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Swim in the Gap between Europe and North America

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Journey to the heart of Thingvellir National Park, to take the most incredible dive of your life: you will be snorkeling inside The Silfra Fissure, one of the most amazing places in the world. Silfra is actually a rift in the Earth between two tectonic plates. Swim in the gap between Europe and North America in crystal-clear water. The Silfra Fissure was named as one of the Top 5 activities in the world by TripAdvisor.

We're Iceland's biggest snorkeling operator!

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Snorkel the world's clearest water

A 100-Meter visibility gives a sensation of flying

An absolute must-do when in Iceland

Free snorkeling photos

Pick-Up in Reykjavik or Self-Drive

Duration: ~3 / ~5.5 hours

Available: All year

Age limit: 12 years*

Difficulty: Moderate

Tour Highlights:
  • Þingvellir National Park
  • Snorkeling between the tectonic plates
  • Silfra Fissure
  • Small Group Tour
  • Incredibly clear water
  • Free snorkeling photos


  • Certified PADI Diveguide / Divemaster
  • All necessary snorkeling gear
  • Silfra admission fee
  • Hot Chocolate & Cookies to warm up after the dive
  • Free snorkeling photos

Meeting point:

The meeting point is Silfra car park in Thingvellir National Park.

Parking: Click here for driving directions where you can park your car (P5 Parking in Thingvellir).

To meet your guide: Walk 400m back along the road until you reach a smaller car park with all the snorkel and dive vans, and look for your guide. Please be ready in the Silfra car park to meet your guide 15 minutes before your tour is due to begin.

For GPS: 64°15'22.2"N 21°06'58.1"W


You can also book this snorkeling tour with pickup in Reykjavik. See booking engine for details.


Participants need to be comfortable in the water and be able to swim. You are unable to participate if you are pregnant, due to the small risk of cold water entering the suit.

  • Weight limit: 45-120 kg
  • Height limit: 150 cm -200 cm
  • English: It is important that you can both understand and communicate in English in order to participate in the tour.
  • * Age Limit: 12 years old minimum. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian booked on the same tour.
  • Read our Snorkeling in Silfra Handbook for how to prepare for your adventure.

Bring with you:

Warm undergarments, preferably fleece/wool (no cotton!), warm woolen socks and a change of clothes (just in case).

Footage from our Snorkeling Tour

14 990 per adult


Worried that your travel plans might change? Book your tour more than 21 days in advance with a 10% deposit & pay the rest 14 days before departure. Alternatively, you can pay full price and get a 5% early bird discount! Choose the deposit or full payment option in the third step of your checkout.

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Review on TripAdvisor

"I had a recommendation from a friend to check out Extreme Iceland as she had such an incredible time doing the snorkelling tour and couldn't stop talking about it. I checked out the reviews online and was instantly sold! We met up with our group and our guide gave us a a brief orientation on what to expect and how the tour will go, which I found pretty informative. Our group was split up into two just so it wouldn't be overcrowded when we actually go into the Silfra fissure. Our guide, Marta, was wonderful!"

Tour Description

Footage from our snorkeling tour

You will experience a truly breath-taking experience, as you drift peacefully through the electric blue waters of the Silfra Fissure. The water is astoundingly clear, because it is glacial water from the Langjökull Glacier, meaning that the temperature is about 2-4 degrees. But don’t worry, we provide fully insulated dry-suits and there will be a certified expert with you at all times. The water in Silfra is as pure as water can get: meaning that you can drink it at any time during the dive!

Silfra is also the only place in the world, where you can swim between two continents: those of North America and Europe, which are actually drifting apart (at a rate of 2cm a year)! This combined with the incredible visibility makes Silfra and experience that you won’t want to miss! Our ‘into the blue tour’ offers you the chance to take a journey into an alien world: both beautiful and captivating.

snorkeling silfra iceland

Experience the mesmerizing underwater world

Want photos from the snorkeling tour?

