Glacier Snowmobiling - From Reykjavik - AA08

Snowmobile action on Iceland's 2nd largest glacier

Ride a snowmobile across Iceland's 2nd largest glacier on this day tour available directly from Reykjavik and enjoy scenery like you have never seen before! This tour will take you blazing across the Langjökull Glacier in the Geysir area.

Duration: ~8 hours

Group maximum: 6 sleds per guide

Available: All year

Age limit: 8 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Small group experience
  • Snowmobiling on a glacier
  • Supertruck experience
  • Langjokull Glacier

Required: A valid driving license. No previous snowmobile experience is required.

Included: Pick up & drop off in Reykjavik, super jeep ride to the glacier, one-hour snowmobile ride, snowmobile gear and safety equipment and 2 people sharing a snowmobile (you can buy a single rider extra).

Bring with you: Thermals (top and bottom), warm outdoor clothing and good hiking shoes or snow boots. Lunch or snacks

Snowmobile gear provided: Overalls, balaclava, gloves and a helmet will be provided at the snowmobile base.

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27 990 per adult

* Sharing a snowmobile

 NOTE: You must use the 'solo on a snowmobile' option to indicate how many will be riding solo on a snowmobile (if any). If traveling solo you will need to purchase the single ride extra.

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"Driving a snowmobile with only 12 other people on a glacier is awestriking! I would do it again and again. My son was absolutely thrilled, and tells everyone about it."

Tour Description

super jeep glacier iceland

Ride to the glacier with style - in a super jeep!

This tour includes pick up service in Reykjavik, please be ready for pick up at your pick up location when pickup starts (see voucher for details). Note that the pick up can take up to 30 min. If you would like to meet us on location instead, check out our Snowmobiling tour from Gullfoss.

We pick you up in Reykjavik and drive towards the glacier. On the way you will be able to take in the views as we travel across Iceland’s scenic countryside to the Langjökull glacier. Once we arrive at Langjökull, we will provide you with all the equipment you need for your snowmobile ride. After that our friendly certified guides will give you a safety talk and teach you how to operate the snowmobile.

action packed snowmobiling

Glacier snowmobiling is a great adventure

Then once everyone is ready we will go out on to Langjökull, for a truly incredible adventure. On Langjökull, the first thing which will strike you is just how vast it is, whilst at the same time being completely untouched: it really is like stepping into a totally different world. Langjökull, is home to two giant ice filled volcanic craters and surrounded by many more imposing, active volcanoes!

The borders of Langjökull, are no less stunning and provide views of some of Iceland’s most famous sites, including: Eiríksjökull glacier, a giant table mountain formed during the last ice age; Hofsjökull glacier (temple glacier) and its famous domed peek; and the multi-coloured Kerlingarfjöll Mountains. What’s more you will experience all of this while experiencing the adrenaline rush of riding a snow mobile! A visit to Langjökull Glacier will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

snowmobile adventure from Reykjavik

Adventure time!

Please note:

This tour includes a collection service from Reykjavik: please be ready to be collected from your accommodation by 10 am. (This process can take up to 30 minutes depending on where you are staying). If you would like to make your own way there instead: then please take a look at our snowmobiling tour from Gullfoss.

A standard booking is for 2 people sharing 1 snowmobile. If you wish to have a solo snowmobile or your group is an odd number please choose the number of solo participants with the option "participants - solo on a snowmobile" when making your booking. A valid drivers license is required to operate a snowmobile. Pick up is offered from all major hotels in the downtown Reykjavik area.

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Snowmobiling from Reykjavik - Rated 5/5 based on 16 customer reviews


5 by Charlene 2018-04-03
From start to finish this was one of the best experiences ever! Worth every cent. Tour guide was fantastic, funny and very knowledgeable. Also, very safety conscious. Super jeep was bumpy but alot of fun and had beautiful views. Snowmobiling itself was just amazing, very safe and quite the adrenaline rush! Also, the coffee & cookies after we finished was a really nice touch. I would do this tour again, it was that good! Highly recommend.

Favorite thing!

5 by Sierra 2018-09-09
This snowmobiling excursion was my favorite thing I did on my trip to Iceland. It was a beautiful drive up to the glacier with great views and fun facts and anecdotes from Martise, our very friendly guide. I would highly recommend this to anybody wanting something a bit more adventurous and who wants to get even further and closer to nature than other tours. Riding around on the glacier was exciting and fairly easy after learning the snowmobile controls (it was my first time on a snowmobile). 10/10 would recommend!

Snowmobiling on the glacier... amazing!

