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Whale Watching Tours in Iceland

Best selection of whale sightseeing

Whale watching in Iceland. We offer scheduled whale watching tours from Reykjavik and in North Iceland. During summer you might also see puffins...
If you have a rental car we recommend driving to Dalvik village in North Iceland for a whale watching tour, they have the highest success rate.
  • Whale Watching Tour from Reykjavik

    Enjoy a whale of a time

    Your whale watching adventure begins at Reykjavik´s Old Harbour, just minutes away from the city centre!. The cruise takes about 3 hours and, thanks to the abundant marine life around Iceland, whales are spotted on over 90% of tours.

    ~3 hours
    All year
  • North Iceland
    whale watching north iceland

    Whale Watching Tour - North Iceland

    Located in North Iceland - Dalvik village

    This tour offers you a once in a life time opportunity to come face to face with the majestic humpback whale: one of the greatest animals on the face of the planet. We often see other beautiful marine creatures such as: white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, the small harbor porpoises and if you are really lucky, you may even see the largest animal to ever exist: the magnificent Blue Whale.

    ~3 hours
    Feb - Nov
  • North Iceland
    Rib boat whale watching

    Whale Watching on a Rib Boat

    Powerful boat - From Dalvik village - North Iceland

    On this tour you will get the exhilarating feeling of riding a Rib boat, as we go in search of some of the most incredible creatures on the planet: whales! The chance to see these majestic creatures in the flesh is something that you won’t want to miss: so book this whale watching trip, we promise that it will be the experience of a lifetime!

    ~1.5 hours
    Jun - Oct
  • Volcanic Veins and Whale Watching

    The discovery of wild nature near Reykjavik

    Lava tube caving and whale watching combines your interest in volcanoes and wildlife. Cave Leidarendi reveals the hidden mysteries of our island's recent geological history. In the afternoon you join a whale watching tour from the Reykjavik marina.

    ~7 hours
    All year
  • Whale Watching & The Golden Circle

    Combo tour - Whale Watching and Golden Circle Afternoon

    Make the most of your day. This full day sightseeing tour gives you all the highlights. First we go whale watching from Reykjavik, and then we do the famous Golden Circle in a minibus. We will visit Thingvellir national park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir geothermal area.

    ~11 hours
    Mar - Oct
  • Reykjavik Sailors – Creatures of the Sea

    Taste of the catch of the day

    This magnificent day trip at sea, gives you the chance to explore the surroundings of Iceland, taste amazingly fresh fish, and maybe even spot some whales.

    ~3 hours
  • Traditional Husavik Whale Watching - Arctic Ocean

    The experience of a lifetime in North Iceland

    Experience the traditional tour from Husavik as we sail in the Arctic Ocean, considered by many as the Whale Watching Capital of Europe. It is a unique adventure at sea - watching the wonders of nature, sheltered by stunning mountains.

    ~3 hours
    Apr -Oct
  • Whales, Puffins & Sails - North Iceland

    Enjoy the wonderful wildlife on a traditional boat

    Join us to sail on one of our traditional boats and experience the wildlife in Skjálfandi Bay where you have the opportunity to get in close proximity to the world's largest animals.

    ~4 hours
    Jun - Aug
  • Rafting and whale watching combo tour

    Pick up in Reykjavik

    This tour is the perfect combination of breathtaking wildlife and exhilarating adventure: making it one of the best ways to spend your time in Iceland. You will spend the morning watching majestic whales frolic in the ocean, whilst in the afternoon you will take a rafting trip down the River Hvita.

    ~11 hours
    May - Sep