We try to offer everybody who snorkels in Silfra the chance to have their photo taken, whilst experiencing the wonders of Silfra (and most people take us up on the offer, in such a stunning and unique setting). You can buy the photos at the end of the tour for 3900 ISK, using either cards or cash. Just make sure to let your friendly guide know once you get there (before you walk to Silfra). Kindly note that we cannot guarantee that your photo can be taken. 

adventure snorkeling iceland

Snorkeling in Iceland is great adventure...

Where we will meet

If you are planning to meet us at Silfra, then please come to the Silfra car park at Thingvellir National park. Then once you have parked, walk about 400m back up the road, until you reach a smaller car park containing all the snorkel and dive vans. Once you have got there then you can look for your guide. Please make sure that you arrive at Silfra car park early enough to meet your guide 15 minutes before the tour is due to start. Trust us seeing the icy blue waters of Silfra is definitely worth it!

GPS to meeting location: 64°15’23.508″N 21°6’58.676″W

silfra sign snorkelers crossing

Getting ready to Snorkel in Iceland

Need glasses?

You won’t be able to wear glasses underneath your snorkeling mask, while you are in the water. So if you need glasses then we recommend that you make alternative arrangements: either acquiring a prescription mask or using contact lenses on the tour.

Meet our guides



"Captain Light"

I get the name “Captain Light” as I not only run diving for Arctic but during our beautiful winters I also hunt for the Northern Lights. Diving and Adventure guiding for me has been my career now for 15 years and there is no greater joy than sharing an awesome environment both underwater, up a mountain or in a cave with like minded travellers. My commercial diving background combined with years of dive instruction in both cold and tropical countries gives me a great knowledge base to make sure you have a great time on your adventure here in our beautiful Iceland.



Lead Guide (Fat Boss)

Scuba Steve, our Resident Zoologist (British). After graduating with a degree in Zoology he has spent the last 10 years working on a variety of different research projects all over the world, ranging from identifying new fish species in African lakes to recording whale songs in the Caribbean. The leader of the pack, Steven will endeavour to make sure all your adventures at Silfra run smoothly and with that element of fun you need on a holiday. Don’t forget to ask for Steven’s animal fact of the day!



Diving/Snorkeling guide

Hi, my name is Koldo and I'm from a small coastal city in the Basque Country. I've been diving since I was 15 years old. Our father taught me and my brothers how to dive at a very young age with the result that we all ended up becoming instructors. Always connected to the ocean, I've worked as a beach lifeguard, skipper in salvage RIB boats, commercial diver and finally as a recreational diving instructor around the Canary Islands. But when I first saw images of the crystal clear water from Silfra, I decided to change the salt water for this incredible landscape.



Senior Guide/Diving Guide (Snorkel Queen)

I'm Giulia, 28 years old and I come from Italy where I grew up until 2012 when everything changed. After I graduated as a Graphic Designer, I got a job in Milan, but it didn't take me long to realize that my office can't have 4 walls. At that time, I was already a diver and the decision to abandon my "normal" life to come back to the ocean and have the possibility to travel was easy to take. I spent years traveling and working in different countries, mostly warm, before moving to Iceland where I have been living for over a year. I still don't know where my next adventure will be, but I know that there is a lot more to explore in this amazing country.



Adventures Guide (Aquaman)

Wether it's inside Ice Caves, on top of glaciers, driving over geothermal fields and snowmobiling, Kuba is the man. With no vista unreachable, Kuba is our versatile around Iceland dive guide. Tough and with years of cold water experience under his belt you will enter the water safe and with that feeling of achievement that will have you high fiving Kuba on completion of your tour.



Adventures Guide

I am a Hungarian-born, professional diver and snowmobiling guide. I have gained a lot of experience in scuba diving and Search & Rescue missions, so I'm no stranger to harsh, cold and hazardous environments. Since I joined Arctic Adventures I've experienced first-hand the many wondrous sights of Iceland, which I believe all divers should experience on their adventures, so come and join me at Silfra or snowmobiling on the glacier sometime.



