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Day by day Itinerary

Horse Riding - Golden Circle


Monday: Reykjavík – Thingvellir – Kalfholl – Rettarholt Guesthouse
You will be picked up between 09:00-10:00 at your accomodation in the morning. We then drive from Reykjavik to Kalfholl Farm. At the farm, we will have an introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gaits. We will start riding a trail at the glacier river Thorsa. This days is perfect to start getting to know your horse and the Icelandic way of trail riding in a relaxed atmosphere. We will leave the horses at Sandlaekjarmyri field and we drive to Rettarholt Guesthouse. Enjoy the outdoor hot tub before eating a great dinner. (15 km)
Tuesday: Rettarholt – Hvitardalur –
After a nights rest we leave Rettarholt Guesthouse and drive back to see the horses. We head off to beautiful farmlands of a close by community, Hrunamannahreppur. We drive spare horses along in a free running herd, enabling us o change our mount regularly and travel at a brisk pace. We will cross the salmon-river Stora Laxa, and stop at Hrunarettir, a corral used for the annual sheep round-up in autumn, for our picnic lunch. We then ride to Hvitardalur Farm where we will spend the night. (30 km)
Wednesday: Hvitardalur – Gullfoss – Myrkholt/Hvitardalur
We continue riding on soft trails that are ideal for tolting. We will ride towards Bruarhlod, a majestic canyon where milky green water passes through bizarre rock formations. We will ride alongside Hvita River where we will follow the ever-deepening canyon on to the impressive Gullfoss Waterfall. We will also continue our adventure to Geysir Hot Spring Area. (20 km)
Thursday: Geysir – Haukadalur – Haukadalsheidi – Myrkholt/Hvitardalur
Today we will ride through Haukadalur valley. We will cross small clear streams on our way, and enjoy the rich vegetation of wild mountain flowers that bloom in the summertime. As we ascend to a highland plateau, we will be greeted by a breathtaking view of mountain ranges and glaciers of the highlands. The rest of the day will be spent at the Geysir area where you will have plenty of time to explore the countless bubbling hot springs and geysers. (15 km)
Optional (available at an extra charge): Snowmobile drive on Langjökull glacier
Enjoy the white ice field of Langjökull glacier up-close. A 4x4 vehicle picks us up and takes us to a base camp where we change into warm gear. After safety instructions, we drive into the white world of ice and snow. Two people share a snowmobile during the 1 hr. drive and both get to drive the vehicle (a valid driver's license is necessary to drive a snowmobile, younger participants and children can ride in the back). Minimum: 6 participants. Price per person 26,200 ISK. Children younger than 12 years receive 50% discount.
Friday: Geysir – Tungufellsdalur – Kaldbakur – The Secret Lagoon – Rettarholt Guesthouse
Today we will leave the Geysir Hot Spring Area and ride back to the bridge at Bruarhlod Canyon. Here we will cross the mighty glacier river Hvita, and then follow Tungufellsdalur Valley onto Hrunaheidar heath plateau. Our horses will spend the night at Kaldbakur Farm, but we will drive to the Secret Lagoon for a relaxing dip in a geothermal pool. We then drive to Rettarholt Guesthouse where we will spend the night. (30 km)
Saturday: Rettarholt Guesthouse – Kaldbakur – Hreppholar – Kalfholl – Reykjavik
This is our last day of riding, and we will enjoy it to the fullest. Today we will follow riding tracks past Mt. Galtafell where we will see the stunning basalt columns at Hreppholar. We will cross the river Laxa before reaching Reykjarettir Corral. We then turn towards the banks of Thorsa River and we follow them all the way back to Kalfholl Farm. Here we will say goodbye to our guides, staff, and horses, before returning to Reykjavik. Approx. arrival at 19:00. (40km)