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Weather Wonderland in Iceland

November 3, 2016

The weather in Iceland has been very interesting this last week. When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I was shocked to see that my garden was full of thick and oh so clean snow! Just after couple of hours sleeping, Reykjavík was all white and bright. The first snow of winter was here.

A winter wonderland in an Icelandic forest

The lines to the tires shops were about 30 meters long, and the kids in my neighborhood where thrilled about the white playground all around them. How much I wanted to skip work and make snow angles. I would also have made a snow house in which I could drink my hot chocolate. But grown up life is also fun, so I skipped all this.

Next morning I woke up and the warm, beautiful colors of the autumn were back. How typical Iceland! Again just after couple of hours sleeping, Reykjavík was so much different than the day before. Like another city really. And how incredibly warm it was outside. People were walking around in their t-shirts and my mom was reading a magazine on the bench she uses for sunbathing. The temperature reached up to 14°C/ 57°F later in the week and I heard people talking about that it must have been the summer that never came.

Today I woke up and went outside to watch the sunrise. Of course the weather had changed! The wind bit my cheeks and I felt bad about sneaking out in my pajamas. But still, the sunrise was incredible! This is the beauty of my country. The days are all different from each other and you simply never know what to expect. Tomorrow we could have a snowy day, a dance floor in the sky full of Aurora Borealis or even a rainy day.

The good thing about all this is that Iceland is definitely enjoyable in all kind of weather. And if you don't like the weather, just wait for a few minutes, and it will most likely change! I like the wisdom my good friend Dee Dee the guide taught me: "Bad weather doesn't exist, only bad clothing". Button up, get some winter boots on and enjoy your journey in Iceland, as a local or as a visitor.

Contributed by Perla Magnúsdóttir