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The capital of the Icelandic Horse

December 18, 2016

Sauðarkrókur, a town in the municipial area Skagafjörður is not only the second biggest city along the north coast of Iceland, but also the „Mecca of the Icelandic Horse.“

Statue of icelandic horse

With good reasons! There is no place in Iceland where the status of the icelandic horse is as important as in Sauðarkrókur. A large part of the total amount of the icelandic horses is breeded here and as a result of this, most of the horse breeding farms are located in the Skagarfjörður area.
The Icelanders do not see their horses only as an economically useful animal, but more than a loyal and irreplaceable friend that used to make their lives easier in former times and now serves as a faithful leissure companion.
The statue in form of an icelandic horse in the city center of Sauðarkrokur gives utterance to this wonderful icelandic attitude.
Icelandic horses having roots in Sauðarkrókur are considered to be the most successful ones in gaits competitions, and, indeed, if you see the amazing area surrounding the „Icelandic Horse‘s Capital“ you immediately understand where these horses take their strength, their power and their grace.
The vitality of the ocean, the persistency of the mountains, the charm provoked by the deeply floating clouds ... the ensemble acting of these facts form the unique character of the icelandic horse.

And they transmit their inner balance and energy to everybody who is riding them. Well, why don‘t you just experience this on your own?

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