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Iceland - a play with the colours

December 18, 2014

Already the Icelandic flag gives a hint at the gaiety of the colours that dominate all over the island during the summer months.

Spring in the Highlands

Spring in the Highlands

The blue part of the flag embodies the azure blue of the Atlantic Ocean, the  sparkling body of water surrounding Iceland. The red stripes as a metaphorical lava run and in comparism to that, the very opposite, white colour for the ice covered part: the glaciers.

The longer the days get and the brighter the midnight sun shines, the more colours are popping out of the ground. And in the short space of a few weeks the formerly wasteland that‘s so often compared to the landscape of the moon, converts into a real work of art, painted with the most intense mix of colours, you can find on earth.

The everlasting presence of the shimmery midnight sun supports the brightness of the colours and submerges the country in a dreamily atmosphere and you feel like if somehow a light appeared in your head that makes you see Iceland more colourful every day. But as darkness and night are having summerbreak you don‘t need necessarily that light in your head to be amazed by the richly coloured landscape.
For example, driving along the southcoast, you‘ll see real oceans of violet lupines decorating the area.

Nevertheless, the interplay of the colours in Landmannalaugar beats everything. You expect the rhyolite colourful mountains more at a photoshopped poster or at an expensive oil painting than in the South of Iceland. And the mirror reflections in the crystal clear water provoke the open-end-question, whether it‘s true or just a phantasmagroia of your mind.