2 Day Landmannalaugar & Thorsmork Hiking - TR-THLH

See the best parts of the legendary Laugavegur Trail on these two wonderful hikes!

This wonderful two-day tour is perfect for anyone who wants to see the best parts of the famous Laugavegur Trail – consistently rated as one of the best hiking trails in the world by many reputable organizations.

Duration: 2 days

Pick-up: 08:00

Available: Jun-Sep

Age limit: 14

Difficulty: Challenging

Tour Highlights:
  • Small groups with an expert guide
  • Fjallabak Nature Reserve
  • Landmannalaugar Nature Reserve
  • Brennisteinsalda volcano
  • Mt. Hekla Views
  • Take a dip in a natural hot spring
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Thorsmork Nature Reserve
  • Fimmvörðuháls mountain pass
  • See the Magni and Modi craters
  • Ride in a super jeep
59 990 per adult

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We’ll begin by hiking from Thórsmörk to the Fimmvörðuháls Mountain Pass – taking in some stunning vistas along the way. Our second day will take us to the beginning of the trail and the multicolored rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar. If you love to hike and want to see unparalleled mountain scenery, then this two-day tour is ideal for you.

fimmvorduhals volcano hike

On top of the world!

Day 1: Thorsmork & Fimmvörðuháls Mountain Pass

On this first day we will hike 16km (10mi) in Thorsmork valley and ascend the Fimmvorduhals volcano

Day Highlights

  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall
  • Thorsmork Nature Reserve
  • Fimmvörðuháls
  • The newly formed Magni and Modi craters
  • Super Jeep Ride


  • Transportation in a Super Jeep
  • A guided hike
  • Breakfast at the hotel
Full itinerary

We’ll pick you up at 8:00 from Reykjavik and head towards the south coast. Along the way, we’ll stop at the famous Seljalandsfoss waterfall – a unique place of natural beauty, where you can walk behind the thundering cascade.

Our super jeep drive to the Highlands is exciting and we’ll drive down some bumpy gravel roads and across some icy glacial streams. The terrain looks like its been plucked straight out of the Icelandic sagas and we’ll travel past icy glacial tongues, rugged mountain ridges, and dramatic rock sculptures. Your expert guide will tell you some of the stories that are associated with the landscape and you’ll quickly understand why trolls, elves, and giants all regularly appear in Norse legend!

Our final destination will be the Thórsmörk Valley – a luscious green oasis balanced between two mighty glaciers. Legend claims that it was created by a single strike of Thor’s hammer – hence its name ‘Thor’s Mark’. Our hike will begin there, starting with a gentle ascent towards the top of the valley. From there the hike gets steeper and glorious vistas of the surrounding area will unfurl beneath us. We’ll pause at a wide plateau high above the valley that will reward us with stunning views over the Highlands.

The trail continues up towards the Fimmvörðuháls Mountain Pass – an iconic mountain trail that bisects a pair of glaciers. It leads to Magni and Modi – a pair of recently formed volcanic glaciers that were created by the infamous 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption. They’re named after Thor’s two sons – linking them to the valley that they tower over. The volcanic scenery is remarkable – replete with craggy craters and glorious lava falls, framed by glaciers and mountains – you’ll soon understand why Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice! On a clear day, we’ll be able to see as far as the multicolored Landmannalaugar Mountains – making for some incredible photo opportunities.

The hike is difficult, making it perfect for anyone who wants to really challenge themselves and see some glorious natural scenery. The total elevation gained is around 800 meters and we’ll walk for 16 kilometers – but don’t worry Fimmvörðuháls and Thórsmörk are well worth the effort!

We’ll retrace our steps during the descent – taking in more majestic mountain scenery on way. We’ll spend the night in a cozy countryside hotel – getting some well-earnt rest after our day’s adventure.

magni volcano crater

Hiking up the Magni volcano crater

Day 2: The Landmannalaugar Hike

Today's hike is around 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) long and takes approximately, 4-6 hours, with a maximum ascent of 503 meters / 1650 feet.

Day Highlights

  • Fjallabak Nature Reserve
  • Hekla Volcano
  • Laugahraun Lava Field
  • Mt. Brennisteinsalda
  • Bláhnjúkur volcano
  • Bathe in a natural geothermal pool at Landmannalaugar


  • Transportation
  • Guided hike
  • Bathing in a hot spring
  • Accommodation in a hotel
Full itinerary

We’ll start day two with a traditional Icelandic breakfast and then make the picturesque drive to Landmannalaugar. Our route takes us close to the notorious Hekla volcano and the black sand deserts which surround it. We’ll stop at our Landmannalaugar basecamp and have a spot of lunch, surrounded by rhyolite mountains, which change color when the sun hits them.

We’ll be hiking the first part of the legendary Laugavegur Trail – a mainstay of top hiking lists throughout the world. We’ll cross the fascinating Laugahraun lava field – dotted by lumps of glassy obsidian. You’ll also see the famous rhyolite mountains that are dyed various shades of ruby, amber, sapphire, and emerald when the sun’s rays dance across their surface. We strongly recommend bringing a camera – because the pictures that you will take along the way are truly stunning!

We’ll be aiming for Mount Brennisteinsalda – nicknamed the sulfur wave thanks to its multicolored slopes. We’ll split from the Laugavegur Trail and head towards a luscious green canyon called Graenagil – proceeding up to the top of Bláhnjúkur volcano (the Blue Peak) if we’ve got time.

Our adventure will end with a replenishing bathe in one of the Landmannalaugar hot pools – a welcome respite for tired travelers for many centuries.

landmannalaugar hike

Hiking in landmannalaugar

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