Whale Watching and Aurora Borealis - AA-WW-NL

Sea and Sky

Iceland is known for incredible Northern lights and excellent Whale Watching but did you know that you can join for both these experiences right from Downtown Reykjavík? Simply meet us at the old harbour for a 3-hour whale watching adventure with amazing views of the capital and watch the whales play in the natural habitat! Next up on the existing Iceland winter itinerary are the Northern Lights. Our Aurora experts will pick you up for an unforgettable night and take you to a top location to view them. When the pitch black Arctic sky gets colored by the glorious dancing electric green waves you are sure to be amazed! The tour offers complimentary photos of you with the Northern lights so the experience will be well kept in mind, memory and pictures.

Duration: 6 hours

Pick-up: 8.30pm or 9.30pm

Departure time: 1pm

Available: Sep - Apr

Age limit: 6 years

Difficulty: Easy

Tour Highlights:
  • Whale watching tour
  • Seabird watching
  • Guided Northern Lights tour
  • Free Northern Lights photos

Meeting point:

For whale watching, please meet us the old harbor of Reykjavik in the afternoon for the Whale Watching tour. Meeting time is 1 pm, 13:00.

Pick up time for the Northern Lights:

20:30 pm or 21:30 pm (depending on the season) from your hotel or a nearby meeting point in Reykjavík. Picking everyone up can take up to 30 minutes, we thank you for your patience.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, hats, gloves and scarf, sturdy shoes, a tripod is needed to get the best pictures of Northern Lights.

Please Note:

Northern Lights is natural phenomena and heavily dependent on weather condition and other uncontrollable factors, therefore, Northern Lights sightings cannot be guaranteed even if the tour is operated. In case of no Northern Lights, a free second departure is offered the following evening.

Aurora bonus: If your Northern Lights guide confirms that no Northern Lights were seen, you are eligible for a free Northern Lights hunting bonus tour on the following departure. To re-book, click the booking portal link in your voucher.

18 990 per adult

Children (6-15): 14 243

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Tour Description

Whale Watching

whale reykjavik

A friendly whale!

cameras boat whales

Capturing the Whales on Camera

Meet us at the charming old harbour in Reykjavík by the light teal houses that frame in the path to it. There you will meet your expert guide, who will give you your gear and lead you into the ramp to the boat. The views are stunning with Harpa Musical hall on one side and a neon yellow lighthouse in the other. Small boats are locked up at the jetties around and the birdlife is lively.

The adventure begins as we head out going North of the peninsula. There is no shortage of whale in Breiðafjörður fjord and we with butterflies in the stomach we continue out.

Usually we don’t need to wait long, it often even seems like the whales are simply waiting for us to show off their acrobatic skills. The most commons sight are the Humpback Whale and the Minke Whale both known for their curiosity and the Humpback for its incredibly picturesque jump up from the ocean. It is quite hard to imagine just a gigantic creature being able to jump this high from the sea but you will be surprised!

Andrea ship whale watching reykjavik

All aboard!

Other common sights include dolphins and porpoises adding a certain cuteness factor to the whole experience. Your expert guides will keep you entertained with knowledge and fun facts about the whales and other wildlife in the area and make sure you don’t miss out on when the ocean giants decide to pop up.

After enjoying the company of the ocean royals you are taken back to the old harbour where you will have time to roam around the charismatic Reykjavík, cath some dinner or do some shopping before being picked up for your Northern Lights experience of the night.

Northern Lights Tour

northern lights iceland green

Under the bright lights

Finding the absolute best spot to view the Northern Lights can be a big challenge especially if it gets cloudy but this is where the Northern Lights expert guides come in handy. Their experience and skillful planning will make sure you are taken to the absolute best place to view the dancing colorful lights in their prime.

To make sure the experience is never forgotten complimentary photographs are offered by the guides capturing you with the auroras. That’s a moment you are going to want to keep alive!

northern lights moon iceland

Aurora Borealis

After the magical show the guides will safely drop you off at a place of your choosing inside the downtown Reykjavík area.

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