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Insane Formula Off-Road Tour - The Most Extreme Sport - OR01

The ultimate adrenaline rush on a real motorsport off-road vehicle


motorsport adventure
off-road motorsport adrenaline
off-road adrenaline tour
off-road extreme tour
off-road extreme adrenaline

You now have the chance to experience the gravity-defying lunacy of Formula Off-Road racing.

Note: You will not be driving, but sit as passengers.
A professional driver will operate the vehicle.

Price from: 95 000 ISK pp*


Duration: 3-4 hours in total,
the ride itself is 7-10 min

Available: all year,
weather permitting

Minimum Size: 130 cm (4.2 ft),
age is not relevant

Departure Time:
upon request

Included: pick up in Reykjavik, passenger ride in the off-road vehicle, light refreshments, and all safety gear such as helmet, hood, overall & gloves.

Bring with you: GUTS and good shoes that can get dirty. Bring lots of guts.

(*) the rate is per person, for a group of 3 passengers. Contact us for other price ranges.

For more information:


After hotel pick up, the large Team Bus departs with us and the vehicle from the Off-Road headquarters at the outskirts of Reykjavik. Safety is priority number 1 so you're provided with a helmet, drive overall and gloves for your protection during the ride.

Once we arrive to the practice range, the truck is set up for the ride. The right tires and settings need to be in place. When the truck, the driver and the passengers are ready, we can start getting dirty. We can’t describe the feeling, this is something you have to experience yourself. We have heard "Insane" (but that is also the name of one of the trucks), "amazing" and "awesome" and a lot of "YooooHoooo’s" but we’re sure you can come up with your own terms to describe your ride.

After the once in a lifetime ride we take you back, hopefully in one piece, but you won’t be quite the same.


Safety Equipment

Formula Off-road is one of the most extreme sports you can find on earth, and strict security requirements apply. Your safety is paramount. The following necessary equipment is provided.

- Driving suit approved by FIA or SFI.
- Full face helmet.
- Splinter safe goggles.
- Full circle neck brace.
- Racing seats and 5 point harness.


Committed Spouses or Friends

Some have the guts to join the ride, and others prefer to hold the video camera. Committed spouses or 1 or 2 friends are welcome to tag along with the team.

Official Tournament Location

As you can imagine, the area where the Formula Off-road takes place is the authorized practice and tournament site, a restricted area assigned for this purpose. Off-road driving (driving outside of marked paths) is illegal in Iceland, and the fines for trespassers are sky-high.


Passengers in a Formula Offroad Vehicle go for the ride at their own risk. The company does not assume responsibility for accidents caused by passengers or due to passengers actions. You need to sign a waiver stating that you realize the inherent risk involved in Offroad Formula driving.


Insane Formula Off-Road Tour ...

Contact us about availability...

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