Dive Instructor & Suit Technician

Goran is a passionate diver and loves to get into a dry suit for extreme water sports, he is also our trusted man in the lab concocting strong glue mixtures to repair and maintain our very large fleet of dry suits. Mr. Fix-it, as we call him, will make sure you stay dry during your adventures in Iceland.



Diving Instructor

Our cold-water queen of the north, coming from Scotland. Ali brings with her a ton of cold-water diving experience and can handle even the coldest day like a pro. She will also entertain you at site with Celtic music, sure to make you dance a jig and stay warm.



Diving Instructor

I am an instructor from the Czech Republic, I have been working and diving in various places around the world for the past 6 years. But now I have decided to stay and explore Iceland. it's a wonderful place with lots of activities to try. You will always find me with a big smile ready and waiting to dive into the water with you!



Diving Instructor

My name is Louis and I’ve been staring at the edge of the water long as I can remember, never really knowing why. Scuba diving and tourism is my passion and working at Arctic Adventures allows me to make my passion a career! I get to meet new people and take smiling faces into the water every day and share with them what I love to do! The water might be cold here in Iceland, but the crystal clear 100-meter visibility makes you forget that you can’t feel your face anymore. That’s why I love my profession and that’s why I love Arctic adventures.



Diving Instructor

Diesel Engineer to Dive Guide, Tom is a versatile dude from the UK who will guide you through our beautiful dive locations. Tom also helps us out with equipment repairs and just being an all-round nice guy.

Read customer reviews

Snorkeling in Silfra - Rated 4.8/5 based on 77 customer reviews

Snorkel tour

5 by Matt May 2, 2019
Excellent tour of the fissure between the continents. Tour guide was very helpful and knowledgeable. You are getting into water which is probably about 38F depending on the season, but you wear a drysuit so you barely notice the cold. Artic Adventures has all the gear and the guide gets you suited up and ready. Easily was our favorite tour on Iceland

Highlight of our trip

5 by Amy April 3, 2019
Our guide Courtney was awesome. Everyone was super helpful and friendly. My three teen sons had a great time. I had a link with the photos taken underwater following our experience so I contacted customer service via email. They immediately responded and addressed the issue. The photos were great also and my sons were excited to post on their Instagram. : )

Stunning Experience

5 by Mike W April 2, 2019
What an experience! Great guide and brilliant equipment meant we had a never to be forgotten afternoon snorkelling between North America and Europe! We returned bone dry and not really that cold - the hot chocolate sorted that out anyway (although as Brits we'd hardly call custard creams "cookies" haha!). We purchased the photo package which was all emailed through fine and will be a fond memory of a great day - thanks to all who made it such a wonderful experience!

Bring your own cam!!

4 by Charm April 1, 2019
My friends and I had a hard time wearing our dry suits, it was too windy outside and the place was a little crowded. We paid for our photo and expected to have a good quality photo. We were disappointed when we got our copy. However, the tour was really good. Silfra is indeed the clearest water in the world. Hope you add a better facility like a small house where we could change before and after.


5 by Federico Arce Chacon March 18, 2019
I loved the tour, it's something unique to see


5 by Elaine Richardson March 13, 2019
Carl was an excellent guide and we thoroughly enjoyed the dive and the pictures and the videos after. Thanks again.

Awesome Experience

5 by Tara Manherz March 9, 2019
"Our guide was Peter from Hungary and he was awesome! Very friendly and informative about the history of the park. The hot chocolate and cookies at the end was a nice touch and well deserved as our group had an extra unique experience with two of our tourists, haha! The whole process was very well organized and my belongings felt safe and secure while snorkeling. Thank you for the amazing experience!


5 by Joe daly February 16, 2019
Great experience and the guide was very informative and funny too

Great Trip

5 by Kelsey January 29, 2019
"The guide Erik was super knowledgeable about everything and anything Iceland! The tour was amazing and would definitely do it again!"

