Day by Day Itinerary for Horse Riding - Egilstaðir East Iceland

Day by day Itinerary

Horse Riding - Egilstaðir


Sunday: Arrival in Iceland - Keflavík Airport – Reykjavík Domestic Airport - Egilsstaðir
Transfer by privatebus from Keflavík Airport to the domestic airport in Reykjavík for your flight to Egilsstaðir. Please bring your passport or other identification for your domestic flight. Transfer to the accommodation at Egilsstaðir Farm. We invite you to traditional Icelandic soup. Receive details of your tour and meet your fellow riders.
Monday: Egilsstaðir – Skriðuklaustur – Fjallaskarð Mountain Cabin
We drive to Skriðuklaustur Farm where we meet the staff and our horses. After a short introduction to the Icelandic horse and its special gait we start our ride. We ascend from a valley at nearly sea level to the great highland plateau, riding into the largest uninhabited area in Northern Europe. We enjoy the magnificent views on this ride where the vegetation and landscape are imbued with an artic character. We stay overnight at the Fjallaskarð Mountain Cabin, at the foot of Mt. Eyvindarfjöll. (40 km)
Tuesday: Fjallaskarð – Vaðbrekka – Skjöldólfsstaðir Farm
We ride from the Fjallaskarð Mountain Cabin to Hrafnkelsdalur valley. In this area the famous Hrafnkelssaga took place during the Viking Ages. It is good to imagine life and the adventures from the times of the Sagas when our guides tell you about historic events and make the Saga come alive. We leave the horses at Vaðbrekka Farm. On the way to our accommodation at Skjöldólfsstaðir we stop at Klaustursel Farm where you will see reindeers and foxes up close before dipping into the warm pool and singing by the campfire at Skjöldólfsstaðir Farm. (30 km)
Wednesday: Skjöldólfsstaðir – Hafrahvammagljúfur – Sauðá Mountain Cabin
A highlight of today is the ride to the gigantic canyon of Hafrahvammagljúfur. This huge, narrow, steep canyon is an unforgettable sight. Enjoy the far-reaching views over Iceland's rugged interior, when we ride across the fertile landscape of Vestur-Öræfi. At Sauðá Mountain Cabin one can truly breathe and feel the energy of nature. The cabin is situated only 5 km north of Vatnajökull glacier, on the main summer pastures of the Icelandic reindeer. (45 km)
Thursday: Sauðá – Mt. Snæfell – Laugarfell Mountain Cabin
During today’s ride we will enjoy the view of Mt. Snæfell towering above the area, located in the largest National Park in Europe. See fascinating glimpses of this impressive mountain from an ever changing angle. We follow good riding tracks when we ride towards the new and spacious mountain cabin at Laugarfell. It is good to relax in the natural hot springs after the ride. (30 km)
Friday: Laugarfell – Jökulsá River – Hof Egilsstaðir
View the beautiful waterfalls in the glacier fed river Jökulsá in Fljótsdalur as we descend through the valley of Norðurdalur. The next two nights we will stay at Egilsstaðir Farm, surrounded by buildings and items which will remind us just how the Icelanders lived during the olden days. (35 km)
Optional (available at an extra charge): 
In the afternoon we change the mode of transportation to a 4 wheel-drive vehicle to drive to Vatnajökull Glacier. View the endless stretches of ice and snow, smell, feel and touch the ice. Vatnajökull is the largest ice cap in Europe and covers 8.100 km². Seven volcanoes are hidden underneath. Experiencing the majestic glacier up-close and personal is always a truly thrilling experience. 
(Price per person: ISK 5.500)
Saturday: Valþjófsstaður – Suðurdalur – Skriðuklaustur – Hof Egilsstaðir
We follow the valley of Norðurdalur to Valþjófsstaður where the first church was built in the 14th century. Here we will leave the herd behind when we ride our individual horses into the valley of Suðurdalur, following the banks of the river. We cross Kelduá River and return to our herd for the last portion of our ride back to Skriðuklaustur. Here we are near Lake Lögurinn, where a swimming monster has been seen. (35 km)
Sunday: Fjótsdalsgrund – Egilsstaðir – Reykjavík
After breakfast we will take a morning flight back to Reykjavík arriving at approximately 10:30 at Reykjavík Domestic Airport. Your overnight stay will be at a hotel in the Capital City of Reykjavik.
Monday: Departure from Iceland - Reykjavík - Keflavík Airport
Transfer to Keflavík Airport in time for the return flight home.