 4 passengers

Tour Highlights:
  • Vatnajökull Glacier
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  • Fjallsárlón Lagoon
  • Diamond Beach
  • Grænalón Lagoon
  • Öræfajökull Volcano
  • Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur

Where to meet:


Reykjavík location is at Reykjavík Domestic Airport Terminal 2 at Nauthólsvegur. GPS coordinates: 64°07’46.0″N 21°55’57.0″W

At Bakki we are located on the south coast of Iceland. The best way to get there is to drive on road nr. 1 and turn off to road nr. 253. GPS coordinates: 63°33’30.9″N 20°08’46.5″W

Skaftafell is our own private airport. The best way to get there is to drive on road nr. 1 and turn off the road to the opposite side of Skaftafell National Park. GPS coordinates: 64°00’10.7″N 16°56’29.4″W


Pilot guided helicopter tour with a panoramic view for all passengers. We recommend that you bring warm clothes and closed/waterproof shoes on this tour.

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99 800 per adult

Children (2-12): 74 850

Children (0-2): 0

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Tour description

This stunning helicopter tour will take you on a journey of exploration over some of Iceland’s most impressive glaciers – offering a fascinating insight into one of the most sublime natural phenomena that our world has to offer. We will be flying over Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull, which spans an impressive 8100 km and has numerous outlet glaciers that unfurl like tongues from the main body of the glacier. We will also see some mesmerizing glacial lagoons like Fjallsárlón and Jökulsárlón. The latter is famed for the shimmering hunks of ice that glide across its crystalline surface and come to rest like glimmering jewels on the dark volcanic sands of the iconic Diamond Beach.

We will land at Grænalón (the green lagoon), where you can explore the vast area, which was once a glacial lake – surrounded by mighty glacial walls and a plethora of other amazing sights. We will also see the vast Öræfajökull volcano, which plays host to Iceland’s largest peak, Mt. Hvannadalshnjúkur – a sublime place that really epitomizes the land of fire and ice. Your friendly pilot will tell you all about the amazing things that you are seeing, making it the perfect way to see some of Iceland’s most majestic sights. If you want a different perspective on some of the most magical places that the land of fire and ice has to offer, then this is the ideal trip for you.

Please note – we highly recommend wearing warm and waterproof clothing during the trip as Iceland can be surprisingly cold.

Disclaimer: If the weather forecast is not looking promising at the time of the tour we: A) Try to change the time on the same day (e.g. go in the afternoon instead of the morning). B) Offer you to go on a different date (e.g. the day before or the day after). C) Try to change the location of the flight (e.g. go from Bakki airport instead of Reykjavík). If we are fully booked and can not offer options A, B or C then we always give a full refund!

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