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'Look for the bare necessities' and you will find a plenty of them in Reykjavik

May 15, 2014

Even Baloo the Bear in the Jungle Book said: "Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities."

Iceland sky with no filter

Visiting the Blue Lagoon, climbing on a mountain, hop on a icelandic horse, etc. There are so many active and important things you can do in Iceland but what about the small things? So, did you ever walk up the Laugarvegur on an early evening during the winter month? Little by little all the coffee shops, bars and pubs that you can barely see during day, put on their lights and invite you to Reykjavik nightlife. During this period of the year, mostly icelandic people show up at the street and you feel immediately integrated into the city and even before you arrived on the top at Hallgrimskirkja you feel like a real icelandic girl or boy.

From time to time you pass a sideroad which offers you a great view over the Atlantic Ocean and Solfar, a portrayal of a Viking-age ship. The silver steel almost sparkles in the rays of the evening sun which is slowly sinking down in the ocean, the most beautiful sunset you will have ever seen.

And I swear you: Iceland is the place, where you can see rose clouds.

And it has nothing to do with people that have put on rose-coloured glasses. No, it‘s more an impressive lightshow that the sun is playing here every evening.

And if you‘re lucky, you might see some Northern Lights in the sky a few hours later when you‘re leaving the pub.