Great Tour

5 by AK January 17, 2019
The guides were really nice and the snorkeling was beautiful. I was really surprised when 45 minutes had already passed. Also I had no problems with the temperature even tho it was the middle of January.

Great guide but got cold waiting to start

3 by Stephanie January 13, 2019
Loved our guide, Steven, he was informative, friendly and kind to those of us hesitant to do this activity. One thing to mention a little more is the claustrophobic feeling some might get with the tight neck of the suit. It did keep us dry though. The biggest drawback for us was being dressed and waiting up to 30 minutes for our turn to come to start the snorkel tour. It was very cold but the suits kept us dry and warm. My hands were extremely cold as they do get wet

Great in the winter- Much Better in the summer

4 by Michael Segalla January 3, 2019
Enjoyed the experience. Would have been even better if photos could have been taken and sent to us.


5 by Lisa December 24, 2018
We had an amazing adventure .. a definite must when in Iceland . Everyone was friendly knowledgeable and made it a great time . Thank you Lisa from Michigan

Would have been amazing if I hadn't chickened out in the water

4 by sfspearman December 4, 2018
Snorkeling between tectonic plates is something that should be on a bucket list. It was on mine. When I visited Iceland in late Nov 2018, it was warmer than normal, but not the morning of this tour. It was freezing! Arctic Adventures had us covered, though. Our driver and guide, Albert, was fantastic- engaging, knowledgeable, and quite the comedian! Once in Þingvellir National Park, our small group was immediately and efficiently dressed, and we were divided into smaller groups. Lena, our snorkeling guide, was patient, careful, and very friendly. I made it all the way to getting initially getting into the water- looking down at a incredible crevice through unbelievably clear blue water-and then I panicked. Therefore, I didn't finish the 30 minute swim, and I regret it. Kudos to Lena, who made sure that all of us were safe and as comfortable as possible. Having an impossibly kind guide made it all the better.

This was an outstanding adventure

5 by Michelle Toder November 27, 2018
The dry suits were amazingly effective. The guide did an excellent job explaining how to get the most out of our experience in the water. The visibility was incredible and the views were spectacular. I will recommend this trip to friends traveling to Iceland

Chilly but great

5 by Susan November 23, 2018
We would like to say a big thanks to Taz and Steve for a wonderful tour. The preparation and the help getting us all into our dry suits and gear was for us the hardest part. The view while you are snorkelling is fantastic and Taz knowledge of the area helped to make the tour. Thanks again for a great trip

Into the blue adventure

4 by Chee Wei Yen November 19, 2018
One of the best experiences in our lives! It will be better if our guide can help us take photos and videos while we were in the waters.

Fantastic Experience

5 by kathy k November 14, 2018
"Three adults and one special needs teenager went snorkeling with Extreme Iceland. We found the team to be very organized and helpful. Our guide, Jaz, was so wonderful with our special needs 16 niece. I can't say enough about how much fun she made the experience for this girl. We will be forever grateful for Jaz making it such a positive experience. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Well worth it!

5 by Nick Trenc October 24, 2018
Alex was our guide for snorkeling and he was great, personable and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the experience of snorkeling in such a unique place.

It‘s worth its price

5 by German Couple October 23, 2018
Nice experience! Only the scotish guide was sometimes not good to understand for not native english speakers ;-)

Extraordinary experience!

4 by Shannon October 16, 2018
"There really are no words to describe this excursion! The views underwater are breathtaking! It is a very surreal experience. Taz was an exceptional guide - she is very engaging, with a great sense of humor while you gear up and wait in the queue to snorkel. But in the water she is all business and makes you feel safe! She really helps out when/if you're feeling uncomfortable or nervous. Realize that you WILL get REALLY cold. My only criticism is that the wait time to get into the water was way too long (we waited 90+ minutes - just standing there in all your gear), but it is worth it."


