Icelandic Waterfalls - Power and Beauty of Nature

Nature Wonders of Iceland

Whenever you drive through the magnificient icelandic landscape, you will certainly be amazed by the power and beauty of a waterfall that touches your eye. You have seen many waterfalls in your live? Waterfalls are boring and nothing special? Then let me tell you a short story...

Sun mist waterfalls and rainbows

Sun mist waterfalls and rainbows

Go north from Reykjavik and drive to Gullfoss. Your stop your car at the parking lot, maybe you will think ´what is it to see here?´. But then, you suddenly here something sweeping. You can see  mist rising and you will know, that something powerful is happening. Your steps will accelerate, you go down and see the torrential falls of Gullfoss, go a few more steps towards and....enjoy! Enjoy the power! Enjoy the noise! Enjoy Iceland! You can feel the mist of the water in your face and if you are lucky, you might see a beautiful rainbow. 

Go east from Reykjavik. You will come across Seljalandsfoss. Nothing special? Maybe you realize that you can walk behind. Here, you will definitely get wet! Are you more the active one?! Then let´s go further east to Skogarfoss! It is a nice competition to walk almost 400 steps up to it, see the tumbling falls down and enjoy the magnificient view from there to the lowland and to Vestmannaeyjar! 

Are you still not persuaded? Then head to the direction of Skaftafell and walk all the way to Svartifoss, the ´black waterfall´. There is a nice path and you can do some stops and enjoy the different kind of view from each. You can even stand on a small bridge, take a look at the black columns while the water is flowing below.

In fact, you will be amazed and favourably impressed. You can feel the power, you think that you can touch it, you feel the freedom and you sense the energy!

So this will be a unique experience, every waterfall has it´s own spirit and if you are there you will discover it.

You can check out Seljalandsfoss, Skogarfoss and Svartifoss on this magnificient tour



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