Northern Lights Explorer - Super Jeep Tour - AA11

Escape the city lights and search for the Auroras

On this super jeep excursion, we take you off the beaten track and chase one of the most mysterious and profound phenomena the world has to offer. So leave the bright lights of the city behind, to see the majestic bright lights of nature, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Your guide will find the best spots, take free photos of you and your group so you can keep the memory and tell you all about this natural wonder!

Duration: ~4 hours

Pick-up: 20:30 - 21:00

Group maximum: 16 persons

Available: Sep-Apr

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy / Sightseeing

Tour Highlights:
  • Northern lights searching
  • Stargazing
  • Expert guide
  • Free photos from your tour
  • Super Jeep transportation
  • Small group experience
  • Hot chocolate & biscuits

Pick-up: In Reykjavik from 20:30 - 21:00 (8:30 pm - 09:00 pm). 

Included: Pick-up from Reykjavik, Hot chocolate & biscuits, Super Jeep ride, English speaking guide

Bring with you: Warm outdoor clothing, waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves. Good warm shoes and wooly socks. You also need a tripod to properly capture the northern lights on camera.

Video - Northern Lights over Iceland

Northern lights image gallery

19 990 per adult

Children (6-15): 50% off

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Tour Description

northern lights iceland

The Northern Lights in all their miraculous glory.

Throughout the centuries humans have been gazing at the mesmerizing natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Each winter Iceland welcomes an increasing number of people, who wish to experience this awe-inspiring and other worldly phenomenon. On this tour you will turn your eyes up to the heavens, to see the dancing colours and majestic shapes flickering across the artic sky.

Your guide will find the best spots, take free photographs so you can keep the memory and tell you all about this natural wonder!. Seeing the Northern Lights is without question, one of the most profound and memorable experiences that you will ever have and is something that everybody should do at least once in their lives.

aurora borealis iceland

Vivid colours dancing across the night sky

We will collect you from your Reykjavik hotel in one of our custom-built super jeeps and go in search of the Northern Lights. As we leave the bright lights of the city behind our expert northern lights guide, will tell you everything that you need to know about this natural miracle, as we head into the darkness for the adventure of a lifetime. As we cut through the dark terrain, we will pass some of Iceland’s other natural wonders, which your friendly guide will of course point out.

cloud forecast northern lights

Escape the light pollution in the city, and let's follow the cloud forecast to the northern lights.

The reason we use super jeeps is they give us the flexibility to travel away from the beaten path and reach locations which the big tourist busses cannot get to: giving us the best chance to see all the wonders which the Northern Lights have to offer. We will also try to travel away from the big crowds, so you can enjoy the Aurora in all its stunning serenity and glory, without noisy tour groups spoiling it. Once we find a spot, we will warm you up with hot chocolate and the adventurous amongst you can even add some Icelandic Brennivin to theirs. Our guides understand the importance of this experience and take photos every time we see the northern lights: guaranteeing that you get your picture taken with the aurora.

Seeing the Northern Lights in the flesh is a miraculous experience, which will stay with you for the rest of your life. Language does not do them justice: the Northern Lights are ineffable and as close to the divine that the natural world gets. So book this magical experience today and search for the auroras in a super jeep.

The success of our Northern Lights Explorer tour is heavily dependent on the prevailing weather conditions, so we reserve the right to cancel departure until 18:15 on the day of the tour. If the tour happens and we aren’t lucky enough to see the Northern Lights we offer our clients the opportunity to join a Minibus Northern Lights tour free of charge. Please remember that you have to contact us to re-book your second tour.

Read customer reviews

Northern Lights Explorer - Rated 4.9/5 based on 7 customer reviews

Fantastic Northern Lights Tour

5 by Faye & Tom 2018-02-04
We went on a super jeep tour with extreme Iceland and could not have had a better experience. The guide “Gummi” was fantastic! Very funny and approachable. The super jeep was great and enabled us to go off roading which was so much fun! It also meant that we got away from the other big crowds that were on tours. The photos taken were fantastic and they give plenty of opportunities for you to have your photo taken, always asking if you want another. The hot chocolate and biscuits were a welcome treat and were very tasty. I think it is fantastic that the photographs are included and you don’t have to pay extra, it’s just the icing on the cake! As an added bonus we got to see the lights and they were amazing.

Great times and saw the lights!

5 by Steve 2018-02-22
Extreme Iceland did a fantastic job in getting us in position to see the Northern Lights. The Super Jeep (actually a HUGE tricked out Mercedes Van!) was incredible and unstoppable. When we went on roads that said Impassable I was a little worried but the vehicle did not falter at all. We ended up on a bluff overlooking a desolate valley and the viola the lights - wow an incredible experience. Highly recommend the trip and the company.

Northern Light Superjeep tour

4 by AYu 2018-02-27
"Our tour guy was very nice, picked us up fairly on time, told nice stories about the northern light and he was funny. So we finally saw the northern light, it was beautiful and worth the wait, our tour guy set up the camera and took pictures for us group by group, we were told that the pictures will be posted within the next day or two. The night ended with a cup of hot chocolate which really warmed us up. The only disappointment was that The pictures my friend and I took were never posted under the Dropbox we were told, it’s been more than a week since our tour, we saw some group pictures posted but ours were not there. It was a huge disappointment and I still wonder why the pictures were not there. We even checked the day before and after, none."

Northern Lights

5 by Ryan Cusimano 2018-03-10
The northern lights super keep tour was an amazing experience and is a must if you’re heading to Iceland!


5 by Greg 2018-03-11
Excellent choice, full service!

Northern Lights

5 by Dominic 2018-03-12
Brilliant tour, the tour guide simon was very good

90 min light show

5 by Jim 2018-03-13
This was an incredible experience to see the Northern lights. At first it was cancelled for a few days due to weather - so we highly recommend if you have a multi day trip, try to get this in earlier in the week so if its cancelled you have other nights to bounce it to. After a few cancellations we got a clear sky - although there was an almost full moon that made the night sky quite bright. We went out with our tour guide Gummy who was just a fun dude. We waited for about 15 min and then it started... like magic. Started small then spread across the sky. Gummy told us it may be 15 min, but ended up being over an hour and a half of dancing northern lights with a very bright moon. Very very cool. My buddies and I (all former US Military) were in awe, giggling like school children ha ha. Very nice - - oh and the shot of Brennivín in the hot chocolate - - great top off. Loved every minute of this.
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