Horse Riding along the Black River - HS01

Ideal to make the first contact with horses - North Iceland

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A one hour riding tour in North Iceland, some 100 km west of Akureyri. Join us in this exciting horse tour through the peaceful and charming nature along the river Svarta (The Black River).

Horseback riding in Iceland is an unforgettable experience.
This tour departs from Varmahlid village in North Iceland

Duration: ~2 hours

Departure time: 10:00 / 13:00 / 16:00

Available: Apr - Oct

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Easy horse riding tour
  • Icelandic horses
  • The Black River (Svarta)
  • Beautiful surroundings

Meeting location:

Meet us at our farm near Varmahlid village in North Iceland.
It’s the white and blue painted building just about the cross road between road number one, and road 752. Labelled Hestasport.
Click here for a map.
GPS: 65.545758, -19.438930


Guided horse riding tour, including all necessary riding gear.

Bring with you:

Warm and waterproof clothes, sturdy hiking boots/shoes.

12 000 per adult

Operated by a Trusted Partner

Tour Description

friendly icelandic horses

The Icelandic horse is very strong, yet mild and very friendly

Meet us at our farm near Varmahlíð by ring road number one, some 100 km west of Akureyri. It’s the white and blue painted building just about the cross road between road number one, and road 752.

The Svarta river is one of many namesake rivers in Iceland. This one is located in the Skagafjordur district in the north of the country. What most Svarta rivers have in common is that they are tributaries to bigger glacial rivers that often look to be white. So the clear waters look black when compared to the glacial icy river and hence the name Svarta (meaning Black River).

icelandic horses

Enjoy nature just the way it is

There are many uninhabited places not far from town where you can experience the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the peace and quietness.

Skagafjordur is the fjord in which Varmahlid is located. It is one of the most well known destinations for horse riding and is often named as the district that is the cradle of Icelandic horsemanship. This, the history of man and horse has been intertwined for centuries. Skagafjordur is home to many of the famous breeding farms in the land, and many of the best ancestors of the Icelandic horse population come from this area.

horseback riding family

The young ones will never forget their first horse riding

The history of the Icelandic Horse can be traced right back to the settlement of the country in the late 9th century. Its breed has remained pure for over a thousand years and thus today there is only one breed of horse in Iceland – The Icelandic Horse.

The horse has played a key role in the life of Icelanders from the beginning. In heathen times the horse was highly regarded and renowned in Norse mythology. And for centuries the horse was the only means of transportation in Iceland as well as being the most important working animal in the days before machinery. Therefore the horse was called "the most useful servant".

When the first automobile arrived in Iceland in 1913 the horse rapidly became redundant. Today, there are close to 80,000 horses in Iceland.