January and February 2013 record number of tourists in Iceland

2013 record number of tourists in Iceland

March 3, 2013

Never before have there been so many tourists coming into Iceland in the first two months of the year.

map of Iceland

It will be interesting to see if this will change at all in the coming months, but according to last years numbers, a lot more Icelanders should travel abroad in the next few months.

It is safe to say that the year 2013 has started with a bang, arrivals of foreign tourists are went up to 74.000 on the first two months compared to 54.100 for the same period last year, which is an increase of 36% between years.

Since the Icelandic tourist Board started counting departures have always been a lot more in March than in February, and therefor very likely that will happen this year, which makes the recently passed March the biggest March month from the beginning.

In March last year there were 3.600 foreign tourists that went through Keflavik Airport. Hopefully we get the numbers for March from the Icelandic tourist Board sometime next week about how many people went through Keflavik Airport.

The numbers from the Icelandic Tourist board also cover the departures of Icelanders through Keflavik Airport. On the first two months of the year a bit fewer Icelanders have gone abroad than durign the same period last year. The reduction between years is about 1%.



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