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Formula Off-Road Tour OR01

Take an extreme ride in a modified off-road vehicle


Motorsport touren
modifizierten Offroad-Fahrzeug
modifizierten Offroad-Fahrzeug
modifizierten Offroad-Fahrzeug

You now have a chance to experience the gravity-defying lunacy of Formula Off-Road racing yourself.

Note: Customers are passengers in the car, one at a time, and a professional driver will drive the car.

Duration: Each ride takes about 5-10 minutes.


Price per
extra passenger
1 car
150 000 ISK
(1 passenger incl.)
+ 45 000 ISK
2 cars
280 000 ISK
(2 passengers incl.)
+ 45 000 ISK
3 cars
410 000 ISK
(3 passengers incl.)
+ 45 000 ISK


Available: you can order this tour at any time of the year.


Location: Selfoss, South Iceland. 1 hour drive from Reykjavik.

Pick up: we offer pick up from Reykjavik for 27,500 ISK

Group size: there is a maximum of 3 persons per car. There are 3 cars available so the maximum number of persons is 9.

Duration: varies.

Included: a ride in an off-road vehicle and safety equipment.

Bring with you: warm clothes.

You can also send us an email:


If you are looking for excitement in Iceland this off-road experience is what you are looking for. You get to be a passenger in a real Icelandic off-road vehicle. This is a Formula Off-Road vehicle used for motorsport competitions in Iceland.

It is hard to find a motorsport with higher spectator appeal. Yet TV or pictures cannot capture the feel. The noise of nitrous-injected V8 dragster engines, the smell of fear, the flying rocks, the raucous, roaring spectacle of speed in a setting of lava, mud and water. The cars are around 600 - 800 horsepower.

The car takes one passenger at a time, and a professional driver will drive the car. Each ride takes around 5-10 minutes. Customers are not allowed to drive the vehicle.

Safety Equipment

Formula Off-road is one of the most extreme sports you will find on earth, therefore there are strict security and safety requirements. Your safety is paramount with the following being necessary.

- Driving suit approved by FIA or SFI.
- Full face helmet.
- Splinter safe goggles.
- Full circle neck brace.
- Racing seats and 5 point harness.
- Insurance policy.


The Real Extreme Iceland - Formula Offroad Tour

Contact us about availability...

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