River Rafting and Beer Tasting - Combo tour

Icelandic Beer Tasting & River Rafting - AA20

Taste local beer after your rafting tour

This tour is the perfect combination, of adrenaline pumping adventure and a true taste of Icelandic local culture. We will begin with an exhilarating, heart pumping ride down the spectacular Gullfoss River: taking in the incredible natural beauty of the area and having lots of fun into the bargain. Then, your well earned reward, will be a refreshing drink (or two) of delicious Icelandic beer. It really is the perfect way to spend the day: beer and rafting, what more could you ask for?

Duration: From Reykjavik: 7 hours
On location: 3-4 hours

Group maximum: 12 per guide

Age limit: 20

Reykjavik pickup: 12:00 - 12:30

Meeting time
On location:
10:00 or 14:00

Available: Jun-Sept

Difficulty: Easy. But you have to be able to swim.

Meeting point: Drumboddstaðir (called Drumbo)
Click for a map GPS: 64.227513, -20.287355

Reykjavik pickup: Optional pickup (see booking engine) From 12:00 - 12:30.
Map of route: The route from Reykjavik (Click for map)

Included: All equipment for River Rafting, Certified guide, Entry to sauna and shower, Taste of four Icelandic beers

Bring with you: Warm clothes, sturdy shoes.

For further information:
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Tour highlights

River rafting in Hvita river
Icelandic Beer Tasting (4 different beers)
Bruarhlod Canyon
Hot Sauna after the rafting
15 990 ISK per adult


rafting beer combo tasting

You can dip into the cold glacial water

Tour details

Gullfoss (the Golden Waterfall) is truly one of the natural wonders of the world and if we are lucky enough to visit Gullfoss on a sunny day, then the water turns a majestic golden brown colour and a rainbow will form above the falls. It is becoming famous across the world as one of the most stunning waterfalls that you can see anywhere and it flows into a great canyon, which is filled with glacial water and amazing rock formations. A great way to explore this canyon is to raft through it: allowing you to combine amazing natural scenery, with adrenaline pumping fun. Rafting is becoming somewhat of a local sport in this part of Iceland, with tourists and locals alike loving the opportunity to have a family friendly adventure together.

Our river rafting base is called Drumbo, a charming little farm close to the Golden Circle route. There one of our friendly experts will make sure that you have all the proper gear and teach you how to use it correctly and then give you all the safety information that you will need to stay safe on the water. Next we will get on an old US military bus, which our Artic team re-purposed when the Americans left their base in Keflavik in 2006 and take the scenic road to the Hvita River. It’s at that point when the real fun begins as we raft through the incredible canyon: bouncing, paddling and splashing to a mesmerizing backdrop. There really is nothing more exhilarating than bouncing down the fizzing white water in a raft, and the experience will stay with you for a long time.

Icelandic beer tasting

First you ride on glacial water, then you'll drink beer!

Once we have finished the rafting adventure, we will return to our base camp at Drumbo, wet but satisfied, where everyone will have the chance to have a shower and sauna. Then one of our expert beer guides (what a job!), will teach you about the history and culture of Icelandic beer. Which will of course make you thirsty: don’t worry; we have the perfect ice cold, golden solution to that: an amazing selection of four local tasting beers! And if you want some local cuisine to compliment your drink, we recommend the BBQ lamb. You really can’t get more local than this! The perfect end to a perfect day: exhilarating adventure and local food and drink, an Icelandic combination, which every visitor should experience. So book this amazing tour and gain a new understanding of Icelandic culture.