4 by SIRDWEIN October 15, 2018
I chat with them using Messenger on their Facebook account and ask if I can try to use my FULL-MASK snorkel and they said that to bring it along with me and they even ask to send them a picture of my FULL MASK snorkel. I even mentioned that this is for testing purposes only but they didn't even bother to test it. I should not brought it with me on the first place when they will not even let me try it. Anyway, I let it pass. Regarding the gears that includes the DRYSUIT. My first drysuit is damaged so they let me removed it then gave me a small one which took my breath away then finally the third drysuit fits. So it is really time-consuming and very exhausting to fit and remove those drysuits. They should already know the size that will fit me at first glance to avoid the difficulty of wearing and removing the drysuits. Powder will also help to ease the difficulty of fitting the drysuits. Overall, I am satisfied with this activity and the staff are friendly.

Most memorable day!

5 by Brigitte October 15, 2018
This was a highlight of our trip! Our guide Taz was amazing and very knowledgeable. The views were absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this excursion, worth every cent!


5 by Mike October 6, 2018
Everything was awesome. Julia was great. Perfect day. Would recommend this to anyone going to Iceland.

Awesome experience

5 by Rene September 27, 2018
I had the best time during this tour, my instructor was very professional and helpful, thank you so much for everything!

Alex was a fantastic guide

5 by Paul Dziorny September 25, 2018
Very much enjoyed the activity and you’re very lucky to have Alex on your staff!!

Iceland Snorkeling

5 by Karen September 17, 2018
My daughter and I recently visited Iceland. One of the highlights of our trip was snorkelling in glacial water between the tectonic plates. Our guide was extremely knowledgable, had a great sense of humour and added to the overall experience. We did this in September and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as cold as we anticipated. We wore a wool base layer with two pairs of wool socks under the dry suit they supplies. I would highly recommend doing this activity if you visit Iceland.

Silfra Adventure

5 by Amy September 16, 2018
We had Taz and she was AMAZING. I don't think I would've had such a great experience with anyone else, I'm so happy we were in her group!

Excellent Tour Company

5 by Oleg Roytbak September 14, 2018
At first I was a little hesitant, because the day before the tours, we had no emails confirming or anything. But on the day of the tour, when we arrived to the meeting point, the guides where there ready and waiting for us. Everyone speaks English and everyone was super friendly and fun. All of them made our experience much better. Also on one of the tours we had trouble finding the meeting point, we called the company and they explained the directions to us in detail. Would definitely recommend this tour company for all of your tours!

Into the Blue

5 by Rod N September 12, 2018
"Great tour and great guide. The water was very cold but it didn't matter as the experience overrode any discomfort. From the first briefing to the cup of hot echolocate at the end, this was a professional operation that made you feel welcome and worked hard to ensure you enjoyed the experience. As someone in their sixties I can readily recommend this tour to all ages; snorkelling in Iceland is not something most people get to do."

Into the Blue

5 by Morgan Watts September 12, 2018
This was an absolutely fabulous adventure! The dry suits kept us warm and dry and the water was amazingly clear. Our tour bus guide, Jonas, provided a lot of great information and history about Iceland on our drive there. He was very entertaining and informative! And our tour guide in the water was exactly the same. They both made our experience one to remember. Snorkeling Silfra was a once in a lifetime experience I would love to do again!

Transatlantic snorkeling

4 by Jan September 10, 2018
Unique experience! Snorkeling between two continents in very clear water and a mystic surrounding. Tour was well organized, we were only four people which speeds waiting time up (may be because we went there on our own, so you are not part of a bigger group). The equipment was good, tour guide helpful and professional, an opportunity for improvements would be the availability of lockers for your valuables and may be a changing room or even a tent would help.

Outstanding company for adventure in Iceland

5 by John S September 9, 2018
We spent a week in Iceland and had arranged 3 active tours through Extreme Iceland. Every tour was exceptional from the ease of scheduling, advice given about preparation, through on time meeting at tour or pick up sites, and including the quality of instruction and interaction with our guides. We traveled with another couple who routinely commented on how smooth everything went with EI. Needless to say we were very impressed and would use EI again anytime we return to Iceland.

