Enjoy the Quiet of Spring - Thorsmork Valley

Mountain ridge in South Iceland named after the god Thor

I just visited a place where you can do some nice hiking and it is not too far from Reykjavik. I’m talking about Thorsmörk valley.

Thorsmork from the top

I just visited a place where you can do some nice hiking and it is not too far from Reykjavik. I’m talking about Thorsmörk valley. The beautiful nature reserve around the mountain ridge named after the god Thor. The valley which is home to the cold glacier river Krossa is one of the most beautiful places in the South situated between the two glaciers Tindfjallajökull and famous Eyafjallajökull.

The Green Oasis

Sometimes it is called The Green Oasis as it hosts Iceland’s biggest native birch woods. Yes, there are forests in Iceland even though not as high and extensive as you might be used to. The landscape in the nature reserve is dominated by lava fields, the mountain ridge and the glacier Eyjafjallajökull. You can get close to it at the former glacier lagoon – now empty since the 2010 eruption – that lies at its bottom. Even now when it is not yet totally green and some patches of snow are still hidden in some corners it is charming. Some people might say it is exceptionally nice to go there now, early in the year, when you can enjoy it alone.

Sun, snow and mountains

Laugavegur Hike

In the summertime it is a popular place for hikers, either for those who stay there and do smaller hikes in the area or for people who are on their way to the Laugarvegur hiking trail that goes from Landmannalaugar in the highlands with a stop at Thorsmörk, continuing to the Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail even further to Skogar at the south coast.

Laugavegur Hike through all terrain

Must to be well prepared

The peaks are still covered in snow and only accessible with very good equipment and experience but there are a lot of nice small hikes that one can enjoy already e. g. a 1-hour hike on a small mountain right next to the main hut. The top offers a wonderful view in all directions on the area with the river, the glaciers and the slopes that slowly turn green. Another nice thing to do is a walk to a waterfall at the end of a narrow canyon. But don’t get your feet wet on the way ;-)

Reach out and touch the waterfall

These are only two of many options you have in this gorgeous surroundings that want to be explored. If you don’t have a good 4x4 or you don’t want to go alone come and join us on a day tour to Thorsmörk. Either from Reykjavik or you can hop on the super jeep in Seljalandsfoss. If you plan to visit in the summertime and you would like to do a longer hike the Laugavegur hike might be the right thing for you to do with us.



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