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Driving in the northern capital of Iceland in winter, there are two things you can’t miss - being on board of a whale watching boat from Dalvik village to see the majestic marine creatures swimming freely close to you, and going out under the starry northern sky for the mysterious, dancing aurora borealis. This package offers you a sensational treat combining two best natural wonders, displaying a fantastic show of nature, and enriching your self-drive journey in North Iceland.

Dalvik village is the best place for whale watching in North Iceland with a success rate of 99.5%. Northern Lights Hunting departs from the city of Akureyri.

Duration: ~6 hours

Departure time: Whale Watching: 13:00 / Northern Lights: 21:30

Available: Aug-Apr

Age limit: No limit

Difficulty: Easy / Sightseeing

Tour Highlights:
  • Arctic Whale Watching tour
  • Small group experience
  • Bird watching
  • Hot drink and Icelandic refreshment
  • Sea angling for 15 minutes
  • Taste of freshly caught fish
  • See the northern lights

Meeting point:

For whale watching, please meet us at Arctic Sea Tours ticket office in Dalvik village, we recommend arriving 20 minutes prior to the departure time.

Address: Hafnarbraut 22, 620 Dalvik

Click here to see the location.

For the Northern Lights tour, upon signing up you are able to select a designated pick-up location from the list, or you can choose to meet us on location at KEA hotel, Hafnarstraeti 85-89, 600 Akureyri before 9:00 p.m.


Whale watching tour, sea angling (15 minutes), seabird watching, hot drink and Icelandic refreshment, BBQ and taste freshly caught fish, warm overalls during the whale watching tour; Guided Northern Lights tour.

Bring with you:

Warm clothes, hats, gloves and scarf, sturdy shoes, a tripod is needed to get the best pictures of Northern Lights, and senses of curiosity and wonder, a spirit of adventure.

Please note:

Northern Lights is natural phenomena and heavily dependent on weather condition and other uncontrollable factors, therefore, Northern Lights sightings cannot be guaranteed even if the tour is operated. In case of no Northern Lights, a free second departure is offered the following evening.

Aurora bonus:

If your Northern Lights guide confirms that no Northern Lights were seen, you are eligible for a free Northern Lights hunting bonus tour on the following departure. To re-book, click the booking portal link in your voucher.

16 990 per adult

Children (0-11): 12 743

Tour Description

Akureyri stands strong as the second largest city in Iceland. Not only is it a fabulous self-drive destination where you will find a vibrant nightlife buzz and a strong pulse, but it’s also so close to the exceptional whale watching hub in Iceland, Dalvik village. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the Arctic Circle, and the short ride from the Dalvik harbor to the open sea takes you to the natural habitat where it’s possible to see many types of marine animals. The most common ones are the humpback whales. You can see them thrusting in the ocean or even jumping out of the water if you are lucky. Many other kinds of whales and various species of seabirds are also packed here, making it a sensational adventure for those who are on a whale watching tour from Dalvik. Some have even seen a Blue Whale sailing in the water - they can call themselves the truly fortunate ones for witnessing something so majestic and breathtakingly beautiful. Nature lovers will make the best of this wonderful tour and everyone will have more than enough photo opportunities to capture the glorious moments.

mountains whales

Mountains and whales, what a view.

Fresh Fish BBQ

On the tour, you will have the chance to fish like an Icelander. It doesn’t require you to have any fishing experience but an adventurous spirit and a can-do attitude! Your friendly sea-angling experts on board will teach you all the tricks of the trade, making sure you will be rewarded by an exciting fishing experience in the open sea.

Once you are on shore, we will set up a barbecue feast by grilling our fresh caught. The tasty, warm meal in the middle of the incredible natural scenery is the pleasant end of your fantastic whale watching trip.

After the whale watching tour from Dalvik village, you will drive to Akureyri city, where you will enjoy a relaxed early evening venturing in cozy venues, wandering streets and alleys, or even soaking in a warm swimming pool in the capital of the north before your enchanting Northern Lights hunting trip at 9:30 p.m.

Searching for the Northern Lights

You will meet at the designated meeting point for Northern Lights tour shortly before your departure time. Then you will go out into the dark winter night when stars light up the sky above the buzzy northern metropolis. The excitement you feel upon seeing the magical green lights dancing up high is simply indescribable. The landscapes in the northern countryside where the snow-covered mountain mimicking an epic backdrop become a legendary scene the minute when you see the ribbons of the green electric lights shivering in the sky. It’ll be a perfect end to your perfect day staying in Akureyri or North Iceland.

Whale watching in Dalvik North Iceland

Whale watching from Dalvik in the North of Iceland

whale watching boat north iceland

Small group experience on our beautiful boats

Whale watching in Dalvik North Iceland