Day by Day Itinerary Horse Riding - Horse Round up - Víðidalstungurétt

Day by day Itinerary

Horse Riding - Horse Round up - Víðidalstungurétt


Wednesday: Reykjavik – Hvammur – Sveinsstadir – Hvammur Farm
We travel by bus from Reykjavik to the farm Hvammur. On our way to the farm we visit a factory outlet with woolen goods. At Hvammur farm we will meet the horses and the guides. We then start our ride through the beautiful Vatnsdalur Valley. We will ride along the banks of River Vatnsdalsa before crossing over to the western side of the valley. We end our ride at Sveinsstadir Farm before returning to Hvammur Farm for our overnight stay. (25 km)
Thursday: Sveinsstadir – Daeli – Hvammur
This long and exciting riding day takes across Glufura River. We travel through the friendly countryside of Vestur-Hop and into the beautiful valley Vididalur. We follow Vididalsa River to Daeli Farm where we leave our horses. We continue one to Hvammur farm for our overnight stay. We will eat a hearty dinner and can go hot tubbing outdoors as well. (40 km)
Friday: Daeli - Kolugil – Vídidalstungheidi – Hvammur
Today we ascend towards the highland plateau Vididalstunguheidiand meet the horses coming down from their pastures in the highlands. We will enjoy a warm lunch at a mountain shelter before we join the farmers in driving the herd of sheep down the mountains. Afterwards we stop at Kolugili Farm for refreshments, before ending our ride at Stora-Asgeirsa. (32km)
Saturday: Vididalstungurett – Lake Hop – Hvammur
We start the day at the round up place Vididalstungurett where the horses are sorted out. An auction is held on the premises and we can join the farmers in their joyful singing, and celebrating the return of their horses. Later in the afternoon we join up with our horses close to Borgarvirki, and we ride towards Lake Hop. You can feel the excitement of the horses as they reach the open plain. Our trail leads us right across Lake Hop, Icelands fifth largest lake, on a safe track across the water. We will also ride past Thingeyrar, a place of great historic importance and into Vatnsdalur Valley. We then say goodbye to our horses and we return to Hvammur. 30 km)
Optional (not included in the tour price):
"Stóðréttardansleikur" dance at Viðihlið, where everybody relaxes after the excitement of the day and celebrates yet another successful round up.
Sunday: Return to the South – Reykjavik
Departure from the North and return to Reykjavík. Approx. arrival at the hotel at approx. 14:00.