5 by Sebastiano Leoni 2018-09-10
"Great experience that I would recommend to all those who want a little adventure to remember, not only for the driving of the snowmobile itself but also for the impressive glacier that surrounds you. All the organization of the tour went very smoothly, guides were expert, polite and ready to help while you get confident with the snowmobile. The driving itself can be a little hard while changing direction, but it's something that gets easier driving the snowmobile using the body or standing. The route followed is basically well defined and guides are leaving sufficient freedom as long as you drive in safe conditions. The duration of the whole experience is quite right, there's all the time to enjoy the immensity of the glacier and take your pics. I also found one helmet with the GoPro fastening, so I could use it!"

Awesome experience!

5 by NiX 2018-09-12
Man, the size of that glacier is just mind-boggling. Such a great experience. Definitely, do not pass this up! The drive up is a tour in and of itself! Great guides, great snowmobiles, super safe and super fun!

Glacier Snowmobiling

5 by Gordon 2018-04-30
I had an amazing experience snowmobiling with this company. Great Service. Highly recommended. The staff is very professional. Our driver (Arni) was very entertaining. It's not every day that I can go snowmobiling across a glacier in Iceland but I will be doing it again later this year with the same company. If you are in doubt about prices you will realize after that it's worth every penny. Book it and go. - Gordon from N.Ireland.

Loved snowmobiling

5 by Tina 2018-07-30
Great experience. Crazy ride in the super Jeep.

Snowscooter Tour 11-08-2018

5 by Robert and Luis 2018-08-18
"Great Tour - Blue Sky - Impressive Surroundings! Strongly recommended if you do not like to hike. Luis and Robert, 11-08-2018"

Brilliant day

5 by Rose 2018-11-14
Brilliant tour, I was worried about the travel from Reykjavik but the mini bus was very comfortable and we stopped off at the Gullfoss waterfall on the way which was great as we hadn't seen this on our trip. The tour guides were very nice and told us lots about Iceland and the glacier on the journey. The snowmobiling was great fun, we stopped at the ice caves half way which was great to see and then on the way back it had gone dark which was great fun riding a snowmobile in the dark on a glacier. After that, there was coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits at the base where they showed us on a map the root we just traveled. I was worried about the cold but to be honest with all the layers we had worn and suits provided we were actually too warm if anything. Great fun, highly recommends really unique experience on our Iceland trip.

First time snowmobiling and it was amazing

5 by Ronisha Arzu 2018-12-19
"Snowmobiling and the ice cave tour was definitely the highlight of my Iceland trip. The tour guides were very helpful and attentive. The ride to the cave and back was amazing. I had such a great time I would totally recommend this tour. Oh and also n our way back we had cookies and hot chocolate waiting for us. I thought that was very sweet"

Snowmobiling tour

5 by Fay 2018-12-19
Really well-organized tour, very friendly and enthusiastic tour guides! Would highly recommend :)

Pure Icelandic Fun

5 by Matt Favero 2019-01-13
I took my wife, her friend and our 8-year-old daughter on this amazing snowmobile experience. Our time spent snowmobiling on the glacier was absolutely awesome! Even when the weather took a turn for the worse and the snow started coming in sideways, our guides made sure we were safe and we never felt like we were in danger. We’ve been telling all our friends about our crazy adventure ever since we returned home! We recommend this tour.

Awesome tour!

5 by Mary 2019-01-20
We had an absolutely amazing time. Definitely, recommend the tour. Unfortunately, we were unable to go into the ice caves due to weather conditions, but it was still an amazing experience.

The most unforgettable experience

5 by Karolina arutyunyan 2019-01-23
This was the most fantastic trip, real bucket list type of experience. I couldn’t praise this tour enough. The highlight of the trip. The snowmobile was such fun and the glacier cave absolutely mind-blowing! What a fantastic day that we will remember forever, so glad we chose to do this!!! Thank you Extreme Iceland!

Super experience with an awesome team (guide)

5 by Geoffrey 2019-02-09
"We really enjoyed our tour with Extreme Iceland, the guide (and the team) was awesome, nice and friendly. We highly recommend them! We stayed 4 days in Iceland, the 2nd day with Extreme Iceland and the 3rd day with another tour company. We cross Extreme Iceland doing the Golden Circle (as us). We were a bit sad we didn't do it again with them as the Guide looked so nice and funny! Thanks, Extreme Iceland"

Great tour & guide

5 by Nicole 2019-03-01
"We had a great time of this tour. Snowmobiling was fun even though the temperature was a little warm and it was raining getting to and from the site. Our guide made the trip even better. So friendly and he would tell us information about locations we were passing to and from the snowmobile location. I don't recall his exact name, Andrei I believe. Great trip! Thanks!"


5 by Lorraine Lomas 2019-03-12
This is my 3rd-time snowmobiling with Extreme Iceland/Arctic Adventures. Each time has been amazing. The weather varied between sun and snow showers. The ice cave is stunning. Brilliant guides each time who made sure to go out of their way to ensure your experience was good. Enough stops for comfort so quickly got to see Geyser and Gulfoss, that's half the Golden Circle included lol. Will definitely use again next year.
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