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Iceland is dancing: 24th/25th of May: Great Music Mess

May 22, 2015

People say that New York is the city that never sleeps, Germany is the country where people drink the most beer and that Italy makes the best sort of ice cream. But what about Iceland?

Iceland nightclub

Icelandic sweetnesses are a little different to the common sweets, we use to know in the rest of Europe and in the shops you can find the craziest combinations, that taste surprisingly well.

Reykjavik is famous for its nightlife, the Icelanders are also pretty good in brewing and drinking beer, and moreover (kind of yogurt) tastes even better than every kind of ice cream.

So what makes Iceland so special compared to all the other countries in the world? Yes, exactly: Iceland is dancing!
And if you watch them precisely, you can see them all dancing wherever you might be.
Just look carefully at the way of walking of the Icelandic horses:
their special forth gate “Tolt” is not only a manner of locomotion. They are dancing through the landscape! Carrying their riders save and secure over the rough lava stone formations while the blades of grass are dancing by your side in the waves of the strong north wind.
Your visit to Iceland will be comparable to a non-stop dance-show.
The nightshow includes even natural highlights, the wild and carefree dance of the northern lights, and the possibility to go dancing on your own if you feel like it in any pub with live music.

At 24th/25th of May there will be a great music mess in Reykjavik with a lot of icelandic, but even some foreign music groups.
Just come, see the Icelanders dancing with the ocean as their rhythm and the wind as their beat, and just become part of it.