Day by Day Itinerary for Horse Riding Trail of Hope

Day by day Itinerary

Horse Riding - Trail of Hope



Monday: Reykjavik – Hvammur – Vatnsdalur – Sveinsstadir

We travel by bus from Reykjavik to the farm Hvammur, where we will meet up with our horses and guides. We will start our adventure by riding through Vatnsdalur Valley. This beautiful Valley is where one of the Icelandic Sagas, Vatnsdaela-Saga, took place. We then ride along the riverbanks ofVatnsdalsa River, before crossing over to the western side of the valley. We say goodbye to our hourses at Sveinstadir Farm, and we then drive to Hvammur Farm where we spend the night. (25 km)

Tuesday: Hvammur – Sveinsstadir – Hop – Borgarvirki

We leave Sveinsstadir farm in the morning and ride alongside the lake Hop. The black sand at the beach is ideal for riding tolt, the special gait of the Icelandic horse. This shore trail is great practice for the beautiful lagoon we will cross tomorrow. We will also ride along the riverbanks of Vididalsa River and cross over it. Before leaving our horses at Stora Borg, we ride past Borgarvirki, a fascinating fortress from the Viking ages. We spend another night at Hvammur Farm. (30 km)

Wednesday: Hvammur – Hvitserkur – North Atlantic – Thingeyrar

Today we will explore the amazingly beautiful Vatnses Peninsula as well as follow black dunes on Sigridarstadasandur towards the North-Atlantic. Just off the shore we see Hvitserkur, a basalt rock formation, that is also a nesting place to many seabirds. This area is the home to a large number of seals, and hopefully we can see some of them resting and playing on the beach. Today we will also cross the Lake Hop where we follow a safe trail through the water. We then head to Thingeyrar Farm, which used to be the site of a monastery founded in the 12th century. End the day relaxing in the outdoor hot tub at Hvammur Farm. (40 km)

Thursday: Hvammur - Thingeyrar – Hunavatn – Hvammur

Today we start our adventure by visiting the historic Thingeyrar Church. We also cross Lake Hunavatn on a safe trail in the water, and enjoy seeing how excited the horses get once they have returned to the black sand on dry land. We will ride on the east side of Vatnsdalur Vally, past Hvammsfoss Waterfall, where we are surroudned by impressive basalt columns. This is our last riding day, so we celebrate the successful return in the evening with a great barbecue feast in the barn - "Icelandic Style". (25 km)

Friday: Hvammur - Reykjavík

Today we travel back to Reykjavik, where you will be dropped off at your accommodation. Approx. arrival in Reykjavik is 12:30 pm.


Knee-high rubber boots are recommended for this tour.