"You make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world"

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February 10, 2016

Listening to the lyrics of this famous pop song, I am pretty sure that Rihanna is referring to the icelandic highland. 319.368 people in 103,000 square kilometers, and after a few hours drive from Reykjavk, Iceland really makes you feel like you‘re the only one in the world.

Geothermal landscape of Iceland under pink clouds

Geothermal landscape of Iceland under pink clouds

On your left, there is black sand, on your right, there is an enormous ocean of lava rocks.
Behind you:  the same.
In front of you:  another lava rock field.
In the distance, you might recognize a tiny tree, but maybe it‘s just another lava formation that affects to be vegetation. On the far horizonte there are the glacier Langjökull and Hofjökull sparkling in the evening sunset.
Yes, you are in Hveravellir, the central highland of Iceland. Off to the famous waterfall Gullfoss you just follow the F35 Kjölur Road, that turns into a gravel road after a few miles, with a super jeep and you will find yourself in the highland, in front of you nothing than endlessly wideness.
After an about two/or three hour trip on this road to neverland, you finally arrive in Hveravellir, the most beautiful hot spring area you will have ever seen. And relaxing in the hot pot (you can regulate the temperature with two pipes: one with cold water, coming from a little stream, one with hot water, coming from a natural hot spring) everything that bothered you before, is left back in the civilization and everything that matters here are the mountains, the hot water and you and your thoughts.

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