Into the blue review

5 by Juliet September 5, 2018
Great, funny, informative guide. Leisurely snorkel down an amazing river with a fascinating fissure.

Had a blast dry suit floating/snorkeling!

5 by Lottie Z September 3, 2018
Super fun experience! Thanks!


5 by Kirstie August 26, 2018
Highly recommend this tour. Awesome experience with a mighty brain freeze and fabulous clear water. Our guide ‘Taz’ was particularly good.


5 by David August 22, 2018
Nice stuff, Expert Guide. Great experience.

Magical Experience!!!

5 by Melissa August 7, 2018
I was so happy to have booked my Silfra snorkel excursion with Extreme Iceland! They really took care of me and the other participants. The ratio of guide to participants was great 1:5. Vlad was thorough and charming in his instructions about safety and the geological wonders we were to see in the water. The guides all work very hard to ensure you have the warmest and driest possible experience. I was thoroughly expecting to get the dreaded trickle of water find its way into my dry suit but thanks to Vlad and his careful attention before we entered the water I stayed nice and dry. Only my hands got wet but somehow not too cold. The day we snorkeled; 31 July 2018, it was semi overcast, about 9 degrees Celsius with the water temperature listed as 3 degrees Celsius. I was glad I was part of the first excursion of the day. Driest suits etc. The photos and YouTube videos you’ve seen don’t do this justice!!! It’s phenomenal in Silfra. The colours and clarity are magical. When you go, and you should, book with Extreme Iceland, put a red filter on your GoPro and just float along and enjoy. Really enjoy it!! You can watch your video later. Be in the moment. Thank you Vlad and Extreme Iceland!!

Great snorkeling, great guide!

5 by Michael August 7, 2018
This was amazing. My wife, my two children, and I LOVED this adventure. Our GPS got us lost on our scheduled day, but they let us reschedule with no charge for the next day and it was the best part of our Iceland vacation, which was itself the best vacation we have ever been on. Our guide was particularly attentive to my 12 year old son, who had never been snorkeling before. The water was cold but beautiful, and the rift was gorgeous. Could not have been better. THANKS


5 by Erica August 4, 2018
We originally weren’t going to get this tour and bought it as an afterthought. It was the best tour we took our entire trip.

Perfect tour

5 by Herbert (Austria) July 30, 2018
Very well organized, very friendly and helpful guide, an over all great experience


5 by Catherine July 30, 2018
I am so glad I did not miss out on this amazing experience. Our guides were funny and really knew what they were talking about. The dry suit that they provide worked wonders. Although I didn’t dress as well as I could have, the suit kept me warm and dry. My hair, face, and hands are the only parts that got wet. Don’t miss out on this experience.

Once in a life time

4 by Linda Jewison July 27, 2018
We did the experience with our adult children and everyone thought it was close to the top of experiences during our week in Iceland. Andrew(?) was our guide. He was a little gruff at times but kept us safe and informed throughout the experience. Of the 5 of us one had a wet sleeve at the end, 3 had cold faces and hands. Even though it was drizzling the visibility was clear. We went slowly through the route with extra time at the end if you wanted it. Be sure to frog kick, it is much more effective than flutter kicks. Great hot cocoa


5 by Melissa Parisi July 20, 2018
This was an amazing experience! Our tour guide was great. He was very helpful as I was struggling to put on some of the gear. He was kind and informative. I was so worried about being cold in the water but I wasn’t at all cold! This is such a unique experience that you must try.


5 by Pam Stanley July 20, 2018
We snorkeled at Silfra on July 10th and it was AMAZING!!! The tour guide could not have been more awesome to us! Zoltan was not only patient with us, (we missed our turn and couldn't find the lot). Zoltan was so accommodating, hilarious, and we appreciated his guidance. The whole experience was incredible! We would tour with Extreme Iceland again!

Silfra Snorkeling - great!

