Iceland Bucket List: Natural Wonders

The seven natural wonders of Iceland

This is the fifth part in our Iceland Bucket List Series here at Extreme Iceland. Each week we will feature a new list of things you must see or do before you leave Iceland. This week we have compiled a list of seven natural wonders that you should see while you are in Iceland.

Posted by: Birta Bjornsdottir

1. Northern lights

The northern lights are a major reason why many people visit Iceland. Having the northern lights dancing in the sky above you is difficult to describe with just words, you simply have to experience it by yourself. The best time to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to April. The northern lights are most visible at night and when the sky is relatively clear. If you visit Iceland in the wintertime, make sure to go out hunting for the northern lights. It will be worth your while.

Northern lights

Northern Lights over Jokulsarlon

2. Midnight sun

One of the things that makes Iceland so special is the midnight sun. Watching the midnight sun light up the sky in pink and yellow color tones is a heavenly experience. The midnight sun allows you to enjoy the long Icelandic summer days even more. Go out for a walk at midnight, and the sun will never truly set. It’s truly amazing. The midnight sun is out during the summer months, and some good places to see it and to take photos of it is by the Sun Voyager, or by Grotta, in Reykjavik.

Midnight sun

Beautiful midnight sun

3. Glacier lagoon

Whether you just want to admire the glacier lagoon from afar, or go on a boat ride on the lagoon, don’t miss out on seeing a stunning glacier lagoon. See icebergs floating in the cold water, and mix that with the midnight sun or the northern lights, and you have a memory that just might last forever. We suggest that you get up close and personal with the glacier lagoon and experience how magnificent it is first hand.

Glacier lagoon

Sunset at Jokulsarlon

4. The Blue Lagoon or other geothermal pools

Another thing that should definitely be on your bucket list is to go bathing or swimming in a geothermal pool. The Blue Lagoon is a very popular option, but Iceland also as many other natural geothermal swimming pools all over the country. Make sure to live this Icelandic tradition, and go swimming in a geothermally heated pool.

The Blue Lagoon or other geothermal pools

Go bathing in the Blue Lagoon

5. Geysers

Iceland is well known for its geysers. Iceland is actually the home to Geysir, the geyser that all other geysers are named after. Iceland also has a geyser called Strokkur, that erupts every few minutes, and sometimes up to 40m (130 feet) into the air. It’s quite the sight to see. Iceland has many geothermal areas, and Iceland even gets a majority of its power from geothermal and hydro power plants. Make sure to check out some geysers while you are in Iceland.


Geysir is part of the Golden Circle

6. Waterfalls

Most people that visit Iceland are amazed at how many stunningly beautiful waterfalls there are in Iceland. It seems like at every stop people make on the ring road there is a magnificent waterfall there. If you plan on seeing some waterfalls while you are in Iceland, make sure to check out Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. Seljalandsfoss is unique because you can actually walk behind the waterfall and see the waterfall and the world from a new perspective. This waterfall is located at the Iceland’s famous south coast. Also, make sure to check out some of Iceland’s lesser frequented waterfalls such as Glymur Waterfall, Svartifoss Waterfall, or Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall.


This is Aldeyjarfoss in North Iceland

7. Volcanoes

You might not be so lucky to see an actual live volcanic eruption when you are visiting Iceland. But, standing next to an active lava spewing volcano is a truly magnificent way to feel the power of nature. Make sure to check out some volcanoes even though they are not active. It’s an impressive thing to see!


Experience an active volcano



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