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Stykkisholmur - Flatey - Stykkisholmur

Few such cozy places remain in the world

A great way to travel! Ferry Baldur crosses the bay in front of Stykkisholmur. Stop-off at the charming island of Flatey where you'll have almost 3 hours to see this particularly beautiful island before you return to Stykkisholmur. Note: cars are not allowed on the island.

3 348 ISK per adult

Youth (12-15): 50% off

Children (0-11): free

Duration: 5-6 hours

Boarding: 30 mins before

Note: The ticket is ONE WAY

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Travel by boat to Flatey island from the harbor of Stykkisholmur, in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Ferry Baldur operates all year around and during the summer time there are 2 tours every day. You can therefore pop over to Flatey for almost 3 hours, a whole day or relax and enjoy spending the night.

Stop-overs in Flatey Island: A place where time stands still.

Over the summer many visitors choose to visit the beautiful island of Flatey renowned for its bird life. It's popular to take the morning ferry from Stykkisholmur and return in the evening or continue on to Brjanslaekur (the harbour in the West Fjords). If you are taking your car with Ferry Baldur across Breidafjordur bay but want to stop in Flatey ... this is no problem! We just send your car across the bay while you relax in Flatey, and then it will be waiting for you on the other side when you are ready to leave this wonderful island (at not extra charge).

Flatey and its surrounding islands are, as a creation, believed to have forged from under the weight of a great glacier during the previous Ice Age. In terms of size, Flatey is some 2 km long and about one km wide, of which most is flat land (hence its name, meaning "flat island" in Icelandic) with scarcely any hills to be found.

Flatey island is a pearl in the ocean of time

The island has only the one single road, which leads from the ferry dock to the so-called "old village", which consists of some beautifully restored and painted old houses of the island's original inhabitants. Most of its houses are from the 19th century so strolling about gives one the impression of traveling back in time. There is, of course, also the old harbour.

The island has a seasonal habitation; most houses there are occupied only during summer. In winter, the island's total population is five people

On the Island you´ll fin a new hotel 'Hotel Flatey', which is in two beautifully renovated old houses. The hotel also operates a charismatic restaurant that specializes in local products.

Flatey Island is the ideal place for travelers that want to explore the more remote areas of Iceland. It is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the best of Icelandic nature.

A small place, but a good coffee house is certainly a must

There is a lot to see and experience in Flatey Island: unique nature, birds, the church with the stunning artwork, stillness, the feeling of absence of time, the old library, historic sites and the old village ... and when you get hungry you can try some of the delicious homemade delicacies from Hotel Flatey.

Also availabe: if you aim from the West Fjords to the Snaefellsnes peninsula, with or without car, here is your tour.


Note: present your voucher to the ferry's office at least 30 min before departure.


More pictures of Flatey

Few such cozy places do remain in the world

Flatey island is a pearl in the ocean of time

A small place, but a good coffee house is certainly a must

The ferry takes you from Stykkisholmur
in the Snaefellsnes peninsula to Flatey, and back

Ferry Baldur - a travel experience by itself

Map of the island Flatey, a really unique place


Ferry to Flatey Island - Snaefellsnes Peninsula Iceland

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