5 by Alex July 18, 2018
The Silfra Snorkeling tour was definitely like no other tour I've ever done. I can't say I would do it a second time, but I am VERY glad to have done it once! Putting the dry suit on is an activity of it's own - especially the choker! The suit actually does an excellent job keeping you warm in the water. Your face will go totally numb instantly, and the amazing views will help you forget about how cold everything is. Overall this is definitely an unforgettable experience that I would recommend if you have a sense of adventure!

Nice snorkeling

5 by PP July 10, 2018
The tour guide is very caring. Not only taking care of us, he also provides lots of travel information for us. It is the first time for my friend to snorkel. The tour guide took good care of my friend and left her a very pleasant experience.

Silfra snorkeling

5 by Murray Friedberg July 7, 2018
Fantastic staff and equipment. So much fun. With the dry suit, the water wasn't even cold!

great team

5 by Fred June 28, 2018
extreme iceland/arctic adventures is a great team. their guides are great. the organization of the activity is at the top. the material is of very good quality. I highly recommend. you can go there with your eyes closed

Highly recommended

5 by Jess June 26, 2018
The dry suit snorkell was amazing. Highly recommended to anyone!!

Well-run Operation

5 by Richard H June 22, 2018
The gear was top quality and the guide, Demetrius, was really good! Will definitely recommend to friends going to Iceland who want to experience a unique adventure!

Great tour

4 by Ryan June 20, 2018
The tour was great, my only complaint was the wait time between groups entering the water. The suits are very uncomfortable and I wish the process could have been a bit more streamlined


5 by GROB FABIENNE June 20, 2018
It was an awesome Experience. The guide was very kind and helpful. Everything was perfect!


5 by Josh June 18, 2018
Zoltan was excellent, made it an informative and enjoyable experience.


5 by Isabelle June 18, 2018
Nothing, the driver and snorkeling guide were very nice and funny.

Snorkeling through the rift

5 by Tara June 11, 2018
Thanks so much for an amazing tour! The tour was just as advertised and we got to see the amazing blue waters and geology of Silfra! Definitely once in a lifetime experience. The tightness of the dry suit definitely freaked me out (claustrophobic a bit), but I felt confident in my guide when out on the water. The hot chocolate and cookies were the perfect touch at the end :)

Great tour and great people running the tour!

5 by Cortney June 11, 2018
This has always been a bucket list item of mine to dive in the silfra fissure, I'm not dry suit certified so I settled for snorkeling, which is still amazing! The staff was amazing. They picked us up from our hostel and took us to the dive spot. They were extremely helpful and informative in setting up expectations during the trip. Everyone was friendly, helpful and it was a ton of fun. Highly recommend!


5 by Lisa June 8, 2018
We had a group of four. This is a must see. The guide was great! One of our favorites in Iceland.

Fantastic and Memorable Tour

5 by Katie Truschel June 5, 2018
It sounds crazy, going snorkeling in near-freezing waters in Iceland, right? but it was such a fun and memorable experience. Yes, it was very cold, but the suits helped a ton and your face goes numb pretty quick, but the sights are unforgettable! It's remarkable to see such geological wonders right below you in such clear water. Our guide was funny, informative and helpful with everything from suiting up to tips when snorkeling. We only wish we brought our go-pro or waterproof camera to take pictures. The meetup spot was easy to find and in no time, you are ready to go. Make sure you wear warm thin underlayers! Overall, a great experience and would recommend to others because when else are you going to go snorkeling in Iceland?

Into the Blue

5 by Barbara June 1, 2018
An amazing tour with a very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful guide. the guide allayed all of our anxiety so we were just able to enjoy this stunningly beautiful experience. This is a must see and well worth the cost.

thumbs up

5 by Sassi May 29, 2018
Zoltan was the best guide we could ever wish! Great tour."

Amazing experience

5 by Zac Spowart May 7, 2018
Cold water but definitely worth it! Tons of fun and great people! Highly recommend.

Welcome in paradise !

