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Keflavik Airport rated the 4th Best in Europe

Keflavik Airport

August 6, 2015
Mouda Ye

Four years ago, Iceland's International Keflavík Airport was voted the Best airport in Europe and in 2011 it was voted the Best small airport in Europe. This year, KEF Airport did not make it to the top three, but got 4th place.

Keflavik Airport rated the 4th Best in Europe

KEF airport was voted the best small airport in Europe in 2011 and for the past years big banners have been all over the airport with the words "Welcome to the best airport in Europe". 

The new extensive airport service survey by Airports Council International (ACI) just released a new list list where the Icelandic International Airport ranks fourth. The first place went to the Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow. The silver went to Malta and third place to Edinborough. Zurich got 5th place.

Airport security surveillance at Keflavík airport used to be among the strictest in the world. All passengers, children and the elderly alike, were obligated to take off their shoes for security screenings and so on. But earlier this year the 'shoe-rules' were changed. 

Free Wi-Fi will soon be offered at KEF airport and that along with less security hassle might just pump up the airport's grade for the next survey.