Itinerary - Geysir - Gullfoss Special Tour - Countryside Iceland

Day by day Itinerary

Horse Riding - Geysir Gullfoss Special Tour


Monday: Reykjavík – Thingvellir – Kalfholl – Fossnes Farm
You will be picked up between 09:00 and 10:00 at your accommodation in the morning. We drive from Reykjavik to Kalfholl Farm. After an introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits we start our ride along the pleasant trail at Thjorsa glacier fed river. This day is the perfect start to get to know your horse and the Icelandic way of trail riding in a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the outdoor hot tub at Rettarholt Guesthouse before eating a nice dinner. (20 km)
Tuesday: Rettarholt – Hvítárdalur
After spending the night at Rettarholt Guest House we head drive to pick up our horses. From there we head to the fertile farmlands of a close by community, Hrunamannahreppur. We drive spare horses along in a free running herd, enabling us to change our mount regularly and traveling at a brisk space. We will cross the well know Salmon River Stora-Laxa and stop for a picnic lunch at Hrunarettir, a corral used for the annual sheep round-up in autumn. After a day of riding, our horses stay behind at Hvitardalur Farm and we drive back to Fossnes to spend the night. (30 km)
Wednesday: Hvitardalur – Gullfoss – Myrkholt/Hvitardalur
We will continue riding on soft trails ideal for the Icelandic tolt gait, towards the striking canyon Bruarhlod. In this area, milky green water passes through bizzare rock formations. We will ride alongside Hvita River where we follow the ever deepening canyon on to one of Icelands most popular waterfalls, Gullfoss. We will then continue our journey on to Geysir Geothermal Area. Here you can see geysers erupting, boiling mud pots, and some hot springs. (20 km)
Thursday: Geysir – Haukadalur – Haukadalsheidi – Myrkholt/Hvitardalur
We start today by riding through Haukadalur Valley. This area has a beautiful birch forest, and we will also cross small clear streams on our journey. Here we can enjoy the rich vegetation of wild mountain flowers that are in bloom during the summertime. As we ascend to a highland plateau, we can see how the nature is different as we reach higher ground. A jaw dropping view of the mountain ranges, glaciers, and the highlands of Iceland, awaits us as we get to the top of Haukadalsheidi. The rest of the day is spent at the Geysir Geothermal Area. (15 km)
Optional (available at an extra charge): Snowmobile drive on Langjokull glacier
If you want to get real close and personal with the Icelandic nature, you can go explore Langjokull Glacier. A 4x4 vehicle will take you to a base camp where we change into warm gear. After listening to safety instructions, we drive into the winter wonderland of Langjokull Glacier. Two people share a snowmobile on this one hour long drive, where both parties get to drive the vehichle (a valid driver's licenve is required to drive the snowmobile. Younger participants and childrencan sit in the back). Price per person 26.200 ISK. Children younger than 12 years receive 50% discount.
Friday: Geysir – Reykjavik
Today we say goodbye to our riding companions in the morning after eating a hearty breakfast. We then drive back to Reykjavik. Approx. arrival in Reykjavík at 10:30.