5 by Marquet April 6, 2018
"Fantastic and friendly experience. We were 18 for a bachelor party and everything was perfect: - guide - tour"

once in a lifetime experience

5 by Carmen April 3, 2018
Thank you Kalin for the incredible, once in a lifetime experience of snorkeling through 2 tectonic plates. Fantastic guide with great passion & knowledge, we loved every minute of the experience :)

Great except for the wait

3 by Tim Klasinski March 24, 2018
Overall an outstanding experience. Only negative is after we ‘suited up’ and hiked to the put in we had to stand and wait for over an hour.

Great experience

5 by Amanda March 16, 2018
This was an exceptional tour! The experience was even better than the pictures you can find on the website. Perfect length too, had a good amount of time in the water but not to where we got too cold. Our guide made things fun and relaxed. I do wish the swim through the main fissure was slower to allow for pictures. But there were a lot of group needing to file through and the current of the water sets the pace. We got a lot of extra time at the end in the lagoon that had its own parallel fissure to the main one. So in the end it was ample time to capture the experience. Would definitely recommend!


5 by Sydney March 10, 2018
My friends and I spent a week in Iceland for our spring break this year. We saw the diving in Silfra online and thought it would be a cool experience so we booked it. Extreme Iceland sent us all the information that we would need so we knew exactly how to get there and what to bring. Our guide and the rest of the staff was extremely helpful with getting our drysuits on and preparing us for what to expect. Once we got into the water it was unlike anything we could have imagined. It was so beautiful and the water was so pure that you could take your snorkel out and drink it. This was by far my favorite experience on the island and I would recommend it to anyone I know!


5 by Kennedy Houck March 10, 2018
This was my first time leaving the country and it was unbelievable. It was so life-changing and exciting, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much for this experience -- it was truly amazing!!

So much fun!

5 by James Shaut Jr March 9, 2018
This was hands down one of my favorite activities of the trip and I did a lot of stuff while in Iceland. The set up of the thermal suits was fun, sliding into the -2 degree water was amazing and the view was spectacular. My tour guide(s) were amazing to work with, made me and a buddy feel comfortable while setting up and took amazing pictures for us. Highly recommend this trip to everyone that goes to Iceland.

Great experience

5 by Rachel March 7, 2018
The staff was very friendly and helpful, and the excursion was so much fun! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something fun to do in Iceland.

awesome experience!

5 by Lena March 3, 2018
It was an absolutely amazing and unique experience I never want to miss! Our guide from Poland explained everything in an interesting way and our group had a lot of fun with him. Snorkeling through the fissure was so unreal you have to see and feel it on your own, it's incredible! I'd love to do it again!

Thanks for a great time

4 by D February 26, 2018
It was a bit cold waiting to go into the water. Perhaps, a schedule could be set up between the various tours so not everyone is geared up at the same time so you are not standing in the cold waiting so long before entering the water. Other than that the experience was awesome, the guide was very helpful during the dive keeping us together and setting a good pace. Thank you, D.

Demetrious is the man

5 by andrew lowey February 26, 2018
I'm not quite sure of the spelling of his name but Demetrious (the greek tour guide) was hilarious and was incredibly knowledgeable of the terrain and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Could not recommend him enough. Checked off a bucket list goal and got to see some other Americans give up within 5 mins of hitting the water, gave me a good laugh.

Fantastic view

4 by Hainan Lyu February 25, 2018
We wait approximate 30min in to the water after we completed gear up, our foot was frozen before we jump to cold water. But the view is fantastic"

Great tour

5 by The Hahn Family February 25, 2018
It was an adventure of a lifetime! I took my teenage kids and enjoyed every minute. Steve did a great job of helping us and making sure we were safe the entire time.

Had a lot of fun

5 by Danielle February 22, 2018
Our tour guide Chris was amazing and made everyone relaxed, yet have a lot of fun. Really enjoyed our trip!

Amazing tour

5 by Margaret January 1, 2018
This was a must when visiting Iceland. It was just an amazing experience and the whole team is fantastic. They are so nice and make you feel extremely welcome and are so helpful.
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