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Horse Riding - Countryside Tours

Horseback Riding in Iceland

  • Horse Riding - Geysir - Gullfoss Special

    5 Day Tour in the Golden Circle Area

    This tour covers the hot springs area of Geysir and the Golden Waterfall Gullfoss. We visit Thingvellir National Park on your transfer day, the historical place where the oldest parliament in the world was founded in AD 930 and where the continental plates are drifting apart.

    5 days
    Jun 5 - Sep 4
  • Horse Riding in the Golden Circle - Package Tour

    Geysir and the Golden Waterfall (Gullfoss)

    This popular tour is ideal for families and those who do not have the required riding experience for our highland tours. The riding days can still be long so you need to be in good physical condition and have a basic knowledge of horsemanship.

    8 days
    Jun 7 - Aug 23
  • Horse Riding - Trail of Hope

    Tour for strong advanced riders

    This tour is an ideal opportunity for everyone who wants to enjoy a comfortable ride in different types of landscape. Riding the horses on smooth sandy grounds is a joy for the rider and his mount.

    5 days
    Jun 29 - Aug 17