Horse Riding in Iceland | Day Tours from Reykjavik | Icelandic Horses

Horse Riding in Iceland - Day Tours

Horseback riding in stunning nature

Some tours require good riding skills and knowledge of horses, and others are well suited for people with little or no riding experience.
  • Horse Riding in Iceland - Lava Tour

    Outdoor fun for individuals and families

    An adventurous ride into the lava fields surrounding Mt. Helgafell volcano and to the old Kaldársel sheep corral. A good opportunity to get to know the Icelandic horse and get close to Icelandic nature.

    Beginner to Experienced riders

    4 hours
    All year
  • The Black Lava Tour - Horses and Caving

    Combo Tour: Horse riding & lava tube caving

    This tour will allow you to have two adventures rolled into one: combining Icelandic horse riding and an amazing lava caving tour. It is the ideal way to experience some Icelandic wildlife, to a stunning backdrop and then see Iceland from underneath in the dark depths of a lava cave. Both experiences are truly unique and a great way to enjoy your time in Iceland.

    Beginner Level

    ~6 hours
    All year
  • Horse Riding Tour - Horses and Whales

    Ride an Icelandic horse and see the world of whales and sea birds

    Enjoy a ride on the sturdy Icelandic horse in breathtaking scenery. Then sail to the home of a unique variety of the Minke Whales, Humpbacks, Harbour Porpoises and White-beaked Dolphins.

    Beginner Level

    7-8 hours
    All year
  • Horse Riding in Iceland - Nature Comfort

    Riding tour for beginners with beautiful surroundings

    Never tried horse riding? Then this tour will give you a good and easy start. Our staff will start from the beginning and show you the first steps and teach you how to get along around horses.

    Beginner Level

    2-3 hours
    All year
  • Horse Riding in Iceland - Viking Tour Express

    This tour is only recommended for advanced riders!

    If you are an advanced rider then this is the tour for you. In this trip you will ride across rivers. You will enjoy the beautiful Heidmork Nature Park or the area around the amazing old volcano of Mt. Helgafell.

    Advanced Level

    5 hours
    All year
  • Horse Riding in Iceland - Family Adventure

    For all family members!

    Good adventure for the whole family. Family Adventure is excellent for the younger family members. This is a good way to get to know the Icelandic horse. Our staff will make sure everything is safe and secure.

    30 min
    All year
  • Horse Riding - Viking Tour

    View rough lava fields

    Fascinating riding tour where you explore the Reykjanes preservation area. Discover a lunar landscape pitted with volcanic and geothermal wonders. Good tour for intermediate riders.

    Intermediate Level

    7 hours
    All year
  • Rafting and riding combo tour

    Pick up in Reykjavik

    Saddle up for a morning of horse riding adventures through Iceland’s magnificent wilderness and then get ready for an afternoon of exhilarating rafting action on the beautiful Hvita River.

    ~11 hours
    May - Sep
  • Horse Riding along the Black River - North Iceland

    Ideal to make the first contact with horses - Departure from Varmahlíð

    Wouldn't it be a breathtaking, unforgettable experience to go horseback riding in Iceland? That is possible in this one hour riding tour in the north of Iceland, some 100 km west of Akureyri. Join us in this exciting horse tour through the peaceful and charming nature along the river Svarta.

    ~2 hours
    Apr - Oct
  • Viking Ride - Horse riding tour in North Iceland

    Suitable for everyone – small groups – personal service

    On this exceptional "off-season" trip, you‘ll enjoy the diversity of the Icelandic landscape without the haste of the summertime. Our reliable and strong horses will carry you directly into nature´s tranquility and won’t mind frozen ground or scrunching snow.

    ~1.5 hours
    Oct - Dec