Waterfall Trail Hiking from Egilsstadir, East Iceland - WC-230168

Spectacular Waterfall - Egilsstadir - Untouched Wilderness - East Iceland

Hiking in Egilsstadir in East Iceland is an amazing experience for outdoor-and-nature lovers as it’s famous for the stunning waterfalls and charming birch woods. Our hiking tour will lead us to some hidden places for fabulous natural wonders down the Jokulsar River. The fully guided tour will also take us to the Wilderness Center where we will learn about some fascinating insight about the Icelandic people’s lives.

A wonderful day trip into the heart of the Authentic Icelandic rural culture and landscape.

Duration: 9.5 hours total – 6 hours of hiking

Departure time: Every weekday at 9:30 am and upon request

Group maximum: 16 ( group size 2–16)

Available: 12 June – 30 September

Age limit: 10 years

Difficulty: Moderate

Tour Highlights:
  • Exciting Hiking Experience in Rural Iceland
  • Wild Animals in Natural Habitat
  • Icelandic Birch Forest
  • Stunning Waterfalls and Landscapes
  • Friendly Expert Guide


Fully guided tour, access to the natural hot spring, admission to the Wilderness exhibition, a packed lunch and refreshments

Good to bring with you:

Rain jacket or soft shell jacket, waterproof pants or soft shell pants, warm sweater or fleece jacket, gloves and woolen cap, hiking boots suited for terrain, water bottle, and camera if you'd like.

53 000 per adult

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Tour Description

We will start our adventure with a visit to the Wilderness Center where we will find ourselves immersed in the fascinating exhibit collections curated by the local artists, filmmakers, and historians. The insights will help us later understand the makeup of the rural part of the country in the past.

Then we will head out into the wilderness by first stopping at the abandoned farm at Kleif. Our friendly expert guide will share stories about how the early generation of Icelanders managed to survive in here.

On our way to Jokulsar River, we will take in stunning landscapes along the way before we cross the river via a recently restored cableway. As a highlight exciting moment, we will see the crystal blue currents rushing down our feet from the pass. Then we will be hiking on a descending path from the highlands down to the lowlands by passing a number of waterfalls that plunging down from 600 meters high (1968 ft) in about 30-kilometer (18.6 mile) distance. The extraordinary landscape created by the unique sceneries is outstanding.

Our trip will later head to a photogenic birchwood forest. Iceland is famous for not rich in forestry which makes our trip so unique as we are going deeper into the wilderness where the natural forest of Iceland chose to thrive. We will find more wonderful moments as we wild animals living their happy life in the rural part of the country including reindeers, birds, and more.

Soon, our six-hour hike will come to the end as we are close to the remote Laugarfell Highland Hostel where we will take a relaxing soak in the hot spring there as our good effort being rewarded by nature.

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