Two Day Hiking Tour in East Iceland - WC-02

Kleif Farm - Jokulsar River - Jokulsar Canyon - Kleifarskogur - Mt. Mulinn - Lake Dimmavatn

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The two-day fully guided hiking tour in East Iceland will take us off-the-beaten-track into the untouched Icelandic wilderness where you will see dynamic waterfalls, flourishing Arctic vegetation, and meandering streams. In addition to these mesmerizing natural sceneries, we will also visit the sites where authentic Icelandic experiences can be found. It’s an ideal day hike for those who want to immerse in the unique landscape of Iceland.

Escape the modern world and visit untouched Iceland’s wilderness only in a two-day hike!

Duration: 2 Days

Group maximum: 12 (minimum 2)

Age limit: 14

Difficulty: Moderate

Tour Highlights:
  • Kleif farm and Icelandic Rural Scene
  • Jokulsa River and Jokulsa Canyon
  • Kleifarskogur
  • Camping at Hrakstrond
  • Hrakstrandarfoss waterfall
  • Untouched Terrain of Mt. Mulinn
  • Þorgerðarstaðadalur valley
  • Suðurdalur valley
  • Lake Dimmavatn
  • Tunguá River and Kelduá River
  • Knowledgable Local Guide


Fully guided tour, all food and utensils for cooking and meals, safety equipment, tents and travel from Sturluflöt farm to the Wilderness Center

Good to bring with you:

Clothing suitable for hiking: wool or fleece T-shirt or vest, woolen socks with an extra pair, and woolen undergarments, warm sweater or fleece jacket, light, quick-dry hiking pants, sturdy hiking boots, a woolen app, earband or similar, light rainwear, toiletries, and a very small towel.

62 000 per adult

Tour Description

Day 1: Explore Iceland’s Hidden Treasures Off-the-Beaten-Track

Meeting at the Wilderness Center, we will first go over the plan of our day with a brief Q&A in the end for everyone who has questions. Then we go check our equipment before we load them onto the packhorses. Our two-adventure in Iceland’s untouched highlands is just about to start!

The first stop of our hike will be the abandoned farm at Kleif. It’s a cultural and historical site reminding visitors of how life was in rural Iceland in the past. Your knowledgeable guide will share the stories about how the early farmers managed to survive in harsh condition and try their best to be resourceful. It’s a great way to learn about the Viking mentality and get insights about Icelandic culture heritage. Then we will continue on our journey to the Jokulsa River, a glacier river that flows all the way from Europe’s most voluminous glacier to the Greenland Sea. Since there’s no bridge on the river, we will cross it by a recently restored cableway, a completely exhilarating adventure!

Hiking on along the meandering river, we will soon reach Jokulsa River Canyon. We will see numerous basalt stacks proudly standing tall as the part of the spectacular cliff. Jokulsa River is famous for the waterfalls it feeds and we will encounter a number of them on our way deeper to the wilderness. We will also learn a great deal about the Arctic vegetation from our knowledgeable local guide including the amazing fact about the Kleifarskogor birchwood shrubs.

Later we will continue our hike to Hrakstrond where we will enjoy a delicious Icelandic dinner near an old shepherd’s hut after our camp being set up.  Then you will be free to go around and explore the area near our camping site before you rest for the day of good effort.

Day 2: Carved by Glaciers

We will start our second day by enjoying a traditional Icelandic breakfast together at our campsite before we hike towards Mt. Mulinn where the untouched paradise without any human trace. Rich vegetation is what dominates the area and we can also see some amazing rock formations due to the fact that they were carved by glaciers by scraping away the soil. It’s the best way to see and learn about the fascinating facts about Iceland geography.

After a couple of hours crossing Mt. Mulinn, we will reach Thorgerdarstadadaluer Valley. We will pause briefly to enjoy the views in the area. Then we will go on to our next destination Sudurdalur Valley. The area is covered by lava formations that looks a lot like fortresses sculptured by nature. Then, we will march on to Lake Dimmavatn before we trek cross Tunga River. Then we meet the crystal-clear Keldua River which is fed by natural springs resulting in a more peaceful flow compared to Jokulsa River. This is an amazing experience for a two-day hiking trip since we got to see such a variety of Iceland.

Next up, we will arrive at Thorgerdarstadir Woods, a lush birch forest, which is rare in Iceland due to its harsh weather. Then, we will encounter some abandoned pens and sheds that tells us the trip to the untouched wilderness has come to the end. Before we reach Sturluflot farm, we need to find a neat spot to cross the river then hike up the slopes of Mt. Kidafell. Finally, we meet at the Wilderness Center again waiting to be collected for our return trip.

*Please note – this trip will arrive and depart from the Wilderness Center and we recommend staying as close to it as possible. The trip starts early in the morning and the Wilderness Center is fairly isolated. If you book an overnight stay in the Wilderness Center, you will enjoy a special discount.